[Top 5] BF5 Best Assault Weapons

BF5 Best Assault Weapons, BFv Best Assault Weapons

Like blowing things up?

So do we, that's why we've compared 5 of the best assault weapons that will get you close enough to blast holes in the competition.

V: Gewehr 43 “Jager”

Beautifully crafted G-43 in a lovers embrace, Narvik, BFV, 2021

The G-43 is part of the heavy Self Loading Rifle (SLR) family but it has an edge. The specialization "Detachable Mags" allows you to have the fastest heavy SLR reload in the game. Couple that with a decent hip-fire and you’ll feel like you have your pants pulled up a little further in those close engagements BFV frequently forces us into.  

Major Exploits

  • Powah: with a heavy SLR you can punch a foe from afar
  • Great Look: it’s a good looking gun and has great skins (I recommend the mint one… classy)
  • Fastest Reload: detachable mags gives you the quickest empty reload of all Heavy Self Loading Rifles 
  • Quick Boom Kit: according to sym.gg stats: if you use “detachable magazines” it will change the G-43s "Alternate Deploy" from 2s to 0.9s which allows you to cycle to a different weapon quicker than other guns in class

Gewehr 43 in FOV

  • Class: Assault
  • Unlock: Assault Rank 1
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Auto
  • Rate-of-Fire: 299 rpm
  • Max Damage: 45
  • Bullet-Velocity: 760 - 860 m/s
  • Reload 2.25 - 3.15s
  • Mag: 11

Gewehr 43 Battlefield 5 Guide (BF5)

IV: Sturmgewehr 44 “Erika”

STG with the Collector skin, BFV, 2021

The Sturmgewehr is by far my favorite gun in the game. It’s not the best at anything but it can do plenty in the right hands. In Battlefield V, one minute you can be holding a 4x4 pillbox and the next you could be zigzagging down a valley avoiding sniper fire. This diversity forces you to adopt a more reactionary style. That's when you should reach for das Sturmgewehr, with this glory you can paint bullets on enemy positions and dodge while doing it.

Sure, they’ve been steadily nerfing the beast since the game's inception but it’s still the closest thing to the all-around “M4” of previous titles. Its counterpart: the Sturmgewehr 1-5 is good and some like its higher rate of fire better, but the STG 44 has less crouch recoil and a better feel for the moments you're forced to shoot at things out of your comfort zone. 

Major Exploits

  • Control: your ADS recoil in full auto is manageable for the engagements you should be accepting
  • Fire on the Move: you can produce tight groupings in full auto regardless of stance 
  • Quick Bursts: you should use this gun to pop up, then fire, and before the enemy gets a chance to fire back, move ten or so feet left or right and repeat 

STG 44 in FOV

  • Class: Assault
  • Unlock: Assault Rank 20
  • Fire Mode: Auto
  • Rate-of-Fire: 599 rpm
  • Max Damage: 25.1
  • Bullet-Velocity: 620 m/s
  • Reload 2.30 - 3.50s
  • Mag: 31

STG in the tropics

III: M1 Garand “Plucker”

M1 Garand after the "ping", Hamada, BFV 2021

With the smallest recoil dispersion of all the heavy SLRs and the ability to inflict 40-45 damage per round, it's clear why M1s are still prevalent. The M1’s lack of recoil allows you to unload until you hear that tell-tale PING! It’s that sound we’ve all been waiting for and it doesn't disappoint, the fact that it's precise and powerful is icing on the cake.

Major Exploits

  • Snappiest: your follow up shots are unparalleled due to the smallest vertical recoil 
  • Historical Juice: this gun sounds great
  • Clear Sight: you’ll see more than most of the other weapons in class through the M1’s iron sights
  • Diverse: the M1's hip-fire is borderline dependable
  • Transforms: “Heavy Load” specialization allows you to have more punch(45) at the cost of control, this will bring your rifle more in line with the G43 and Karabin 1938. All 3 of those rifles rock just find which feels best for you

M1 Garand in our FOV:

  • Class: Assault
  • Unlock: Company Coins
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Auto 
  • Rate-of-Fire: 299 - 359 rpm
  • Max Damage: 40 - 45
  • Round-Velocity: 780 m/s
  • Reload: 3.2s
  • Mag: 8

The M1 Garand is a thing of beauty - Battlefield

II: M2 Carbine “Murderizer”

M2 paints hallways red in Devastations B Objective, BFV, 2021

The M2 Carbine… What an animal. If you miss the days of anti-tank troopers having SMGs then grab this. It will cure what ails you, be sure to aim true on the first bullet. She tends to take you for a ride and only after the smoke clears can you admire your handy work. 

Major Exploits

  • Fastest Assault Weapon: best rate of fire(830rpm) of all the assault class weapons
  • Best Hip Fire in class: if you are going to hip-fire, and we all do it, you’re going to be laughing with the M2, it decimates hallways and will reward your twitchy tendencies
  • Control: it’s easily controlled for a rambunctious little fella

M2 Carbine in our FOV:

  • Class: Assault
  • Unlock: Company Coins
  • Fire Mode: Auto 
  • Rate-of-Fire: 830 rpm
  • Max Damage: 20.1
  • Round-Velocity: 610 m/s
  • Reload: 2.2 - 3.05 s
  • Mag: 31

M2 CARBINE ~ Battlefield 5 Guide (BF5)

I: The Piat “Boom Slinger”

Piat Cracks a Wirbelwind Flakpanzer wide open on Twisted Steel, BFV, 2021

People like to hide behind small walls in FPS games, so grab yourself a Piat… My best friend is a piat. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve died with this weapon in my hand and a grin on my face but that doesn't matter; what matters is the way the sparks erupt from anything its lil’ 1.1 kg face comes into contact with. We’re playing as Assault here people! So let's blow some vehicles and buildings up. 

Someone's hiding behind the wall? 

Let’em have a piat. 

They took solace in that shed? 


Half-track spam? 

At mines... Or for style points piat!  

You get the idea. It’s a noob tube that is anything but. It requires leet skills to master and once you’re a piat practitioner you have become death: destroyer of kubelwagens. Use your splash damage wisely then quickly switch back to your AR/SLR of choice to riddle the remaining rabble. 

Major Exploits

  • DESTRUCTOR: this weapon has the potential for aggression, suppression, and all-out destruction
  • Splash Damage: splash damage is useful on some maps but don’t forget people who take splash explosive damage usually egress cover, you should always switch back to a fast firing gun to finish their panicked ars off
  • AT Potency: it can two-shot many vehicles, however, to single-handedly kill the heaviest tanks you need to first get dynamite on them, and only after you detonate those switch to the piat and place one on the trunk if possible - it’s dangerous but hopefully, your team is creating massive distractions 

PIAT in our FOV:

  • Class: Assault
  • Unlock: Assault Rank 11
  • Fire Mode: Spring Loaded Single Round
  • Max Damage: 148
  • Round-Velocity: 40 m/s
  • Reload: 2.75s
  • Mag: 1

Time for a Piat

Advice gathered through experience and grinds, hard data supplied by our clever friends at sym.gg and battlefield.fandom.com/wiki/Battlefield_Wiki.

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