Phasmophobia: How To Beat The Level

If you have just purchased Phasmophobia or struggle to really understand how to play, then you’re in luck. I'll be demonstrating how to pass the level and advance farther in the game. Being a ghost investigator and figuring out what you're up against is relatively straightforward. 

There are so many tricks and tips on how to play this game more easily and how to progress to higher levels. 

The following steps will ensure that you are successful in the contract you have chosen.

Step 1: Don’t Forget Your Equipment 

This one is quite standard; don't forget to get your equipment since you'll need it in order to become a ghost hunter. Always make sure to get items that will aid in preventing ghost hunting before starting your contract.

Equipment that will help prevent a hunt:

  • Crucifix
  • Candle
  • Smudge stick
  • Salt
  • Sanity pills

Step 2: Where To Hide 

It's essential to explore the map and choose the best hiding places for you. The ghost will have a tougher time locating you and a better chance of surviving if you can find a hiding place.

Where to look for:

  • Some closets
  • Some lockers 
  • Fallen bookshelves
  • Behind furniture 

Using hiding places is an excellent strategy to ensure that you will acquire experience and level up because you will receive more points than if you were to perish. 

When hiding, use caution by turning off your torch and being silent, because ghosts can hear and see you.

Step 3: Taking Photos

Always take photos of specific items to get money and experience; doing so will help you level up more quickly. Phasmophobia is all about playing detective to discover what the ghost is up to in the room. Having said that, you need a camera to gather evidence in order to be a successful investigator.

Main things to take photos of:

  • Cursed objects
  • The bone
  • Fingerprints
  • Footprints
  • Ghost writing
  • Dead bodies
  • Ghost activity 

Step 4: Working Together As A team

When playing phasmophobia with friends or strangers, pay attention to what others have to say and work as a team. Let's face it, if you don't try to work things out together and communicate, you won't actually be able to finish the contract.

Use your journal to record the evidence as well so that neither you nor your teammate forgets what you have already found.

Step 5: Try Not To Die

The easiest way to beat the contract level is to avoid dying. There are several strategies and techniques you can use to avoid dying throughout the game. The contract expires and you lose if you, your teammates, or anyone else dies.

What are the best ways to not die?

  • Having the right equipment
  • Working together as a team
  • Keeping that sanity high
  • Not triggering the cursed objects 
  • Finding the right hiding spots

Finding the ghost you're up against and escaping unscathed will not only earn you some cash, but by the completion of the job, it will also raise your level overall. Have fun playing!

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