[Top 3] TFT Best Teemo Builds That Are Powerful

Best Teemo Builds in TFT
Size doesn't mean everything.

Teemo is in TFT throwing his mushrooms and getting to level 4 as a yordle, which makes him deal tons of damage to a big area.

Teemo mushrooms deal area damage, and if the target dies, the mushroom shifts to the closest target instead of being wasted.

In this article, we will mention the combos to place Teemo in, his best items, and how to make sure you blow your enemies away with the mushrooms.

Never underestimate the power of the Scout's code.

Teemo is a great pick in the backlines as he shares the yordle and multicasting traits that make him deal tons of damage.

Teemo’s stats, traits, and items are all to be discussed down below to make sure you get the best outcome from placing him on your team.


Best Teemo builds in TFT Set 9

Teemo’s stats:

  • Cost: 2 Gold
  • Health: 500 / 900 / 1620
  • Mana: 50
  • Armor: 20
  • MR: 20
  • Ability Power: 100
  • DPS: 28 / 50 / 91
  • Damage: 40 / 72 / 130
  • Atk Spd: 0.7
  • Crit Rate: 25%
  • Range: 4


Teemo’s traits:

1. Yordle

Your units gain 10% Attack Speed per star level.

If you have 3-star champions, your Yordles can become 4-star, which gives their Ability a wacky upgrade!

  • 3 Your strongest 3-star Yordle
  • 5 Two 3-star Yordles

2. Multicaster

Multicasters cast their Ability multiple times. Bonus casts have 60% reduced effectiveness.

  • 2 1 extra cast
  • 4 2 extra casts

3. Strategist

Combat Start: Allies in the front 2 rows gain a Shield for 15 seconds. Allies in the back 2 rows gain Ability Power.

  • 2 200 shield; 20 Ability Power
  • 3 350 shield; 30 Ability Power
  • 4 500 shield; 45 Ability Power
  • 5 800 shield; 60 Ability Power


Teemo’s ability

 Noxious Trap

Hurl an explosive heat-seeking mushroom at the current target. When it detonates, enemies within 1 hex are Wounded and dealt magic damage over 3 seconds.

4 Star Upgrade: Increase the explosion radius by 1 hex.

  • Wounded: Reduced healing received by 50%
  • Damage: 200% / 300% / 465% / 465%


Carousel priority:

These are the components you would need to focus on since the very first circle in order as you will need them to build up the required items for the team in most of the comps you will find bellow:


Best items for Teemo

1. Blue Buff

Grant 10 bonus starting Mana and 10 bonus Ability Power. Abilities cost 10 less Mana to cast.

If the holder gets at least 1 takedown within 3 seconds of casting, gain 10 Mana.

2. Jeweled Gauntlet

Grant 15 bonus Ability Power and 15% Critical Strike Chance.

Damage from an Ability can critically strike.

3. Hextech Gunblade

Grant 22% Omnivamp, which also heals the lowest percent Health ally.

Omnivamp: heal for some of damage dealt


Best comps for Teemo



  • 4 Slayer
  • 4 Shadow isles
  • 1 Redeemer
  • 3 Yordle
  • 2 Bastion
  • 2 Rogue

Rerolling after you reach 50 gold to get the majority of the champions to 3 stars, this gradual rerolls to level 8 has a tremendous economics.

The primary damage dealer cycles between the level 4 yordle and Gwen, and the composition is heavy on 1-2 cost champions and yordles, necessitating higher levels of champions.

Best team for this comp:

1. Gwen is the primary damage provider in this lineup since she has both the slayer trait, which increases her damage output, and the shadow isles trait, which increases her tankiness.

2. Zed has excellent damage-dealing and assassination skills since he has both the slayer and rogue qualities.

3. Kled is an effective tank in the front lines since he receives two lives—one for himself and the other for Skarl—and he shares the slayer and yrodle traits.

4. Senna will share the shadow isles trait, protecting troops and doing massive damage from beyond the lines.

5. Maokai suffers significant damage while he heals himself and has the shadow isles trait.

6. Viego is an absolute need since he has both the shadow isles and rogue qualities.

7. Poppy is a superb tank on the front lines since she has both Yrodle and Bastion qualities.

8. Teemo, who is positioned on the backlines, will be hurling his mushrooms as yrodles and causing a ton of damage.



  • 5 Yordles
  • 2 Bastion
  • 1 Technogenius
  • 1 Redemption
  • 2 Shadow Isles
  • 2 Gunner

This composition is based on the yordle characteristic, which necessitates a delayed reroll to get everyone to level 3, which is essential.

The best group for this build is:

1. Due to the fact that he has two lives—one for himself and the other for Skarl—and shares the slayer and yrodle traits, Kled makes an excellent tank in the front lines.

2. Maokai has both the bastion and shadow isles traits, and he takes a lot of damage as he heals.

3. Poppy is a superb tank on the front lines since she has both Yrodle and Bastion qualities.

4. Teemo, who is on the backlines, will be causing a ton of damage by tossing his mushrooms as a yrodle.

5. Tristana, who has the attributes of a yordle and a gunner, is the primary damage dealer in the backlines.

6. Senna in the backlines will be an excellent match for the squad, sharing the gunner and redemptive traits that protect the whole group.

7. Heimerdinger will summon his turret, which has the yordle trait and can stun foes and do a ton of damage.



  • 3 Strategist
  • 3 Yrodles
  • 3 Demacia
  • 4 Multicast

This competition is focused on low-cost champions and the sorcery and multicasting qualities.

With a strong economy and a sluggish level 8 reroll, you may ensure that your game is won and that the lower-tier champions reach level 3.

Optimal group for this build:

1. Teemo will serve as the primary damage dealer and share the multicasting and yordle traits, allowing him to hurl two mushrooms as opposed to one.

2. Poppy is a smart choice for the front lines since she exhibits yordle and demacia characteristics.

3. Despite suffering injuries in the battlefield, Kled is the third yordle.

4. The third member of the demacia, Jarvan IV, will startle adversaries.

5. As a multicasting and demacia member, Sona will be causing significant damage from the backlines.

6. Vel'Koz, the third member of the multicasting group, will be able to do some significant damage from the backlines.

7. Taliyah is the fourth multicasting member to double-kick opponents.

8. Swain will suffer significant harm in the front lines.

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