Destiny 2: How To Bake Cookies

Destiny 2 character that helps show how to bake cookies
Baking cookies in Destiny 2 is just as fun as in real life- and probably more rewarding

How to find Eva's Holiday Oven and How It Works (by Ordinary Sense)

Wanna bake some cool cookies for a bunch of Destiny 2 characters?

From December to January, Destiny 2 hosts The Dawning event, a winter-themed festival where players can earn XP through various activities, the most important being baking cookies for various characters. 

Most players complete this activity in order to capitalize on its double XP bonus toward your Season Pass. It’s also a great way to earn Bright Dust and earn a seasonal Legendary weapon. 

So, if you want to make the most of the next Dawning event, here’s how to bake cookies: 

How to Bake Cookies in Destiny 2

  • First, collect as much of these three items as possible:
    • Essence of Dawning — You can earn this in Gambit, Crucible, or Strike playlists. 
    • Glimmer —  The vendor for the event, Eva Levante, provides bounties that are vital to this task, so make sure you have enough glimmer to pay for as many as possible. 
    • Cooking Ingredients — Earn these by killing various enemy types using different methods. The best way to do this efficiently is by playing Strike playlists or Gambit. 
  • Talk to  Eva Levante at the Tower. 
  • Take the bounties she provides. 
  • Go to your Director, then to your Quests section. 
  • Select “Eva’s Holiday Oven”.
  • In the following menu, mix and match different ingredients to discover new cookie recipes. 
  • Cook the recipes that correspond to your bounties.
  • Deliver the baked cookies to characters and complete your Dawning bounties.

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