Destiny 2: How To Bake Holiday Gift

Destiny 2 players going to learn how to bake holiday gifts
Time to Bake Gifts... somehow, in Destiny 2


Use Eva's Holiday Oven to Bake a Gift (by WoW Quests)

Wanna bake (not that way) in Destiny 2? The Dawning is the time to do it. 

The Dawning holiday event occurs every year from December to January in Destiny 2. It involves a number of fun winter-themed changes to the game, including a questline to bake holiday gifts for various characters in the game like Ikora Rey, Zavala, Master Rahool, and more. 

This quest also rewards players in several ways, including double XP which they can take advantage of to quickly progress in their Season Pass, special gifts in return for their generosity, and even special items specific to the Event. 

To jump-start your Guardian for the next Dawning event, here’s how to bake holiday gifts:

How to Bake Holiday Gift in Destiny 2

  • Go to your Director
  • Go to your Quests. 
  • Select “Eva’s Holiday Oven”.
  • In the following menu, use the different ingredients you’ve collected to create a variety of cookie recipes. 
  • Cook recipes for the bounties you have from Eva. 
  • Deliver the cookies to the characters as instructed in the bounties. 

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