BF5 Best Anti Materiel Weapons: All Anti Materiel Weapons Ranked Worst To Best

BF5 Best Anti Materiel Weapons, BF5 Anti Materiel Weapons
The sleek, sexy frame still can't hide the awkward handling.

Same dirt, different shovel.

Two rifles are better than nothing, I guess. While Battlefield V only has a total of two anti-material rifles, DICE did do a good enough job of making them distinct enough from one another. Here we'll guide you through the main differences in each one so you can figure out which one, if any, suits your playstyle best.


2. Panzerbüchse 39 (Good)

"Compared to most anti-tank rifles, the Panzerbüchse 39 fires a very light projectile at very high velocity, relying on speed rather than mass to penetrate armor." - in-game description

The second of the two anti-material rifles available, the Panzerbüchse, was introduced in the fourth Tides of War, "Defying the Odds" in September of 2019. It operates, in principle, almost identical to the Boys AT but with a different loading/magazine mechanism.


Panzerbüchse 39 review 

  • The Panzerbüchse has a slightly higher damage model than the Boys AT, but both are still capable of one-hit-kills to the upper chest out to 100 meters.
  • Like MMG's and the Boys AT, the bipod must be deployed to aim-down-sights – this is especially crucial due to the Panzerbüchse's high-precision nature.
  • Despite its similarities, the Panzerbüchse loses out to the Boys in terms of operating speed and reload consistency.
  • As its category suggests, this rifle can take out most planes and light vehicles. While ineffective at killing tanks, this rifle is more than capable of disabling them with well-placed shots to the treads/turret.

Panzerbüchse 39 details

  • Unlocked at: 1700 Company Coin
  • Rate of Fire:
    • 18 RPM
    • 21 RPM (Machined Bolt)
  • Magazine Capacity: 11 rounds
  • Starting Ammunition: 22+11 rounds
  • Maximum Ammunition: 33+11 rounds
  • Muzzle Velocity:
    • 400 m/s
    • 460 m/s (High-Velocity Bullets)
  • Max Damage: 112


1. Boys AT Rifle (Best)

"A British anti-tank rifle. Proving ineffective against improved axis tanks, it was replaced by the PIAT during the war." - in-game description

The first of the two anti-material rifles introduced, the Boys AT Rifle caused quite a stir upon release – it's one-shot-kill to the upper-chest was seen as game-breaking and downright cheesy. Since then, only the attitudes have changed; once it became clear just how clunky and awkward the rifle was to use, no one seemed to care anymore.


Boys AT Rifle review

  • The main advantage above the Panzerbüchse 39 is the Detachable Magazines that come standard, which keeps reloads faster and more consistent.
  • Perhaps more importantly, the Boys AT has a significantly higher rate of fire – which carries much more weight as both rifles have double-digit fire-rates.
  • It can take out tank tracks with ease, as well as light vehicles and planes, although heavy vehicles should be approached carefully.
  • The only thing separating it from being completely OP is the cumbersome bipod requirement, which will get users killed nine times out of ten before they even get a chance to aim.

Boys AT Rifle details

  • Unlocked at: 1700 Company Coin
  • Rate of Fire:
    • 22 RPM
    • 26 RPM (Machined Bolt)
  • Magazine Capacity: 5+1 rounds
  • Starting Ammunition: 30+6 rounds
  • Maximum Ammunition: 36+6 rounds
  • Muzzle Velocity:
    • 400 m/s
    • 460 m/s (High-Velocity Bullets)
  • Max Damage: 100


The anti-material rifles can be a good bit of fun, but they are purely situational. If you have enough time to set up, then you'll cut targets down with zero effort, but it's rare to have more than a moment's rest amidst the chaos of Battlefield.

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