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TeamFight Tactics Tier List, TFT Tier List
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S-Tier is the top Tier combined of champions that are the best ones to make comps around. Players that are familiar with the facts about this game, pick these ones in order to stand at the top of it! We will see a quick review of why this Tier is the best one and why players are picking them! ->Early-game (S-Tier) Kai’Sa 81/100(S-Tier)

Kai'Sa, the Daughter of the Void

Kai’Sa is one of the early game’s most powerful champions. As an Infiltrator and Valkyrie, she deals an excessive amount of damage and she’s great to form comps around.


  • With Valkyrie’s Trait activated, Kai’Sa will gain absolute power;
  • With at least one champion from Infiltrator’s Trait, she gains great Attack Speed bonus;
  • Since it’s one of the early game champions, it’s likely possible to get her the highest Star level through the course of the game.


  • Her true power lies in making damage not taking one, so that makes Kai’Sa easily killable;
  • If she’s not combined in any comps, her Tier downgrades immediately.

Xin Zhao 83/100(S-Tier)

Xin Zhao, the Seneschal of Demacia

Xin Zhao is the strongest early game champion. A Celestial and Protector, he is great to lead the front line and even be one of those who do the most of the damage.


  • With Celestial’s Trait, Xin Zhao’s healing from basics and spell it is very uncommon;
  • Combined with Protectors allows Xin a shield which gives him the advantage to regain his Health back;
  • Easily getable to the highest Star level because he is available from the very start.


  • His Protector’s Trait gives Xin great power but lowers the comp’s. If not combined properly, Xin will remain strong but our comp will be weaker;
  • If he’s not combined with Celestial’s, his Tier downgrades.

->Mid-game (S-Tier) Shaco 90/100(S-Tier)

Shaco, the Demon Jester

An Infiltrator and Dark Star, Shaco is one of the champions who will make the opponent’s backline cry.


  • Along with the Infiltrator’s bonus, he will be more likely to proceed mana for using his spell cast;
  • If combined with the Darkies, he will gain probably the highest bonus of that Trait since he is Infiltrator. His power won’t stop growing.


  • If combined only by origin, Dark Star, his power is lowered;
  • He’s Tier will be downgraded if the wrong items are put.

Jinx  93/100(S-Tier)

Jinx, the Loose Cannon

A Rebellion and Blaster, Jinx, with her Special Ability/Passive make her enemies die, and our opponent cry!


  • Forming a comp with the Blasters, Jinx will fires missiles at each side!
  • With Rebellions, Jinx gains shield at the start of each combat, which is enough for her to switch her Ability/Passive quicker;
  • If she’s protected with allies by her sides, the potential of causing the chaos of hers can be maximally used.


  • Until Jinx helps in getting her first takedown, her basic attacks are focused on only one target;
  • If she’s not protected, Jinx can be eliminated at the very start of the combat.

  Irelia 94/100(S-Tier)

Irelia, the Blade Dancer

As part of Cybernetics, Irelia is also one of the best Blademasters and she even got her 3rd Trait as Mana-Reaver which makes her one of the top champions of our game.


  • Along with the Blademasters, she is capable of proceeding mana which allows her to cast her spell very fast;
  • Cybernertyc’s Trait brings her great bonuses.
  • Mana-Reaver Trait activated and combined with Irelia’s spell gives the enemies difficulty to cast their spells. 


  • If put the wrong items or no items at all, she is likely to be killed at the very start at the combat;
  • Since she has 3 Traits, not combining her in anyone will drop her Tier immediately.

Jhin 97/100(S-Tier)

Jhin, the Virtuoso

Jhin, a Dark Star and one of the few Snipers, is the strongest champion in our backline. His Passive/Special Ability is something that stands him out of the crowd.


  • His Sniper’s Trait allows his attacks to deal with enormous damage;
  • Along with the Dark Stars, Jhin will probably get the highest bonus from that Trait;
  • His Passive/spell cast grants him critical strike attacks, which is giving him the possibility to one-shot the target.


  • Since he’s Sniper, he’s great at dealing damage and not taking one;
  • Very likely to be killed at the start of the combat if there are no champions to protect him.

Kayle 99/100(S-Tier)

Kayle, the Righteous

Kayle is part of the Valkyrie’s and probably the best Blademaster there is. Combined along with her Traits and the right items, we can almost say that she wins the combat solo!


  • Combining Kayle with Blademasters allows her to be the game-changer and  increases the chances of winning the combat;
  • With Valkyrie’s Trait, she will be able to take down targets with low Health immediately;
  • Activating both Traits among with items that grant her attack speed, Kayle’s power is almost unlimited!


