[Top 3] TFT Best Sy’fen Builds That Are Powerful

Best Sy'fen Builds in TFT
Whispers are forever!

Please be quiet, since I do not want to have Sy'fen, the Ancient Whispers Dragon, awoken. Sy'fen used to be part of a sacred order of warriors, but in his search for a forbidden power, he turned into a bad person from the inside out.

He is now free to roam the Dragonlands in search of a prey.

Sy'fen, a member of a clan of holy dragon warriors, attempted to acquire abilities that had been banned to his ancestors. His lust for power drove him to commit unimaginable atrocities in pursuit of his goals.

His body is forever marred and contaminated, and he now lingers in the Whisper Realm, where his dark power consumes the spirits of others.

In this article, you will be introduced to how to best place Sy’fen on a TFT board to make sure you bite your enemies, killing them.

Best Sy'fen builds in TFT Set 7.5

Sy’fen stats:

  • Cost: 7 Gold
  • Health: 900 / 1620 / 2916
  • Mana: 170
  • Starting Mana: 100
  • Armor: 60
  • MR: 60
  • DPS: 63 / 113 / 204
  • Damage: 90 / 162 / 292
  • Atk Spd: 0.7
  • Crit Rate: 25%
  • Range: 1

Sy’fen’s traits:


Whispers damage shrinks enemies, reducing their Armor and Magic Resist by 40% for 6 seconds. When they damage a shrunken enemy, Whispers gain stacking bonuses:

  • 2 1 Attack Damage and Ability Power
  • 4 3 Attack Damage and Ability Power
  • 6 7 Attack Damage and Ability Power


Your team gains bonus maximum Health. Bruisers gain double this bonus.

  • 2 180 Health
  • 4 375 Health
  • 6 700 Health
  • 8 1500 Health


Innate: Require 2 team slots.

Dragons provide +3 to the marked trait, and gain additional bonuses based on how many Dragons are on your team.

  • 1 500 bonus Health
  • 2 and 20 Armor and Magic Resist
  • 3 and 10% bonus damage
  • 4 and +1 to team size
  • 5 and heal 40 Health every second 5 and will cause your Dragons to ascend!

Sy’fen’s ability


Sy'fen charges towards the farthest enemy within 2.5 hexes, dealing a percent of his Attack Damage and knocking up enemies he passes through.

After charging, Sy'fen bites an enemy dealing a percent of his Attack Damage and ignoring 33% of the target's Armor. This bite cannot be dodged.

Charge % of Attack Damage: 150% / 170% / 450%

Bite % of Attack Damage: 475% / 550% / 2500%

Sy’fen’s best items


Passive 1: Physical damage heals for 33% of the damage dealt.

Passive 2: Gains a 30% maximum health shield for 5 seconds if the wearer falls below 40% maximum health.

2-Titan’s Resolve

When the wearer basic attacks or takes damage from any source, grants 2 bonus attack damage and 2 ability power for the rest of combat, stacking up 25 times for a maximum of 50. At maximum stacks, additionally gains 25 bonus armor and bonus magic resistance, and increases in size. Resets every round.

3-Giant Slayer

Basic attacks and spells gain 20% increased damage, increased to 60% if the enemy has over 1800 maximum health.

Best comps for Sy’fen


As a result of the patch, Scalescorn might now be paired with a Dragon without having their trait passive removed.

If Sy'fen and Pantheon were added to Olaf's squad, they would immediately become two of the most formidable champions in TFT.

Scalescorn champions are being rerolled to level 8 at a snail's pace in an effort to get 3 stars.

Best team for this build:

1-This comp is ideally suited for Sy'fen, the Whisper Dragon, since she is a heavy hitter.

2-Your primary support character is Olaf, who has the Warrior, Scalescorn, and Bruiser attributes.

3-In addition to being a Warrior, Pantheon also qualifies as a Whisper.

4-The Scalescorn quality is enhanced with the addition of Lillia.

5-As a Guardian, Braum is an effective tank who also increases the damage dealt by his team, the Scalescorn.

6-Guardian Rakan teases his foes while keeping his squad safe.

7-Diana is a scaly assassin. In the blink of an eye, she must wipe out the enemy's backline.


Whisper and Jade, two different kinds of dragons, are at the centre of this comp. Your primary carriers, Sy'fen and Shi Oh Yu, have the same item access. In a prosperous society, reaching level 8 is an absolute necessity. At the very least, you should strive to raise your dragons to level 2.

Best team for this build:

1-As one of your two primary carriers, Shi Oh Yu would greatly benefit from the Jade Dragon's high damage output and moderate defences.

2-Your secondary tank, Sy'fen, may kill enemy backline units with a single poisonous bite and knock them back.

3-Pantheon, triggering the whisper ability and rendering the opponent more open to attack.

4-Gnar, with the Jade and shapeshifter qualities added.

5-While stunning foes, Jax is counted as an extra Jade, buying his team precious seconds.

6-As a tank and a shapeshifter, Jayce would be impossible to kill.


In this setup, Pantheon and Sy'fen, along with the rest of the whispers, are your primary carriers.

Having the other characters provide some shielding and backline damage for the warrior or bruiser is a huge help.

As soon as possible, you should level up to 8, prioritising the 2-star progression of Sy'fen and Pantheon.

Best team for this build:

1-As your primary frontline, Pantheon can do tremendous damage while still protecting himself from harm.

2-Sy'fen, the Whispering Dragon, boosts the trait by 3, and her deadly bite may knock out foes.

3-Sylas receiving a shield makes him one of the most recognisable tanks in the game.

4-Olaf brandishing axes in battle, a Pantheon-aligned fighter with the Bruiser ability.

5-Jax strengthens the pounders and stuns the opposition.

6-Seraphine is a powerful team utility, protecting and repairing your front lines.

7-While contributing to the Whispers, Zyra did some respectable damage from the backline.

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