[Top 10] TFT Best Double Up Combos That Are Powerful

Best double up comps in TFT Set 8.5
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TFT is known for its solo effort; if you win, you win alone, and if you lose, you are alone, but Riot decided to take it to another level and add the 2v2v2v2 feature, which is called Double Up mode, where you can play with a friend against three other squads.

You need to build the right combos either to hold and sustain fights so that you can wait for your friend to support you or a damage team where you can end your battles faster and go join your partner for a win.

In this article, we will discuss the 10 best double up combos that will take your game to another level and get you and your friend a victory.

Double up with your friends to play on the same team!



  • 5 Lasercorps
  • 4 Brawler
  • 2 Defender
  • 2 A.D.M.I.N.
  • 1 Ace

This is one of the best ways to move up in ranks, and Warwick is the key carry in it.

If you need more magic resist than armor, you can swap Riven and Garen for Vi and Alistar on the Aegis.

This comp's best team:

1. Warwick does most of the damage because he has a lot of health and shares the Brawler trait. The A.D.M.I.N. trait gives him an extra effect, and the Lasercorps trait lets him do a lot of damage.

2. Garen is a very strong frontline character because he also has the Defender trait, and his stun gives you a big advantage.

3. Riven is a great choice for the front line because she is both a Brawler and a Defender, and she can do a lot of damage.

4. Blitzcrank is an important pick because he has both the A.D.M.I.N. and Brawler traits, which give Warwick huge score boosts.

5. Ashe can do a lot of damage from behind the front lines, and she also has the Lasercorps trait.

6. Yasuo can knock foes down, and he also has the Lasercorps trait.

7. Renekton is a must-pick because he has traits from both Brawler and Lasercorps.

8. Mordekaiser does a lot of damage and fits well in this comp because he is part of the Lasercorps and has the Ace trait, which lets him kill enemies.




  • 6 Star Guardian
  • 2 Defender
  • 2 Spellslinger
  • 2 Quickdraw
  • 1 Ace

With a particularly good economy, this quick level 8 reroll costs just 4 gold for the majority of the combo.

The characteristics of Star Guardian and Quickdraw are crucial to this combination.

Top team in this comp:

1. Because she possesses both the Star Guardian and Quickdraw qualities, Kai'Sa will be your primary damage dealer.

2. Miss Fortune has the Ace and Quickdraw traits, which give her a tonne of extra damage, thus she will deliver a tremendous amount of damage from the rear lines.

3. Neeko, who possesses the crucial attributes of Spellslinger and Star Guardian, is a tremendous generator of damage in the backline with her springy frog.

4. Because Lux possesses both the Spellslinger and Star Guardian characteristics, she is a necessity in this competition.

5. Because she possesses both the Star Guardian and Defender characteristics, which let her take a lot of damage, Rell makes a superb frontline.

6. Nilah will enhance the Star Guardian quality.

7. Due to his ability to shield himself, taunt opponents, and share the Star Guardian feature, Ekko will take a lot of damage when fighting on the front lines.

8. With his powerful stun and Defender attribute, Garen makes a great frontline.




4 Ox Force

4 Riftwalker

3 Renegade

2 Aegis

2 Mascot

This is a quick level 8 reroll with a strong economy above 50 gold to ensure that you level up your champions as quickly as possible.

Jhin is the primary damage dealer in this combo, and Zac is positioned above him to activate the Renegade trait.

Top team in this comp:

1. As a Riftwalker, Jhin will be your primary damage dealer, summoning Zac to use the Renegade trait on his behalf.

2. Viego, who possesses both the Ox Force and the Renegade traits, will serve as your second damage dealer.

3. Vex, who possesses both Mascot and Riftwalker qualities, will be able to do some decent damage from the backlines.

4. The third Riftwalker, Pyke, will summon Zac and use his skill to stun foes, giving you a significant advantage.

5. Alistar is a fantastic option because he possesses the Aegis trait, which will increase the team's magic resistance, the Mascot trait, which will heal the squad, and the Ox Force trait.

