TFT Pass Everything You Need To Know Set 9.5

TFT Horizonbound Pass+ Set 9.5
Everything you need to know about Pass+ Set 9.5 in TFT

The new mid-season just came out, which is set 9.5. This means there are a whole lot of new things to be introduced, starting with the new 16 champions, new traits to be played beside the bruiser trait, and one of the most important things is the new pass, which would give you new rewards to conquer the arena with style.

Players would receive both free and premium rewards as they finish missions and gain pass experience. Also,  don’t worry if you are not sure that you will be able to finish the whole pass, as you can keep playing until you finish the pass and then buy it.

In this article, we will mention everything about the TFT Horizonbound Pass, including all the prices and why it’s a great way to enjoy playing TFT.


Horizonbound Pass

If you love spending time playing the game, you can now earn many rewards, like those cute little legends that show how you represent yourself in the game and some emotes that show how you are feeling.

But having the premium pass is on a whole other level, as it allows you to unlock premium cosmetic content such as the Bilgewater Bay arena, epic and legendary little legends, and tons of star shards to level up your little cute fellows to level 3 to make them look stronger, cuter, and bigger.

Horizonbound Pass+ can be bought for only 1295 RP, which is a great price for having all these rewards in the bag.

Remember that you can always buy the pass after you finish the pass progress, so you don’t have to buy it right away, and you will still receive all the rewards.


Arenas of Horizonbound Pass+

Just like all the other passes, Horizonbound Pass has its own unique tropical and Pirate-y theme, with the Bilgewater Bay arena that confirms that you have successfully completed the pass, as it shows a beautiful theme with the Bilgewater champions and traits, as it is a unique trait.

Beside the Bilgewater Bay arena, you will get to unlock 3 other arenas, each one referencing a different fiction in Runeterra.

Missions and rewards of Horizonbound Pass+

TFT Horizonbound Pass+ is based on completing missions, playing more games, and trying out new stuff, so you can earn all the rewards available. And the pass’s missions are completed by using different champions and traits.

Most of those missions are easy to complete, so you won’t face any difficulty passing the pass.

Keep in mind that every week there are some missions that will be switched out after the end of each week, so make sure to finish them to gain more experience.

Missions start with the set sail mission, which is about playing only a game in TFT, fielding Ixtal and Targon traits at the same time, fielding Bilgewater and Zaun traits together, claiming a cost-four champion from the carousel, having a unit that deals 4000 damage in a single round, and so on as the missions go on.

The rewards are 4 arenas themed by the Pirate-y theme, 3 different booms that get to 3 stars as you gain more experience, little legend eggs (Knife Pup and Knife Hound), some emotes, and a lot of star shards so that you can level up your cutest or favorite tacticians.


TFT Horizonbound expiry date

TFT Horizonbound is set to expire on November 19, 2023, so everyone should get their pirate hat ready to sail for the new TFT Set 9.5, which will have new champions, pass, traits, and who knows what Riot holds.

Booms of Horizonbound Pass+

Booms are a great way to show your opponent that you have won the round, as you cast them after each won round, and you get to get new booms with every new set that matches the theme.

Knowing that the booms change, in this set you will be unlocking some great water-y booms such as Shadow’s Grasp, Serpent Slayer, Bandle Blast!, and Toxic Cloud.

Sanctuary of the ancient

One of the most rare arenas you can unlock during Set 9.5 is the Sanctuary of the Ancient Arena, which you can get by using treasure tokens from the shop. Each box to unlock costs 100 treasure tokens, which costs 390 RP. Also,  you will earn some tokens from the pass, so you will have a chance to unlock it for free just by purchasing the pass.

The good news is that Riot has made a pity mechanic for this bag, as you will surely be unlocking it on or before the 61st.

Sanctuary of the Ancients has the theme of a huge water-y dragon that has an effect on everything, starting from the transitions between rounds, win or lose, and if you click on it, it has different poses.

Finally, it’s a very difficult one to obtain, but it’s worth it to have all these effects.

Knife Pup and Knife Hound

Knife Pup is one of the most cute yet dangerous ones out there, and it’s one of the tactician skins that you will be able to get throughout the set.

Knife Pup and their variants are available in TFT’s shop for 750 RP for the rare ones and 925 RP for the epic ones, and their variants are: Knife Pup, Kernel Knife Pup, Lone Loaf Knife Pup, and Soul Fighter Knife Pup, but you can always get those by opening Little Legends eggs at random rates.

Small pups are great, but sometimes you need a huge companion. Having a full-grown Knife Hound is a great way to show how strong you are.

Knife Hound is just like the Pup, where you can directly purchase it from the TFT shop at the same prices as the rare ones, which cost 750 RP and the epic ones, which cost 925 RP. The available variants are: Akana Knife Hound, Knife Hound, Shurima Knife Hound, and Soul Fighter Knife Hound.

New Horizonbound Chibi!

Every new set comes with new chibis, and Horizonbound brings new chibis to the existing ones, which are Chibi Gwen, Chibi Aatrox, and Chibi Teemo. This time, it’s Chibi Irelia's swords to eliminate your opponents in style.

Chibis are the most expensive tacticians in the shop, not to mention the Baron that was available back then in Set 8. You can directly purchase Chibi Irelia from TFT’s shop for 1900 RP. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it as Irelia comes with her unique boom called Vanguard’s Edge, which can also be equipped with other tacticians.

But don’t worry, if you feel lucky enough today, you can always head to the treasure realm and start unlocking more treasure boxes to get the Chibi Divine Sword Irelia, which costs 100 treasure tokens for only 390 RP.

And just like other treasure realm items, it has a pity drop rate system that makes sure you get Chibi Diving Sword Irelia on or before the 61st box, just like the Sanctuary of the Ancient Arena.

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