[Top 3] TFT Best Olaf Builds That Are Powerful

Best Olaf Builds in TFT
The worth of a man can be measured by the length of his beard, and the girth of his belt buckle.

Everyone fears death, or at least they hope to die in a peaceful way. Well.. from Olaf’s point of view, that’s how a coward would die.

Olaf knows nothing but fighting.. wondering why? Not because he loves the smell of blood or how he swings his axes, the only thing that he seeks is to die in glorious combat.

This is a full guide on how to swing Olaf’s axes in TFT, which would guarantee you a glorious victory.

Thirsty Axe.

Someone who only lives for the roar of a battle cry or the sound of his axes killing the most powerful warriors. A tough guy who feels alive only when he is fighting the jaws of death.

Olaf, The Berserker, fears nothing but dying peacefully as a coward. He was once told that he would die in a forgettable way, so he decided to go into wars, fighting the strongest warriors only so he could die in a glorious fight.

Best Olaf builds in TFT Season 4 - Stage II

Olaf’s ability


Passive: Olaf seeks glorious death, permanently gaining 4 Attack Damage whenever he dies.

Active: Olaf strikes his target, dealing 35% physical damage and gaining Attack Speed for 6 seconds. If he's below a certain Health, the Attack Speed is doubled.

Attack Speed: 35/45/60%

Olaf’s best items


Passive 1: Physical damage heals for 33% of the damage dealt.

Passive 2: Gains a 30% maximum health shield for 5 seconds if the wearer falls below 40% maximum health.

2-Infinity Edge

Grant 60% bonus Critical Strike Chance and 10% bonus Critical Strike Damage. Each point of Critical Strike Chance above 100% converts to 1% Critical Strike Damage.

3-Rapid Firecannon

Grant 30% bonus attack speed and 1 attack range. Attacks can’t miss.

Best comps for Olaf

3) Warriors rage

This comp is about all warriors fighting by your side while having Guardians to protect them.

This is a slow reroll to level 8 trying to get Sylas, Olaf, and Yone to level 3.

Best team for this build:

1-Olaf, your main damage carry being placed with 4 warriors and his Bruiser brother Sylas would make him a beast.

2-Pantheon counts as an additional Warrior and Whisper.

3-Yone adds to the Warriors trait as well as the Mirage trait.

4-Yasuo is a CC-machine which is counted as an extra Warrior and Mirage.

5-Braum is a great pick as he shares Scalescorn and Guardian traits.

6-Sylas is the second tank in your team while being a Bruiser and activating the Whisper trait.

7-Rakan grants your team additional magic resist as a Mystic and protects your team as a Guardian.

8-Bard activates the Mystic trait and stuns the enemy team.

2) Olaf with the Guardians

This comp focuses on protecting Olaf and Yone, granting them more time to slaughter enemies.

This is a really slow reroll to level 8, trying to get everyone on your board to level 3.

Best team for this build:

1-Olaf being a Scalescorn alongside Braum would deal a lot of damage as well as being a Warrior.

2-Yone activates the Warrior and Mirage traits, which makes him your second main carry.

3-Braum activating the Scalescorn trait and Guardian trait.

4-Zac counts as an additional Guardian, healing himself in the frontline.

5-Leona’s being a Mirage and Guardian champion makes her a really good frontline tank.

6-Rakan is a good pick as he makes it a set of 4 Guardians and 3 Mystics.

7-Seraphine grants Olaf extra damage while healing and shielding the whole team and adding 1 more to the Mystics.

8-Bard making enemy champion receive more damage while being stunned.

1) Scalescorn with a Dragon

The new update was in Scalescorn’s favor as it allowed them to be placed with a Dragon without losing their trait passive.

Placing Sy’fen and Pantheon alongside Olaf’s team would make it one of the strongest teams in TFT.

This is a slow reroll to level 8 trying to get Scalescorn champions to 3 stars.

Best team for this build:

1-Sy’fen the Whisper Dragon is a bruiser, which makes her the best fit for this comp.

2-Olaf is your main carry, sharing Bruiser, Scalescorn, and Bruiser traits.

3-Pantheon counts as an additional Warrior as well as an additional Whisper.

4-Lilia adds to the Scalescorn trait.

5-Braum is a tough tank as a Guardian and grants Scalescorn members extra damage.

6-Rakan as a Guardian, taunting enemies and protecting his team.

7-Diana is an Assassin scalescorn. She has a specific task which is to kill the enemy’s backline in a blink of an eye.


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