[Top 3] TFT Best Rengar Builds To Use

Best Rengar Builds in TFT.
Walk the killer's path.

His tribe counted him as a small cat but he knew that he was the best hunter among them. Rengar doesn’t kill for revenge but he kills for the sake of the adrenaline rush when he hunts the prey.

Everyone earns trophies to put them on a shelf but Rengar earns them to wear them.

This article is about how to best place Rengar in TFT making sure you hunt down enemies.

Comfort breeds weakness.

Rengar, the pridestalker, hails from a tribe of Shuriman vastaya known as the Kiilash, whose society venerated the honor and glory of the hunt. But his tribe counted as him as runt who was small in size and would probably starve to death.

Rengar fled the camp in shame. He subsisted on grubs and plants for weeks until, one day, he was nearly killed by a legendary human hunter named Markon. Upon seeing Rengar's state, he took pity on the creature and let it live.

One day Markon gave Rengar a knife and pushed him to hunt his first prey. Rengar grew bigger hunting a lot thinking that his tribe would be proud of him having all these trophies. Not long when he returned, they still saw them as a runt. They decreed that only by bringing back the head of the elusive and legendary Void-abomination known as Kha'Zix would Rengar be welcomed back into the tribe.

Blindly Rengar followed Kha’Zix down but he found himself defeated with a lost eye. When he returned, Rengar leapt onto his father and gutted him from neck to belly as a response to his words calling him a failure.

Rengar left the camp not caring about his village’s acceptance but he followed Kha’Zix not for the tribe but to satisfy himself.

Best Rengar builds in TFT Season 4 - Stage II

Rengar’s stats:

Cost: 3 Gold
Health: 700 / 1260 / 2268
Mana: 140
Starting Mana: 70
Armor: 30
MR: 30
DPS: 53 / 95 / 170
Damage: 70 / 126 / 227
Atk Spd: 0.75
Crit Rate: 25%
Range: 1

Rengar’s ability

 Unseen Predator

Rengar leaps to the lowest armor enemy, dealing physical damage and gaining 200% Attack Speed for 2 attacks.

Damage: 240/245/275%

Rengar’s best items


Passive 1: Physical damage heals for 33% of the damage dealt.

Passive 2: Gains a 30% maximum health shield for 5 seconds if the wearer falls below 40% maximum health.

2-Infinity Edge

Grant 60% bonus Critical Strike Chance and 10% bonus Critical Strike Damage. Each point of Critical Strike Chance above 100% converts to 1% Critical Strike Damage.

3-Runaan’s Hurricane

Basic attacks fire an additional bolt at another nearby enemy, dealing 70% AD physical damage. Bolts can Critical strike critically strike and have infinite range.

Best comps for Rengar


Rengar is back to TFT with tons of damages along with all the assassins, having Zeke’s on your Darkflights (Aphelios, Rell and Qiyana) would provide Nilah and Rengar with so much attack speed, allowing him to slice enemies.

Best team for this build:

1-Dragon Tyrant Swain being placed in the frontline can handle a lot of damage and borrowing time for the assassins to kill all the enemy team.

2-Qiyana counts as an additional assassin while being In the Darkfligh circle giving the all Darkflight units the item she holds (Zeke’s Herald).

3-Rell adding to the Darkflight trait while being a tank with Swain.

4-Aphelios as a darkflight gaining tons of attack speed, he would deal some good damage from the backlines.

5-Rengar being the main carry gaining a lot of HP and attack speed would make him a beast.

6-Nilah being in a team of 4 assassins and placed beside darkflighs would make her deal tons of damage.

7-Diana is the 4th assassin which would make it a set 4 assassins.


This is a reroll to level 8 with strong economy, making sure to get Rengar, Diana, and Varus to 3 stars.

You would have a disadvantage in terms of tanks as you won’t be having any frontlines but on the other hand assassins and swiftshots would deal tons and tons of damage in a blink of an eye.

Best team for this build:

1-Rengar since he is back to TFT he would be doing a lot of damage to the backlines as an assassin and darkflight champion.

2-Nilah is the second damage dealer on the team as an assassin.

3-Daina is a really strong assassin as she can also shield herself making her able to sustain a lot of damage.

4-Qiyana would make it a set of four assassins while activating the Tempest trait.

5-Varus is a really strong swiftshot champion dealing a lot of damage from the backline.

6-Xayah is the second damage dealer as a swiftshot member from the backline.

7-Twitch would break the enemies’ armor as a swiftshot champion.

8-Ezreal is a good fit as he shares Swiftshot and Tempest traits.


This comp is a slow reroll to level 8 with strong economy. Having the Cavalier trait activated making them good tanks for the team.

Also having the Tempest trait activated to stun and deal damage to the enemies, while the assassin Rengar would deal enough damage for the backlines.

Best team for this build:

1-Tyrant Swain as the Darkflight dragon would gain a lot of hit points and deal a good portion of damage.

2-Rengar is the unit that the comp rotates around dealing a lot of damage to the backlines.

3-Graves would be the second damage dealer as a Tempest and Cannoneer unit.

4-Aphelios is a strong Cannoneer and Darkflight member from the backlines.

5-Rell counted as a Cavalier and Darkflight unit.

6-Sejuani as a frontline tank as she shares the Cavalier trait.

7-Qiyana placed in the Darkflight circle sharing the item –Zeke’s- with all Darkflight members.

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