[Top 3] TFT Best Fiora Builds That Are Powerful

Best Fiora Builds in TFT
I am an artist with a sword—in more ways than one.

Fiora, the grand duelist, is in TFT with her sword, and she knows how to control it really well to destroy her enemies.

Fiora is a great pick as she can become untargetable, dealing massive amounts of physical and true damage and healing most of it.

In this article, we will mention the combos to place Fiora in, the best items, and how to make sure you take out your enemies with the sword.

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Fiora is a great pick in TFT as she shares the Demacia trait, which grants her an extra radiant item, which makes her more powerful.

She also shares the Challenger, which highly synergizes with her ability to increase her attack speed.

Fiora’s stats, traits, and items are all to be discussed down below to make sure you get the best outcome by placing her on your team.


Best Fiora builds in TFT Set 9.5

Fiora’s stats:

  • Cost: 4 Gold
  • Health: 850 / 1530 / 2754
  • Mana: 60 / 160
  • Armor: 40
  • MR: 40
  • Ability Power: 100
  • DPS: 68 / 122 / 219
  • Damage: 75 / 135 / 243
  • Atk Spd: 0.9
  • Crit Rate: 25%
  • Range: 1


Fiora’s traits:

1. Demacia

Your strongest Demacians become Elite and equip a random Radiant item each combat. Elites grant Armor and Magic Resist to themselves and adjacent allies, but this does not stack.

  • 3 1 Elite, +5 Armor, +5 Magic Resist
  • 5 2 Elites, +15 Armor, +15 Magic Resist
  • 7 4 Elites, +50 Armor, +50 Magic Resist
  • 9 6 Elites, +100 Armor, +100 Magic Resist

2. Challenger

Challengers gain bonus Attack Speed.

When their target dies, Challengers dash to a new target and increase their Attack Speed bonus by 50% for 2.5 seconds.

  • 2 30% Attack Speed
  • 4 60% Attack Speed
  • 6 95% Attack Speed
  • 8 140% Attack Speed


Fiora’s ability

 Blade Witz

Become untargetable and strike the current target 4 times. Each strike deals % Attack Damage physical damage and true damage. Heal for 20% of the total damage dealt.

If the target dies, change targets to the nearest enemy.

  • Damage: 150% / 150% / 250%
  • True Damage: 60% / 90% / 270%


Carousel priority:

These are the components you would need to focus on since the very first circle in order as you will need them to build up the required items for the team in most of the comps you will find bellow:


Fiora’s best items

1. Bloodthirster

Damage heals the holder for 20% of the damage dealt.

Once per combat at 40% Health, gain a 25% maximum Health shield that lasts up to 5 seconds.

2. Titan’s Resolve

Grants 2% Attack Damage and 2 Ability Power when attacking or taking damage, stacking up to 25 times. At full stacks, grant 25 Armor and 25 Magic Resist.

3. Sterak's Gage

Once per combat at 60% Health, increase max health by 20% and gain 35% Attack Damage for the rest of combat.


Best comps for Fiora



  • 8 Void
  • 2 Challenger
  • 2 Sorcerer
  • 1 Empress
  • 2 Bruiser

This is the well-known full-void trait being greatly balanced with huge damage dealers.

This is a really fast reroll to level 8 with a lot of gold, as most of the critical champions are tier 3 and above.

This comp requires a void emblem for Fiora to activate the full void trait.

Best team for this comp:

1. Fiora will be your main damage dealer as she shares the challenger trait with Kai’Sa, but you must have a void emblem for her.

2. Kai’Sa is the second main damage dealer, sharing the void and challenger traits with the team.

3. Cho’Gath is your main tank on the frontlines as a void and bruiser member, stacking tons of health using his ability.

4. Malzahar is your tier 1 void and sorcerer pick, which makes him a great deal.

5. Vel’Koz is your 2nd sorcerer; he is also a void member.

6. Kassadin is a good tank, using his abilities’ shield while sharing the void trait.

7. Bel’Veth is your Tier 5 void member, which makes her a really strong damage dealer.

8. Rek’Sai is a great pick, as she shares the bruiser trait with Cho’Gath and the void trait with the rest of the team.



  • 6 Challenger
  • 3 Demacia
  • 1 Darkin’

This comp revolves around the challenger trait, which provides its members with huge attack speed and allows them to dash and gain extreme attack speed on takedowns.

The comp is a default reroll to level 8, with a strong economy to get everyone to a high level and get the best out of the comp.

The comp also has the Demacia trait as a support trait for Fiora, giving her an extra radiant item.

Best team for this comp:

1. Fiora is the main champion in this comp sharing the challenger and Demacia traits.

2. Kai’Sa is the second damage dealer sharing the challenger trait.

3. Samira is your Tier 1 challenger member.

4. Irelia is the 2nd tier 1 challenger member.

5. Warwick is a great pick as a challenger member, and his skill would greatly help the team by fearing enemies.

6. Jarvan is the 2nd Demacian in this comp along with Fiora and Quinn.

7. Quinn would be dealing some good damage to the backlines while sharing the Demacia trait.

8. Naafiri is a great pick as she shares the known Darkin’ trait and the challenger trait.



  • 4 Slayer
  • 4 Bruiser
  • 3 Demacia

This comp is perfectly balanced, having enough bruisers as tanks and slayers as damage dealers.

This comp is a fast reroll to level 8, with a really strong economy to make sure you get the required champions, as most of them cost 4 gold.

Best team for this comp:

1. Kayle is one of the main damage dealers, as she shares both the Slayer trait, which provides her with extra damage, and the Demacia trait, which provides her with an extra radiant item.

2. Fiora will be dealing some good damage on the frontlines while sharing the Demacia trait.

3. Quinn is the 3rd Demacia member and the second Slayer in this comp.

4. Cho’Gath is your most powerful Tier 1 bruiser on the frontlines.

5. Mordekaiser is your 3rd slayer, making him deal tons of damage with his abilities and basic attacks.

6. Rek’Sai is a great bruiser who can also damage items.

7. Sejuani is the 3rd bruiser in this comp, making her a great tank.

8. Sion is your tier 5 bruiser, making him unstoppable.

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