The 25 Best Battlefield V Settings To Frag Like a Pro

bf5 25 best settings
I hear not having a metal plate and a giant menu directly in your face does wonders for vision.

If you've ever wondered what settings sweaty tryhards use then look no further.

Often you'll find that your opponents always seem one step ahead of you. They always catch you when trying to flank, they always seem to snap their sights onto you instantly, or maybe they always seem to know right where you're hiding despite taking extreme measures to pick the perfect hiding spot. While many of these cases may look like hacks, most of the time, they're simply just opponents with their game settings tuned to give them as much of an advantage as possible. By reading our guide below, you too will know just what to tweak to maintain a competitive edge over opponents and stand tall on the scoreboard.

25. Hint System

The Hint System is Redundant:

Chances are that you've been playing Battlefield 5 long enough to know what most things are in-game. Having a system meant for new players constantly flashing tooltips that you've read a million times is just annoying and a distraction. It doesn't do that much to hamper your abilities, but the less screen-clutter, the better.

Disable the Hint System:

Put simply, the only things on your HUD should be what is directly relevant and necessary to the current situation. You don't need hints for stuff you already know.

How to Disable the Hint System

● Open the Options Menus and select 'Gameplay' 
● Under the 'Advanced' tab, navigate to 'Hint System' and set the value to 'Hide.'

24. Auto Leaning/​Peek Over

Peeking When You Don't Mean To:

Often times you'll want to peek slowly out of cover to stay cautious but will accidentally be too close to a piece of cover, and you'll expose yourself much faster than you meant to. This might interfere with your aim and might get you killed
Turn Off Auto Lean/Peek:

Peeking corners and over cover manually is just as viable than the automatic options, and it offers much more control than having the engine do it for you. With this setting, you won't have those accidents that can totally blow your plan of attack.

How to Change Auto Lean/Peek Settings

● Open the Options Menu and select 'Gameplay.'
● Under the 'Advanced' tab navigate to 'Soldier Auto Leaning' and set it to 'Off.'
● Then navigate to 'Soldier Auto Peek Over' and set to 'Off.'

23. Double Tap Forward to Sprint

Unnecessary Keybinding:

This setting isn't as critical as others on this list but still merits placement. Using Left Shift as the sprint button isn't life-ending, but it also isn't optimal. It's much more convenient to just tap twice on your forward keybinding (default: 'W') since your fingers are always there anyway.

Use Double Tap to Sprint Instead of Shift:

Double Tapping is so much intuitive than using your pinky to press shift. Instead of having to stretch your finger out, you already on the sprint key always. You already usually move by pressing forward once, adding another tap to sprint just seems natural

How to Enable Double Tap Forward to Spring

● Open the Options Menu and select 'Controls.'
● Under the 'Basic' tab, navigate down to 'Soldier.'
● Under that, scroll down to 'Double Tap Forward to Sprint' and set the value to 'On.'

22. Awards

Award Flashes Get in the Way:

Getting promoted and winning awards feels nice, but the fanfare is a little much sometimes and shouldn't be center screen when you have bullets whizzing inches past your face. You might down a target only have a big banner and number pop-up in your vision, obstructing an enemy from your view.

Turn Off Awards:

You'll know how much progress you made after the match has ended, there's no need for it to be shoved into your face mid-firefight. Turning off awards doesn't mean you don't earn them.

How to Disable Awards

● Open the Options Menu and select 'Gameplay.'
● Under the 'Basic' tab, navigate down to 'Awards' and set the value to 'Hide.'

21. ADS Depth of Field Effects

Blurry Vision When Aiming Down Sights:

ADS Depth of Field Effects simulates closing one eye to aim-down-sights - making parts of your weapon blurry if using iron sights and blurring everything outside of a scope. This can be a jarring distraction and can hamper your situational awareness if your screen starts to blur except in a small, specific spot.

Turn Off the ADS Depth of Field Effects:

By turning these effects off your vision while aiming will be the exact same as if you weren't, minus the zoom. This way, you can stay in ADS and not be distracted by how different things appear from each other.