6. Annie would come into possession of the Ox Force trait.

7. Fiora is the fourth member of the Ox Force.

8. In order to increase the team's magic resistance, Ekko and Alistar would activate the Aegis trait.




  • 4 Spellslinger
  • 4 Ox Force
  • 1 Forecaster
  • 2 Star Guardian
  • 2 Duelist
  • 2 Aegis

It is quite expensive to level up most champions to at least 2 stars, costing 12 gold. excellent method for level 8 rerolling.

The winning team in this comp:

1. Duelist and spellslinger Twisted Fate will mostly use his cards to inflict damage on you.

2. With her jumping frog, Neeko, who possesses the traits of a Star Guardian and a spellslinger, will be your second major damage dealer.

3. Viego will be a strong combatant because they both share the Ox Force characteristic.

4. Annie is your main tank thanks to her strong shield, Spellslinger, and Ox Force abilities.

5. With his large shield, taunts, the Aegis trait, which increases your team's magic resistance, and the Star Guardian trait, which gives him additional mana during combat, Ekko serves as your secondary primary tank.

6. Alistar is a good candidate for the front lines because he possesses both the Ox Force and the Aegis attributes.

7. Fiora, a new source of Ox Force, will be the second Duelist.

8. Janna, your fourth Spellslinger, is a forecaster who offers the team a different bonus each time they compete.




  • 4 Riftwalker
  • 2 Defender
  • 4 Mascot

This is a quick level 8 reroll with a strong economy above 50 gold to ensure that you level up your champions as quickly as possible.

In order to trigger the Mascot trait, Zac is positioned above Vex to do more damage.

Top team in this comp:

1. Vex will serve as your primary damage dealer in the background, activating the Riftwalker trait and the Mascot trait simultaneously while summoning Zac to increase the Mascot trait.

2. Jhin, the second Riftwalker, will also be doing some nice damage from the backlines.

3. The third Riftwalker is Pyke.

4. The third Mascot member will be Alistar.

5. Nunu can add to the Mascot trait and roll his ball for some serious damage.

6. Garen is a massive frontline Defender with high damage tolerance and the ability to stun the most adversaries at once.

7. Shen, the team's second defender, will defend them, especially the player who caused the greatest harm.




  • 7 InfiniTeam
  • 3 Sureshot
  • 2 Defender
  • 1 Ace

This is a quick level 8 reroll with an excellent economics while attempting to level up your 1-3 gold champions, who will be of tremendous benefit to your squad.

Top team in this comp:

1. Pantheon shares the Heart trait with Lee Sin and the InfiniTeam trait with his buddies Shen and Lucian, which enables him to inflict more damage.

2. Shen would also share the Defender trait with Garen and the InfiniTeam trait with Lucian and Pantheon, enabling them to have duplicate portals.

3. Lucian is added to the InfiniTeam as another member.

4. Because she possesses both the Sureshot and Ace traits, Samira would be the primary damage dealer.

5. Because he shares the InfiniTeam and Sureshot traits with Samira, Ultimate Ezreal is an extremely powerful and pricey option.

6. Due to his InfiniTeam feature, Twisted Fate is a major generator of damage and can inflict a lot of damage with his cards.

7. With his Defender attribute, Garen makes a powerful frontline.

8. Sivir is an essential choice for your combo because she is the third member of Sureshot and the seventh member of InfiniTeam.




  • 8 Duelist
  • 2 Ox Force
  • 2 Spellslinger

This is a gradual level 8 reroll with a strong economy that makes sure to get all the inexpensive champions to 3 stars so you may always be in the lead.

To get the most out of the combo, you must obtain a Duelist emblem for Annie to complete the set of 8 Duelist.

Best team in this comp:

1. Due to the Duelist trait being enabled, Vayne deals the majority of the damage, making her a true beast in terms of damage.

2. Nilah is the front line's primary tank. She would increase the Duelist if you stacked three iron solari lockets on top of each other.

