[Top 3] Teamfight Tactics Best Lee Sin Builds To Use

Best Lee Sin Builds in TFT
Touch him and your first lesson is free.

Who’s the first one to cross your mind if you were asked about martial arts?

If the answer was Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, or even Boyka, that would be logical, but the answer also shows that you have never heard of Lee Sin, a martial artist with a dragon spirit within.

In this articles you will be guided on how to best use Lee sin in TFT to KICK your opponents out of the game.

My training left more scars than any battle.

A small boy claimed that the dragon had chosen him to wield its power. He was so talented, but the elder monks noticed his reckless pride, which would cause a disaster.

Lee Sin, The blind monk, was impatient and wanted to prove himself, so he searched some hidden archives when he found an ancient text that showed him how to call upon the spirit realm.

Lee Sin couldn’t control his dragon’s kick, which made his instructor paralyzed. He got banished and left the town in shame, went as far as he could for years, not until he knew that Noxus had invaded the town, killing his elder masters.

He had no other choice but to invoke the dragon spirit. A tempest of flames engulfed him, which burned his eyes, but it provided him with so much power that he only used his fist and kicks to kill all of the invaders.

Now he is trying to master himself and the dragon he has within, protecting all that are in need of him.

Best Lee Sin builds in TFT Season 4 - Stage II

Lee Sin’s stats:

Cost: 3 Gold
Health: 800 / 1440 / 2592
Mana: 90
Starting Mana: 30
Armor: 50
MR: 50
DPS: 41 / 74 / 134
Damage: 55 / 99 / 178
Atk Spd: 0.75
Crit Rate: 25%
Range: 1

Lee Sin’s ability

Dragon's Rage

Lee Sin kicks his target, stunning them for 1.25 seconds and knocking them back. The target and all enemies they hit take magic damage. Units hit by his Ability have their Magic Resist reduced by 40% for 5 seconds

Damage: 215/285/385

Lee Sin’s best items

1-Infinity Edge

Grant 60% bonus Critical Strike Chance and 10% bonus Critical Strike Damage. Each point of Critical Strike Chance above 100% converts to 1% Critical Strike Damage.

2-Jeweled Gauntlet

Grant 10% Critical Strike Damage and 30 bonus Ability Power. Magic and true damage from an Ability can critically strike.

3-Hand of justice

Grant 2 effects:

1-15 Attack Damage and 15 Ability Power.

2-15% Omnivamp.

Each round, randomly increase of these effects by 30%

Best comps for Lee Sin

3) Flaming kick

This is a really slow reroll comp which requires a lot of low-cost champions.

This comp focuses on Lee Sin/Kai’sa while being protected by Bruisers and Guardians.

Tip: you can have Kai’sa as your main carry making her your Dragonmancer hero.

Best team for this build:

1-Lee Sin as the main carry and being your Dragonmancer hero would make him punish enemies back to the lobby.

2-Volibear activating Shimmerscale and Dragonmancer traits.

3-Kai’sa dealing some good damage from the backlines while being Lagoon and Dragonmancer.

4-Karma adds to the Dragonmancer trait.

5-Jax is a great choice for stunning enemies and adding to Bruiser and Shimmerscale traits.

6-Zac is your main tank, gaining loot as a Lagoon and protecting the team as a Guardian.

7-Malphite has extra HP as a Bruiser and earns loot as a Lagoon.

8-Nasus making a set of 3 Shimmerscales and protecting the team as a Guardian.

2) Tempest Lee

This comp revolves around Lee Sin as your hero. Along with his Dragonmancer friends, he would be tank enough to sustain a lot of damage while doing his one-shot kick in style.

TIP: You can replace Infinity Edge with Bloodthirster in the comp, which would make Lee Sin sustain even more damage.

Best team for this build:

1-Lee Sin being your main carry and adding to the tempest trait would make him a beast.

2-Ao Shin, the Tempest dragon, would make it a set of four Tempest trait which would stun enemies, buying time for the team to kill them.

3-Yasuo, adding to the Dragonmancer trait and knocking up enemies as a CC-machine.

4-Volibear adds to the Dragonmancer trait and zaps enemies.

5-Sett can easily hit 3 stars, earning Lee a lot of ability power as a Dragonmancer member.

6-Karma dealing some good damage from the backlines while being a Dragonmancer.

7-Kai’sa, adding to the Dragonmancer trait and dealing tons of damage.

1) Ragewing with Lee Sin

This comp focuses on Shyvana and Lee Sin. Having the right champions and items would make them delete the enemy in a few seconds.

This team requires level 8 with a strong economy in search of 3 star Lee Sin and 2 star Shyvana.

Best team for this build:

1-Lee Sin as your main carry knocking off enemies with a single kick.

2-Shyvana being your second main carry, knocking up all enemies when she transforms into the Dragon form.

3-Volibear adding to the Dragonmancer trait and tanking some pretty good damage.

4-Rakan adds to the Ragewing trait and taunts enemies.

5-Sett counted as an additional Ragewing.

6-Kai’sa being a Dragonmancer and dealing damage from the backlines.

7-Senna makes it a set of 6 Ragewings.

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