How to Disable ADS Depth of Field Effects

● Open the Options Menu and select 'Video.'
● Under the 'Basic' tab, navigate down to 'ADS DOF Effects' and set it to 'Off.'

20. High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Brights Too Bright, Shadows Too Dark:

High Dynamic Range increases the contrast between lights and darks, exaggerating them to create 'depth' in images. In Battlefield 5, this often translates into doorways and entrances to buildings being pitch-black while the light outside is blinding, leaving you incredibly vulnerable.

Turn High Dynamic Range Off:

This will keep shadows and light consistent with your brightness settings and which means no more stumbling blindly into a dark room only to get annihilated by someone you couldn't see right in front of you.

How to Disable High Dynamic Range (HDR)

● Open the Options Menu and select 'Video.'
● Under the 'Advanced' tab navigate to 'Performance Settings'
● Navigate down to 'High Dynamic Range' and set it to 'Off.'

19. Game Volume Reduction

In-Game Volume Reduced for VOIP:

By default, Battlefield will lower in-game volume anytime one of your squad-mates speaks. While making it easier to hear your teammates, the game sacrifices situational awareness. That slight drop in volume could conceal enemy footsteps, voices, vehicle noises, etc.

Turn Off In-Game Volume Reduction:

You can hear your teammates just fine without this setting. Even if there is some mild interference, it won't be near enough to drown them out anyway. You can't help your team if you're dead, and you can't stay alive if you can't hear what's going on around you.

How to Disable In-Game Volume Reduction

● Open the Options Menu and select 'Audio.'
● Navigate down to 'VOIP'
● Navigate down to 'Game Volume Reduction' and set the value to 'Off.'

18. Music Volume

Music Overshadowing Gameplay:

The Battlefield franchise has always had fantastic music to score the carnage - the audio design rivals the beautiful visuals. However, a brilliant soundtrack is way down on the list of priorities when it comes to performing at your very best level. The music can swell at worst moments when you need your hearing just as much as sight to maintain situational awareness.

Kill the Music:

Turning the music off is a necessary evil, but a worthy sacrifice. Listening for footsteps will keep you alive longer than listening to beautiful composition.

How to Disable Music Volume

● Open the Options Menu and select 'Audio.'
● Navigate down to 'Music Volume' and set the value to '0.'

17. Future Frame Rendering

Input Lag:

By devoting CPU memory to buffer future frames, your game will respond slower to your mouse input. Anyone who has experienced input lag can tell you just how game-breaking a few milliseconds can be. Not being in-sync with your mouse will severely handicap you and make your character feel 'sluggish.'

Future Frame Rendering:

You will have to sacrifice some visual smoothness, but it's critical to streamline your mouse input. With that done, your mouse movements will translate much more accurately, giving you a much more comfortable experience.

How to Disable Future Frame Rendering

● Open the Options Menu and select 'Video.'
● Under the 'Advanced' tab, navigate down to 'Future Frame Rendering' and set the value to 'Off.'

16. Framerate Limiter

Poor Balance Between Frames-per-Second and Performance:

Having a high FPS makes the game look and feel smooth only if your hardware can handle it. Increasing the Framerate Limiter net, you several more FPS but at the cost of stuttering and chugging when a lot is happening on screen. Conversely, having it too low might be an unnecessary handicap you're inflicting on yourself - sacrificing FPS when there is no need.

Tune the Framerate Limiter to Your Hardware:

By tuning the settings just right, you'll squeeze the most under-the-hood performance you can while maintaining as high and FPS count as possible - optimizing the software to your PC's specific capabilities.

How to Change the Framerate Limiter

● Consult your monitor's refresh-rate through Windows by navigating to Settings> Display> Advanced display settings> Display information.
● Then, open the Options Menu in Battlefield 5 and select 'Video.'
● Under the 'Advanced' tab navigate to 'Framerate Limiter' and set it to 'Monitor Refresh Rate.'
● Note: Only increase to higher values if you're confident in your PC's raw specs.

