[Top 3] TFT Best Jayce Builds That Are Powerful

Best Jayce Builds in TFT
Our future will be bright.

Jayce is a talented innovator who has spent his whole life supporting Piltover's constant drive to improve.

Jayce protects his community with his changing hextech hammer and his sharp mind.

This is a full article about how to place Jayce in TFT and make sure he protects them with his new inventions.

Never a wrong step.

Jayce is a brilliant inventor who has pledged his life to the defense of Piltover and its unyielding pursuit of progress. He was the youngest apprenta to ever be offered patronage by Clan Giopara.

As time went on, his patience became shorter, while at the same time, a chasm grew between decorum, charm, and Jayce's natural demeanor.

Only one person ever managed to match Jayce's intelligence while also maintaining a healthy indifference toward his superior attitude. His name was Viktor. The two eventually fell out over the design, and Viktor was stripped of his honors and ostracized from the academy.

The two nearly came to blows over the design, and ultimately, after Jayce warned the academy of Viktor's invention, Viktor was stripped of his honors and ostracized from Piltover's scientific community.

Viktor was the closest thing Jayce had ever really had to a friend, and distraught over their falling-out, he went back to working on his own.

Jayce Piltover's Shuriman gem was the first thing that had ever resisted his considerable mental aptitude. He spent many months running every variety of test on the crystal. Jayce realized how his peers must have felt, trying so hard to solve a problem, only to bump against their own limitations.

Jayce awoke hours later to find that even though the larger shard was gone, Viktor hadn't seemed to notice or care about the smaller shard he left behind. Alerted by the massive power spike from the crystal shard, Viktor had a simple proposition.

Since his expulsion from the Piltovan scientific community, Viktor had commenced work on a secret project in Zaun.

Best Jayce builds in TFT Season 4 - Stage II

Jayce’s stats:

  • Cost: 4 Gold
  • Health: 900 / 1620 / 2916
  • Mana: 80
  • Starting Mana: 20
  • Armor: 50
  • MR: 50
  • DPS: 48 / 86 / 156
  • Damage: 60 / 108 / 194
  • Atk Spd: 0.8
  • Crit Rate: 25%
  • Range: 3

Jayce’s traits:


Grant a unique bonus to your team; Guild members gain double the amount. Increases for each Guild member in play! Sejuani: +130 Health Twitch: +11% Attack Speed Zippy: +8 Armor and Magic Resist Jayce: +5 Attack Damage and Ability Power Bard: +2 Mana per attack Emblem: +3% Omnivamp

  • 1 100% Guild bonus
  • 2 110% Guild bonus
  • 3 120% Guild bonus
  • 4 130% Guild bonus
  • 5 140% Guild bonus
  • 7 160% Guild bonus
  • 8 175% Guild bonus


Transforming grants bonus maximum Health.

  • 2 50% maximum Health
  • 4 125% maximum Health

Jayce’s ability

 Mercurial Justice

Mercurial Justice Active mana cost 20 / 80 Jayce transforms into his melee form, then slams the ground around his target, dealing magic damage and gaining 40 bonus Armor and Magic Resist for the rest of combat. He then replaces his ability with Mercurial Hammer for the rest of combat.

Mercury Judgement: Jayce calls lightning upon his target, smiting them for magic damage and dealing additional magic damage to other enemies in the area. He then heals for an ammount and an additional 20% per enemy struck.

Transform Magic Damage: 300 / 400 / 1500

Smite Magic Damage: 400 / 550 / 2000

Secondary Magic Damage: 225 / 275 / 1200

Healing: 100 / 150 / 500

Jayce’s best items

1-Ionic Spark

Passive: Enemies within 2 hexes have their magic resistance reduced by 50% (does not stack).

Passive 2: When enemies within 2 hexes cast their ability, they are dealt 200% of their maximum mana as magic damage.


Grant 20 bonus Ability Power. Magic or true damage from an ability burns the target, dealing 10% of the target's maximum health as true damage over 10 seconds and reducing healing by 50% for the duration.

3-Archangel’s staff

Grants the wearer 25 ability power every 5 seconds.

Best comps for Jayce


Xayah, Shyvana, and Zippy on one team are on another level. This team requires level 8 with a strong economy. Try to get at least two stars for everyone on your team.

Best team for this build:

1-Shyvana, the Ragewing Dragon, knocks the enemy team up and deals thousands of magical damage.

2-Xayah is your second main carry, as she would be placed to activate 4 Ragewing traits and 2 Swiftshot traits.

3-Zippy knocks back enemy heroes and grants Guild members extra armor and magic resist.

4-Sejuani adds to the Guild members’ extra health and is a tank in the frontline.

5-Jayce, grants the Guilds extra attack damage while defending them as a Shapeshifter, as he gains extra HP, magic resist, and armor.

6-Twitch being a Guild member, grants your team extra attack speed and also being a Swiftshot member, would be a huge advantage for your team.


This team aims to gain so much magic resist as Mystics, improving the team's overall defensive state, while Zippy serves as your main carrier, dealing all of the damage as well as Twitch.

Having Seraphine around would greatly increase your team’s utility.

Having multiple Guild members would increase your overall champion’s stats.

Best team for this build:

1-Zippy being your main carry, knocking the highest HP enemy back, and killing the backline of the enemy.

2-Sejuani adds to the Guild members’ extra health and is a tank in the frontline.

3-Seraphine adds magic resist to the team as a Mystic and increases their on-hit damage.

4-Rakan's abilities as a Guardian and Mystic greatly benefit the team.

5-Twitch, granting the team attack speed as a Guild and dealing damage from the backline.

6-Jayce, granting the Guilds extra attack damage while defending them as a Shapeshifter.

7-As a mystic, Bard increases the chance of hitting a level 3 Zippy while also providing the team with additional magic resist.


Mirages are the main carry in this comp. While having Zippy as a killing machine, try to hit level 8 as fast as you can while saving a good amount of gold so you can summon level 2 Dragons.

Best team for this build:

1-Daeja is one of your main carries, dealing tons of damage and granting your team 3 Mirage traits.

2-Zippy as your second carry, knocking back enemies while granting your Guild members extra armor and magic resist.

3-Jayce, as a tank grants your Guild members extra attack damage.

4-Nunu counts as an additional Mirage and Cavalier, which makes him the best fit for this team.

5-Sejuani grants you an additional Cavalier alongside her friend Nunu, making both of them huge tanks, also granting Guild members extra HP.

6-Twitch, granting your Guild champions extra attack speed while breaking the enemy’s armor.

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