  • Not combining her in any Traits or items, drops her Tier’s power;
  • Low chances to bring her higher Star level since everybody wants to play her.

->Late Game (S-tier) Lulu 90/100(S-Tier)

Lulu, the Fae Sorceress

As part of the Celestials and Mystic, Lulu is something exceptional. With her Traits and her Special Ability, she can change the course of the game!


  • She is a great opportunity to gain the highest bonus of the Celestials since she is the one with the highest value;
  • Her ability is one of a kind with the power to make enemies unable to do anything for few seconds per spell cast.


  • Since Lulu is a late-game champion, her chances of getting her higher Star level are downgraded than previous champions;
  • Her Tier drops if there’s not a chance Lulu to cast her spell through the combat

Ekko 92/100(S-Tier)

Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time

Ekko, the boy who manages to stop the time. A Cybernetic and part of the Infiltrators, with his extraordinary ability, Ekko is capable of causing chaos!


  • Combined with Cybernetics grant Ekko great bonuses;
  • An Infiltrator’s Trait grants him attack speed which allows him to grant mana very faster for his next spell cast;
  • Ekko’s spell allows him to deal damage to every single enemy!


  • Ekko is late game champions, so chances are lower to get him higher Star level or to get him at all!
  • If no Traits activated, his chances of dealing a great amount of damage, or even able to cast a spell will be downgraded.

Miss Fortune 100/100(S-Tier)

Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter

And finally our top champion. A Valkyrie, Blaster, and one of the Mercenary, Miss Fortune is the best champions to make comps around. Her Traits and ability allow making numerous combinations!


  • Her Valkyrie and Blaster Traits allows Miss Fortune to deal more damage and grant mana faster;
  • Miss Fortune’s spell is super powerful as she deals a monstrous amount of damage in a wide area;
  • She is one of the two champions in the game who have the possibility to get upgrades in the shop.


  • Because of the one of the highest value and most played champions, it’s very difficult to get her higher Star level;
  • She casts her spell cast the current target, so the chances to get the full potential of her power is variable.


A-Tier is composed of champions that are considered great by the players. These champions are also powerful and strong, and they are great to form our comps around them too! ->Early game (A-Tier)

  •  Ahri 65/100(A-Tier)


  • Jayce 67/100(A-Tier)
  • Ashe 69/100(A-Tier)
  • Fizz 71/100(A-Tier)
  • Cho’Gath 72/100(A-Tier)
  • Syndra 74/100(A-Tier)
  • Vel’Koz 77/100(A-Tier)


  • Thresh 75/100(A-Tier)
  • Xerath 79/100(A-Tier)


This Tier, B-Tier, is followed by the champions which most of the players consider as an option and pick them occasionally. They are good ones, but not the best. ->Early game (B-Tier)

  • Shen 43/100(B-Tier)
  • Rakan 45/100(B-Tier)
  • Darius 47/100(B-Tier)


  • Neeko 49/100(B-Tier)
  • Vi 50/100(B-Tier)
  • Soraka 52/100(B-Tier)
  • Wukong 53/100(B-Tier)
  • Ezreal 54/100(B-Tier)
  • Lux 55/100(B-Tier)
  • Master Yi 56/100(B-Tier)
  • Kassadin 57/100(B-Tier)


  • Aurelion Sol 58/100(B-Tier)
  • Gangplank 60/100(B-Tier)


C-Tier is a Tier followed by champions that are necessarily picked by the players. They are picked often just for completing Traits, filling blank spaces and similar reasons. ->Early game (C-Tier)

  • Fiora 27/100(C-Tier)
  • Blitzcrank 29/100 (C-Tier)
  • Caitlyn 30/100(C-Tier)
  • Annie 31/100(C-Tier)
  • Sona 33/100(C-Tier)
  • Yasuo 34/100(C-Tier)
  • Mordekaiser 37/100(C-Tier)


  • Karma 35/100(C-Tier)
  • Rumble 39/100(C-Tier)


D-Tier is considered the lowest Tier which is combined by champions that are rarely picked, or not picked by all. Most of the players replace them even before mid-game.

  • Ziggs 9/100(D-Tier)
  • Zoe 11/100(D-Tier)
  • Poppy 12/100(D-Tier)
  • Malphite 14/100(D-Tier)
  • Twisted Fate 15/100(D-Tier)
  • Kha’Zix 16/100(D-Tier)
  • Xayah 17/100(D-Tier)
  • Leona 18/100(D-Tier)
  • Graves 19/100(D-Tier)
  • Jarvan IV 21/100(D-Tier)

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