15. Motion Blur

Blurry Vision When Turning:

Motion Blur makes it so every time you turn the background will be 'smudged' - kind of like when you spin around really fast, and everything around you has a 'trail.' This can be a really annoying distraction by potentially concealing enemies and possibly giving you motion sickness.

Turn Off Motion Blur:

By turning Blur off, everything will look much cleaner and smoother than if it was on. It doesn't do much but try to make the game look more like a movie - which isn't really a bad thing unless you want to perform as best as possible; the buff to FPS after turning it off doesn't hurt either.

How to Disable Motion Blur

● Open the Options Menu and select 'Video.'
● Under the 'Basic' tab, navigate down to 'Motion Blur' and set the value to '0'.

14. Minimap Size

Mini Map is Too Small:

The HUD is critical to all gameplay, but some elements are more vital than others, chiefly the minimap. If it's too small, then you'll give too much attention to information that should be clearly visible without having to stop focusing on what's in front of you.

Increase the Minimap Size:

With only a slight increase, the minimap will be much more visible, and you can focus on it and the gameplay without having to divide your attention.

How to Increase Minimap Size

● Open the Options Menu and select 'Gameplay.'
● Under the 'Basic' tab, navigate down to 'Minimap.'
● Under that, navigate down to 'Minimap Size' and set it to 125%

13. Kill Log

Reduced Situational Awareness:

You're in a firefight, and you here soldiers getting killed around you, but in the chaos of it all, it's difficult to tell what exactly is happening (if the Kill Log is off). Conversely, the Kill Log is on and set to 'All,' which displays all players killed on the entire map - potentially clogging your HUD with irrelevant information.

Set Kill Log to 'Nearby':

By setting the Kill Log to 'Nearby,' you will only be displayed kills that are close to you; your Kill Log has now become a sort of non-visual radar. You'll know if and how a friendly dies nearby without even having a look, giving you precious time to set up a defense or start a counterattack.

How to Enable the Kill Log

● Open the Options Menu and select 'Gameplay.'
● Navigate down to 'Kill Log' and set it to 'Show.'
● Navigate down to 'Kill Log Filter' and set it to 'Nearby.'
● Navigate down to 'Kill Log Weapon' and set it to 'Icon and Name'

12. Cinematic Effects

Cinematic Effects Obstructing Vision:

Battlefield V is a beautiful game, but at the same time, it's a competitive one. Sometimes you don't need your game to be 'pretty'; you just need it to perform. In the end, all these effects just get in the way, distorting your vision and eating up valuable resources that could be put towards a higher framerate.

Turn Off Cinematic Effects:

By turning off these unnecessary settings, you will notice how much cleaner everything will look while playing. What this will leave you with is pure gameplay, unhampered by visual clutter. You might also see a higher FPS count.

How to Disable Cinematic Effects

● Open the Options Menu and select 'Video.'
● Under the 'Basic' tab disable these settings:
● ADS FOV Effects
● Chromatic Aberration
● Film Grain
● Vignette
● Lens Distortion

11. Mesh Quality

Distant Enemies:

Imagine posting up behind some cover, and you peek over to scan the horizon. Everything looks clear, and you sprint to your next piece of cover only to get sniped the instant you're exposed - as you lay dying, the silhouette of a soldier appears far into the distance directly in the open, and you wonder how you missed him.

Increase Mesh Quality:

By increasing the Mesh Quality increase the draw-distance for enemies, which means that the engine will render enemies at longer distances and won't suddenly 'pop-in' once they get within a specific range.

How to Raise Mesh Quality

● Open the Options Menu and select 'Video.'
● Select the 'Advanced' tab, navigate down to 'Quality Settings', and set the Mesh Quality to 'Ultra.'

10. Brightness

Enemies in Dark Corners:

Say you're storming a building; you gain entry and do a quick sweep, making sure to check every corner. You don't see anyone yet, so you start to head back, but then you immediately drop dead, the kill-cam highlighting a figure with a shotgun stuffed into a dark recess - right where your gaze was.

Raise the Brightness:

By raising the brightness, you'll be able to see perfectly in just about any light, plus enemies trying to hide out of sight stick out and lose their element of surprise.

