[Top 3] TFT Best Vayne Builds That Are Powerful

Best Vayne Builds in TFT
Joke? What do you mean?

Vayne is in TFT with her true damage, and she is known for wrecking tanks and wiping out damage dealers with her famous skill.

Not having 1 or 2 traits but 3 makes her one of the strongest 3-cost champions, as she has the Recon trait that makes her dodge, Anima Squad, which makes her much stronger and gives her extra health, and Duelist, which makes her break her passive multiple times.

This article is a full guide on how to best place Vayne in TFT to make sure you wipe off your enemies and knock them back to the lobby.

I have no time for nonsense.

Vayne's most effective combos revolve around the Duelist trait, which increases her attack speed exponentially, or the Anima Squad, which increases her damage and extra health exponentially—or both!

Vayne is remarkable for her combos, as they all have high attack speed, and we will be discussing her best items and the best combos that she can be placed in down below to make sure you get to the first place.

Best Vayne builds in TFT Set 8

Vayne’s stats:

  • Cost: 3 Gold
  • Health: 600 / 1080 / 1944
  • Mana: 40
  • Armor: 25
  • MR: 25
  • DPS: 45 / 81 / 146
  • Damage: 60 / 108 / 194
  • Atk Spd: 0.75
  • Crit Rate: 25%
  • Range: 4

Vayne’s traits:

1-Anima Squad

Anima Squad members pose after champion kills, increasing their fame. Anima Squad units gain permanent 5 Health per fame stack acquired this game.

Anima Squad units also gain:

  • 3 10% Attack Damage and 10 Ability Power
  • 5 30% Attack Damage and 30 Ability Power
  • 7 55% Attack Damage and 55 Ability Power


Class Innate: increased movement speed. Duelists' basic attacks grant bonus Attack Speed, up to 12 stacks.

  • 2 +5% Attack Speed per stack
  • 4 +9% Attack Speed per stack
  • 6 +15% Attack Speed per stack
  • 8 +24% Attack Speed per stack


Innate: Gain 2 hex Attack Range. If there is an enemy nearby, Recon units will dash to safety before casting their Ability.

  • 2 +20% Crit Chance
  • 3 +75% Crit Chance
  • 4 +100% Crit Chance and Recon Abilities can critically strike

Vayne’s ability

 Silver Bolt

Vayne fires a heavy bolt at her target, dealing true damage.

Percent of Attack Damage: 130% / 130% / 140%

Bonus Physical Damage: 18 / 25 / 45

 Carousel priority:

These are the components you would need to focus on since the very first circle in order as you will need them to build up the required items for the team in most of the comps you will find bellow:

Vayne’s best items

1-Last Whisper

Unique: grant 10% bonus Attack damage.

Dealing physical damage from an attack or ability reduces the target armor by 50% for 5 seconds. This effect doesn’t stack.

2-Guinsoo’s Rageblade

Basic Attacks grant 5% bonus attack speed for the rest of the combat. Stacks with no upper limit.

3-Giant Slayer

Grant 15% bonus Attack damage and 15 bonus Ability power. Abilities and attacks deal 30% more damage to enemies with more than 1600 maximum Health

Best comps for Vayne



  • 1 Ace
  • 2 Prankester
  • 2 Recon
  • 2 Ox Force
  • 2 Aegis
  • 3 Star Guardian
  • 3 Anima Squad
  • 3 Duelist

In order to sneak up on adversaries and deal them true damage, Vayne stacks a lot of Attack speed in this composition.

This level 8 reroll is quick and has a robust economy. As Nilah will be your major frontline, try to level up everyone on your team, especially Vayne.

Best group to create this:

1-Since Vayne has the Anima Squad, Duelist, and Recon traits enabled, which increase her damage, she deals the majority of the damage.

2-Nilah is the front line's primary tank. She would enhance the Duelist and Star Guardian qualities if you stacked three iron solari lockets on her.

3-Alistar, who possesses Ox Force, Aegis, and Mascot, is an essential component of your team's front line.

4-Jinx is a recent addition to the Pranksters and Anima Squad. She has a cannon that she can use to stun foes.

5-Kai'Sa can do significant damage from behind the lines as a Recon and Star Guardian.

6-Ekko is a capable frontliner who possesses the Aegis and Prankster qualities, making him a capable summoner and tank.

7-Fiora can have a positive impact on the front lines because she possesses both the Ox-Force and Duelist qualities.

8-Because she is a member of the Anima Squad and possesses the Ace trait, Miss Fortune can use any AP equipment and still deal a lot of damage.



  • 4 Recon
  • 1 Ace
  • 5 Lasercorps
  • 2 Brawler
  • 2 Duelist

If you want to gain the upper hand over your rivals by hitting three stars on Ashe and Ezreal at level 8, having a strong economy is crucial.

His team of four recons can quickly outpace any close adversaries, and his LaserCorps deals a lot of damage.

The best group for this build is:

1-Ashe is an effective backline damage dealer for LaserCorps and Recon.

2-Considering his access to the extremely potent LaserCorps and Ace characteristics, Mordekaiser is regarded as one of the most formidable champions this season.

3-Sejuani is one of the greatest frontlines due to her ability to take a lot of damage, stun a huge area, and employ the Brawler and LaserCorps skills.

4-Once Kai'sa uses her passive ability and the Recon trait is given to her, she deals a lot of damage.

5-Vayne can successfully escape attacks while also dealing serious damage to tanks as a member of the Recon.

6-Renekton possesses qualities that are both LaserCorps and Brawler-like.

7-A row of enemies is eliminated all at once by Yasuo using the LaserCorps power.

8-Ezreal is able to inflict significant damage while serving as a recon from the defensive half of the field.



  • 4 Threat
  • 4 Recon

Due to the fact that Threats have viable magical skills, a team made up of tanky Threats and Recons would be fairly formidable.

This level 8 reroll is happening at a medium pace, and the Recons are working hard to get three stars.

Optimal group for this build:

1-For LaserCorps and Recon, Ashe is a potent backline attacker.

2-Kai'sa deals a tonne of damage after activating her passive and getting the Recon trait.

3-Vayne can successfully escape attacks as a member of the Recon and deal serious damage to tanks.

4-Ezreal can cause significant damage from behind the lines thanks to his function as a recon.

5-Due to his ability to knock up a sizable circle of enemies while decreasing their attack damage as well as his inherent tanking prowess, Rammus is a potent Threat member.

6-Zac splits into little versions of himself to distract enemies and can deal a lot of damage to them before needing to recuperate.

7-Cho'Gath becomes a magic-resistant beast with a higher maximum mana while it scales.

8-Urgot is one of the strongest Threat members, dealing massive damage and earning some good loot.

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