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The TFT new season set 8 came out, which means new champions and traits and a new play style such as augments, which is newly introduced to TFT, but the most exciting part is that there is a new pass, which means new missions that would be giving away new rewards.

Free and Premium rewards will be given to players as they progress and finish more missions, and if you are not sure whether you will be able to finish it or not, you can play until you do, then you can buy it and get the same rewards everyone else is getting so you won’t be missing anything.

In this article, we will be discussing everything about TFT Monster Attack Pass+, including how much it costs, why you should buy it, missions, and rewards.

Monster Attack! Pass

You can earn many rewards such as the little legends and emotes just for spending time playing the game, but if you want to unlock premium cosmetic content such as the threat themed arenas, epic little legends, or even star shards so that you can use them to level up your little legends, you can get all of these by unlocking the Pass+.

Monster Attack Pass+ can be acquired for only 1295 RP, which is a reasonable price for all the rewards that you would receive. And as always, you don’t have to buy it right away. You can finish the pass progress first, then buy it, and you will get everything from the Pass+.

Arenas of Monster Attack Pass+

And just like every pass, the Monster Attack pass will have an arena that shows that you have completed the pass successfully, which has the threat champions and trait vibe as it is the unique one-of-a-kind trait.

And, as with every other TFT pass, you will receive a new little legend for unlocking the new premium pass, Super Squad Sprite, which is one-of-a-kind and reflects the spirit of the new set, Monster Attack.

Missions and rewards of Monsters Attack! pass+

As mentioned, TFT Monster Attack Pass+ is all about completing missions and playing more so that you can earn all of the rewards. And the pass’s missions revolve around the new champions' traits and skills.

Those missions are easy to make, and you won’t have much difficulty passing the whole pass.

Missions starts with reaching 100 fames with Anima Squad in three different games, fielding four Ace members, activating six traits and eight traits, placing six Ox forces, and fielding nine units, and the missions go on.

The rewards are a combination of 4 arenas themed by the Threat theme, 3 different booms that get to 3-stars as you progress, little legend eggs (Grizzle egg, Whisker egg), a couple of emotes, and a lot of star shards so that you can level up your favorite tacticians.

TFT Monster Attack expiry date

TFT Monsters Attack! Is set to expire on March 21, 2023, then players should get ready for the new TFT set 8.5, which would have new champions, passes, and traits.

Booms of Monster Attack Pass+

Booms are one of the most impressive things in every set, where you cast it once you win the battle to deal damage to your opponent.

And as booms change every season, this time you will be unlocking heroic booms such as Justice Beam, Love Beam, and Rocket Punch, where you can level them up by progressing more in the Pass+ page. The more you level up, the more you unlock higher tiers of booms.

Everything goes on..

One of the mythic arenas that you can find in this season is the "Everything Goes On" arena, which you can get by purchasing the "Everything Goes Here" bag with a drop rate of 2%, which is pretty rare and expensive as it costs 390 RP per bag. The good news is that Riot has made a pity mechanic for this bag, as you will surely be unlocking it on or before the 61st bag.

Everything goes on arena is a very rare one as it comes with dynamic board elements, ceremonies when you win the battle, a huge transition that completely changes the arena theme as you play, and most importantly, you will have the Porter Robinson song playing in the background.

Overall, it's difficult to obtain this arena due to the high cost, but it's well worth the effort. 

Grizzle and Whisker

Whisker might be the cutest or scariest cat you will ever see in TFT. And as every other cat, it needs food, love, and to conquer the world. It’s one of those tactician skins that you can get.

Whisker and their variants are available in TFT’s shop for 750 RP for the rare ones and 925 RP for the epic ones, and their variants are: Whisker, the basic one; Super Squad Whisker; Dark Star Whisker, the legendary one; but you can also get them by opening Little Legends eggs at a random rate.

Just like the Whisker, who loves food, Grizzle is another little legend who loves food to avoid his rage; he might look cute, but he can destroy whole cities.

Grizzle, just like Whisker, can be directly purchased from TFT’s shop with the same prices, where the rare ones cost 750 RP and the epic ones cost 925 RP, and it even has some similar names such as the Basic Grizzle, Super Squad Grizzle, and Dark Star Grizzle.

Baron is in TFT Now

For the first time, the Baron accepted to come and be a part of the TFT world, as Varus didn’t want to join in. But he insisted on being a unique tactician unlike others, so he is neither a chibi champion nor a little legend, but he is the super unique Baron, who comes at 3 stars and doesn’t need a star shard to be levelled up.

The good part about the Baron is that he has the same visual effects that any 3-star tactician has, so you don’t have to worry about levelling him up.

Each Baron variant can be purchased directly for 2500 RP from TFT’s shop, which could be pretty expensive, but keep in mind that he is worth it as he is the unique Baron.

New Monster Attack Chibis!

And as every new season comes, new Chibis come along with it, and Monster Attack brings some new Chibis to the existing ones, and this time it’s Chibi Lux to eliminate your opponents in style with a high-powered laser beam.

Chibis are most likely to be the most expensive tacticians in the shop, not to mention the Baron, of course. You can directly purchase Chibi Lux from TFT’s shop for only 1900 RP, but it’s worth it as it comes with her unique boom called Final Spark, which can be equipped to other tacticians.

If you are feeling lucky enough, you can always buy Lux’s Radiant Chalice, which has a rare drop of 2% to get Chibi Star Guardian Lux, and each would only cost you 390RP. As and as other boxes, it has a pity drop rate system that makes sure you get Chibi Star Guardian Lux on or before the 61st box, just like the

 Everything Goes On Arena as mentioned before.

Bundles that are available in Monsters Attack

As part of Riot’s efforts to make purchasing easier for players, they offer bundles where you can buy multiple things with one click.

Bundles offer tons of TFT’s tacticians, Chibi's, and the pass itself. They can be pretty costly for you, but they would surely grant you tons of gifts and save you a lot of time.

The bundles that are available in Monsters Attack set 8 are the Chalice of the First Star Bundle, which contains TFT Monsters Attack! Pass+ itself and Chibi Lux; moreover, it grants you 31 Lux’s Radiant Chalices, where you can get tons of new tacticians and higher stars for each; and this bundle would cost you 13245 RP, which is worth it.

Also, there is the Everything Goes on Bundle, which includes TFT Monsters Attack! Pass+ and 27 Everything Goes In Here Bags are where you might get the Everything Goes On arena, which was described previously, and this bundle would cost you 11825 RP.

Batch of Barons is the unique Baron bundle that grants you the base Baron and all its variants, as well as the very unique Smite back Boom, which can’t be purchased directly and can only be owned by purchasing this bundle, which costs 10000 RP.

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