How to Raise the Brightness

● Open the Options Menu and select 'Video,' and make sure you're under the 'Basic' tab.
● Navigate down to 'Brightness' and drag the bar to 100%

9. Undergrowth Quality

Enemies Hiding in Bushes/Foliage:

Often you'll have no idea where your enemy is while he has a clear bead on you. Despite your best efforts to scan the terrain, all you see is an empty tree line or tall grass, leading to a false sense of security and certain death. Despite being too thick for you to make anything out, your opponent has little-to-nothing obstructing his vision.

Lower the Undergrowth Quality:

By doing so, you will not only dampen the thickness of plant matter, but you will also lower the amount rendered. So, while on your enemy's screen, he might feel as though he is concealed, on yours he sticks out like a sore, motionless, defenseless thumb.

How to Lower Undergrowth Quality

● Open the Options Menu and select 'Video.'
● Under the 'Advanced' tab, navigate down to 'Quality Settings."
● Navigate down to 'Undergrowth Quality' and set the value to 'Low.'

8. Quality Settings

Low Performance:

While Battlefield is a shining example of just how far video games have come as technology, it still demands quite a bit from their machines. By keeping Quality Settings high, you will sacrifice performance for visual fidelity - an unworthy trade, especially if it gets you killed because your rig couldn't keep up.

Reduce Quality Settings:

The game won't be as jaw-dropping, but that doesn't matter. Now you have much more CPU memory dedicated to ensuring the smoothest, raw performance - ridding you of any stutters and FPS sucking distractions.

How to Reduce Quality Settings

● Open the Options Menu and select 'Video.'
● Under the 'Advanced' tab, navigate to the 'Quality Settings' sub-menu and set the following to 'Low':
● Texture Quality
● Texture Filtering
● Lighting Quality
● Effects Quality
● Post Process Quality

7. Fullscreen Mode/Resolution

A Small Screen and Blurry Image:

By playing at a low-resolution, soldiers, tanks, the environment, everything will appear 'pixely' and undefined. Shapes will blend into each other, and you'll really have to squint the differentiate soldiers from the background. This visual muddying will only lead you blindly to your death.

Set the Highest Resolution Possible for Your Machine:

Having a high-resolution will keep edges sharp and objects clearly distinct from each other. A crystal-clear picture is critical to stay aware of what is distant and what is right in front of you - however, be careful not to set it higher than your machine can handle at the cost of performance.

How to Change Fullscreen/Resolution Settings

● Open the Options Menu and select 'Video.'
● Under the 'Basic' tab, navigate down to 'Fullscreen Mode' and set it to 'Fullscreen.'
● Navigate to 'Fullscreen Resolution' and set it to at least to your monitor's native resolution - only go past if your confident in your rig's specs.

6. Sound Preset

Inaccurate Footstep Sounds:

Locating enemies by listening to their footsteps is a great strategy, but the wrong Sound Preset can it harder to tell a more exact position which could cost you dearly. It might lead to you guessing the direction of your target, which is just another variable you don't need.

Change Sound Preset to '3D Headphones':

Even if you're just using your monitors stock speakers, the '3D Headphones' setting will still help you greatly in pinpointing an enemy's footsteps. Instead of them blending each other, footsteps will now sound louder from the actual direction they're coming from.

How to Change the Sound Preset

● Open the Options Menu and select 'Audio.'
● Navigate down to 'Sound Preset' and change it to '3D Headphones'

5. Field-of-View (FOV)

Getting caught from the side: 

You're sprinting to the objective, it's in a building. You rush through the door and plant yourself firmly in the capture zone - only to suddenly catch a hail of bullets right into the side of your face from a guy camping in the corner, just out of sight. 

Increase the Field-of-View Value: 

By increasing your FOV, you increase the amount of peripheral vision your soldier has. With only a slight increase, your character will have a comparable amount to what you have now in real-life, but not enough to throw you off or break your immersion.

