[Top 3] TFT Best Senna Builds That Are Powerful

Best Senna Builds in TFT
First rule of being a sentinel

Senna has returned to TFT at a higher cost, but it is well worth it because she has new traits and a new skill as a Sureshot member, as she can hit from a great distance and deal massive damage.

Senna is one of the critical members of the Lasercorps, as well as your main damage dealer if placed in the right team with the right items.

This is a comprehensive guide to putting Senna in the best position to ensure you win your games and finish first. 

So this is the terror that waddles in the night? ...Huh.

Senna is known for two things: the souls and the range, but in TFT she only uses her range to wipe out enemies.

Senna joining a Lasercorps team would be a game changer because she can deal massive amounts of damage with the drones and would be back there killing enemies.

If you are searching for the right items for Senna and how to place her with the best team, you are in the right place, as they will be discussed in detail down below.

Best Senna builds in TFT Set 8

Senna’s stats:

  • Cost: 3 Gold
  • Health: 650 / 1170 / 2106
  • Mana: 70
  • Armor: 25
  • MR: 25
  • DPS: 49 / 88 / 159
  • Damage: 70 / 126 / 227
  • Atk Spd: 0.7
  • Crit Rate: 25%
  • Range: 4

Senna’s traits:


When a LaserCorp agent attacks or is hit by an attack, their combat drone has a 50% chance to deal magic damage to the agent's target (0.5 second cooldown). When a LaserCorps agent dies, their drone is reassigned to the nearest living agent.

Drones lasers deal:

  • 3 60 magic damage.
  • 6 160 magic damage.
  • 9 200 magic damage, and each agent gets a 2nd drone.


Combat start: gain bonus Attack Damage now, and every 4 seconds.

  • 2 +8% Attack Damage
  • 4 +20% Attack Damage

Senna’s ability

 Piercing Darkness

Senna fires a laser beam in the direction of a nearby enemy, dealing % attack damage to all enemies in a line.

Attack Damage: 175/185/190%

Carousel priority:

These are the components you would need to focus on since the very first circle in order as you will need them to build up the required items for the team in most of the comps you will find bellow:

Senna’s best items

1-Last Whisper

Unique: grant 10% bonus Attack damage.

Dealing physical damage from an attack or ability reduces the target armor by 50% for 5 seconds. This effect doesn’t stack.

2-Guinsoo’s Rageblade

Basic Attacks grant 5% bonus attack speed for the rest of the combat. Stacks with no upper limit.

3-Giant Slayer

Grant 15% bonus Attack damage and 15 bonus Ability power. Abilities and attacks deal 30% more damage to enemies with more than 1600 maximum Health

Best comps for Senna



  • 5 Underground
  • 3 Lasercorps
  • 2 Duelist
  • 2 Sureshot
  • 2 Brawler
  • 1 Ace

The Underground characteristic, which grants you access to a lot of loot as the game progresses, is the foundation of this tournament.

This competition is a quick level 8 reroll, with the goal of winning the game by getting everyone with less than 4 gold to 3 stars.

Best group to create this:

1-Samira would cause the most harm to the team because she is a part of Sureshot and Underground.

2-From the back lines, Kayle would deal a lot of damage as a duelist.

3-Zed is a talented duelist and a Lasercorps soldier. He would be quite destructive in this match.

4-Ezreal is an additional Underground member.

5-Sona is an extremely powerful player because she heals your squad and deals a lot of damage. She possesses the Underground feature as well.

6-Senna would make use of the quality Sureshot.

7-Sejuani has a formidable front line as a Lasercorps and Brawler member that can withstand significant damage and stun a sizable number of foes.

8-In addition to activating the Brawler trait, Vi would set the Underground trait to 5.



  • 4 Sureshot
  • 1 Arsenal
  • 2 Civilian
  • 1 Ace
  • 2 Prankester
  • 2 Aegis
  • 2 Mascot

Since most of the equipment in this combo costs more than 3 gold each, you'll need a quick level 8 reroll and a strong economy. However, you should try to raise Galio and Sivir to 3 stars as soon as you can.

The foundation of this combo is their ability, "Sureshot," which lets them do more and more damage over the course of a battle. 

Optimal group for this build:

1-Due to her use of Ace and the Sureshot trait, Samira is primarily in charge of your team's damage output.

2-Aphelios is the secondary damage producer for your team. Since he also possesses Sureshot and is an Arsenal, he is able to select from a number of weapons. He also shares Alistar's Ox Force trait.

3-Alistar plays a crucial role in your front line. because he shares your squad's Ox Force, Aegis, and Mascot.

4-Ekko is a solid summoning dummy and front-line tank.

It is desirable to possess the Aegis and Prankster qualities.

5-Zoe can call out a dummy when her HP is low and, as a magician, she can set her enemies on fire.

6-Senna may cause a lot of damage as a Sureshot member from the security of the backline.

7-Sivir is a valuable asset because she shares your Civil and Sureshot characteristics.

8-Galio becomes a great asset as he activates the team-friendly traits of the mascot and the civilian.



  • 5 Lasercorps
  • 3 Hacker
  • 2 Duelist
  • 2 Brawler
  • 1 Ace

If you want to get an advantage over your competitors at level 8 by hitting three stars on Ashe and Ezreal, having a strong economy is crucial.

With his LaserCorps, he can cause a lot of damage, and his team of four recons can outrun any adversaries in the area with ease.

Optimal group for this build:

1-For LaserCorps and Recon, Ashe is a potent backline damage dealer.

2-Mordekaiser is regarded as one of the strongest champions this season due to his access to the extremely potent LaserCorps and Ace characteristics.

3-Sejuani, who possesses the Brawler and LaserCorps skills as well as the capacity to deal a lot of damage and stun a sizable area, is one of the best frontlines.

4-After using her passive ability and getting the Recon trait, Kai'sa deals a lot of damage.

5-Vayne can skillfully evade attacks as a member of the Recon and deal serious damage to tanks.

6-Renekton possesses both LaserCorps and Brawler characteristics.

7-Using the LaserCorps power, Yasuo may eliminate an entire line of enemies at once.

8-Ezreal may inflict significant damage from the defensive side of the field while serving as a recon.

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