3. Because Fiora possesses both the ox force and duelist qualities, she can assist on the front lines.

4. Kayle will be a Dueslist trait addition and a solid backline damage dealer.

5. Like other champions with comparable qualities, Gangplank has strong Duelist ability.

6. Twisted Fate is one of the strongest options for this combination as a duelist and spellcaster, and he will be your primary damage dealer.

7. Yasuo is a top duelist because he deals a lot of damage, shields himself, and knocks his opponents to the ground.

8. Given that she shares the Ox Force trait with Fiora and the Spellslinger trait with Twisted Fate, Annie should wear the Duelist emblem.




  • 7 Threats
  • 1 Ace

This is a quick level 8 reroll with excellent economy. Try to level up while saving every gold so you can buy this comp at level 8 or 9, as they all cost a pricey 4-5 gold each.

Top team in this comp:

1. Rammus is a tank who can knock up an entire circle of enemies using his passive, decreasing their attack damage. He is an extremely effective member of the Threat trait as a result.

2. Mordekaiser is regarded as one of the most potent champions of the season due to his availability to the extremely potent LaserCorps and Ace characteristics.

3. Morgana is a wise choice for the team because she will give them a lot of crowd control and do high damage.

4. Aatrox is another danger character who has a high damage output and high damage resistance.

5. Because he can knock adversaries to the ground and stun them while dealing significant damage, Urgot is the best threat member in terms of balancing damage and crowd management.

6. Given that his meteors have the ability to burn opponents, Aurelion Sol might be the main source of injury.

7. Bel'Veth is an extremely powerful and quick source of damage because she constantly circles her opponent, dealing a boatload of physical damage and quickening her attack speed.

8. In late-game encounters, the corrupted threat member Fiddlesticks may do a tonne of damage.




  • 5 Gadgeteen
  • 2 Prankster
  • 2 Defender
  • 2 Aegis
  • 2 Ox Force
  • 2 Mascot

This is a very labor-intensive level 8 reroll with a strong economy that aims to level up everyone with less than 4 gold, especially Gnar, who would be the main damage producer in this combination.

Top team in this comp:

1. Gnar would have the trickster trait, which allows him to summon a dummy, and the gadgeteen trait, which would allow him to create temporary objects each round. He would also do a lot of damage and suffer a lot more damage.

2. Poppy is the fourth member of the Gadgeteen, which would also make for a wonderful frontline.

3. Nunu, the fifth Gadgeteen member, will provide you with two more empowered items and do a ton of damage to the opposition.

4. Lulu would be the third member of the Gadgeteen, giving you a temporary bonus item every round.

5. Ekko has a significant impact on your squad because he possesses both the Aegis and Star Guardian characteristics.

6. Due to her high damage output and HUGE shield, Annie is one of the finest spellslinger front lines.

7. Alistar is a huge asset to your team because she possesses qualities from both Ox Force and Aegis.

8. Garen has the Defender trait, which allows him to stack more armor, making him a great frontline.




  • 4 A.D.M.I.N.
  • 3 Hacker
  • 2 Brawler
  • 2 Spellslinger

LeBlanc will need a sluggish level 8 reroll with a solid economy in order to reach three stars, but if you can get the other players there as well, this team will perform at its best.

Leblanc serves as the team's Hacker, A.D.M.I.N., and Spellslinger.

Top team in this comp:

1. LeBlanc, who is standing in for Hecarim and has three active attributes, is the main aggressor.

2. Shen is the second hacker, and Riven can be placed for the Defender trait to be active.

3. Camille has good damage output and contributes to the A.D.M.I.N trait.

4. Blitzcrank will activate the Brawler and A.D.M.I.N. characteristics simultaneously.

5. Sona is a wonderful option because she can heal her teammates, deal great damage in the background, and enable Leblanc's Spellslinger trait.

6. Warwick shares the Brawler and A.D.M.I.N qualities with his comp, making him an excellent generator of damage.

7. Pyke, the third member of the Hacker group, is a superb CC champion because of his powerful stun.

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