How to Change Field-of-View

● Open the Options menu either in-game or from the Main Menu and select 'Video.'
● There should be two sub-menus, 'Basic' and 'Advanced' - the FOV slider will be under 'Basic.'
● Navigate down to the FOV slider, it should be a white bar with a number to the left of it. 
● Raise the bar by clicking and dragging until the number reaches 74, which equates to a FOV value of 90.

4. Uniform Soldier Aiming

Inconsistent Aim Speeds:

In the heat of battle, it can sometimes be challenging to stay on target when switching from hip-fire to aiming-down-sights (ADS). By default, the ADS Sensitivity has a separate, lower value to help with precision aiming at the cost of speed - those split seconds lost are often the difference between life and death.

Enable Uniform Soldier Aiming:

By enabling Uniform Soldier Aiming, you will have a consistent sensitivity no matter what weapon or attachments you are using. By keeping everything in sync, you will develop a reliable muscle memory that will help you get on target faster than those who rely on the assistance of lower sensitivity.

How to Enable Uniform Soldier Aiming

● Open the Options Menu and select 'Controls.'
● Under the 'Advanced' tab navigate down to 'Soldier Aiming'
● Navigate down to 'Uniform Soldier Aiming' and set it to 'On.'

3. Raw Mouse Input

Game Settings Interfere with Mouse Data:

By default, Battlefield 5 will process your Mouse Input to include things like Acceleration and Smoothing. These can interfere with aiming consistency and will translate your mouse movements differently than what is being done.

Override the Mouse Settings:

By enabling Raw Mouse Input, what you do with your hands will be translated 1:1 in-game. This means that there will be no added movement or alterations to your soldiers aiming other than the direct movement on the mouse - preserving consistency and aiding with muscle memory.

How to Enable Raw Mouse Input

● Open the Options Menu and select 'Controls.'
● Under the 'Controller Tuning' tab, navigate down to 'Raw Mouse Input' and set it to 'On.'

2. Soldier Aim Sensitivity

Aiming Too Slow: 

You round a corner and catch an enemy to the side who happens to be looking to the side; immediately, you turn to aim, but by the time you raise your weapon, he's already blown your head off. Impossible! How could he have seen you, aimed, and fired his weapon when he wasn't even looking directly at you?

Increase Mouse Sensitivity: 

Those split-seconds between you seeing an enemy and turning to face him are what separate the killers from the killed. By increasing how fast your soldier turns, you will dramatically improve how fast you'll get on-target and will most likely be able to get the first shot off in any engagement.

How to Change Soldier Aim Mouse Sensitivity

● Open the Options Menu either in-game or from the Main Menu and select 'Controls.'
● Make sure you are under the 'Basic' tab and navigate down to 'Soldier Mouse Aim' Sensitivity - it should be a white bar with a number to the left of it.
● Mouse Sensitivity can be disastrous if you go too far too fast - making you aim wildly and miles off target. We recommend increasing the value by five and playing a few games - go up another five only once you feel comfortable with that setting.

1. Internet Connection*

Poor/Dropping Connection(s):

Nothing kills you or your will to play more than a terrible, stuttering, laggy connection. Even if it's just a few frames, those could be enough throwing you completely off your game and make you want to quit entirely.

Use a Wired Ethernet Connection:

By hard wiring your PC to the internet, you will ensure the most stable and reliable connection than if you were just using Wi-Fi. While modern Wi-Fi settings are more than serviceable for gaming, they are susceptible to interference from other devices and poor connections at longer distances.

How to Ensure a Wired Connection

● Make sure your PC/Laptop has an ethernet port
● Ensure that your ethernet cable is long enough to reach from your router/modem to your rig
● Plug the cable into the port and open Windows Settings
● Select 'Network & Internet' and then select the 'Ethernet' tab
● Make sure you are connected to your network
● Go back to the 'Network & Internet' Menu and select the 'Wi-Fi' tab
● Turn off Wi-Fi
*Note: this is done out-of-game through Windows

So hopefully by now, you know just what do go all-in on your settings and giver yourself that extra bit of performance to dominate your opponents. It might not look pretty, but war never does.

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