[Top 10] BF5 Best Guns That Wreck Hard!

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Find a niche and plug it with the weapons below!

Battlefield V has evolved into something you may not recognize in 2021. People have specialized and the days of medic-heavy games have disappeared. What we’re seeing is very fun and engaging medium-range engagements throughout game modes.

So what guns still wreck hard? Truth is, thanks to balancing tweaks they all do in some way or form. We’re going to show you the ones that excel in their point siphoning roles. These aft mentioned bangers have a serious edge in their neighborhood and we’re going to tell you why. 

#10: M1911 Suppressed “Hattori Clan”

1911 does more than suppress enemies in the fire on Iwo Jima, BFV, 2021

This gun's louder cousin was a meme in patch 5.2, it's time to kill rivaled the FG-42. Now it's 2021 and it still wrecks people, plus it's silent! Maybe it should be seen as your second primary? The hip-fire dispersion for all pistols is minimal so keep spamming that fire button and watch the skulls pop up.

Major Exploits

  • Silent: if they haven't seen you yet consider using this gun as an opener, its stealth might grant you more kills
  • Accurate: the 1911 just finds heads, place the iron sight on the does shoulders, and voila
  • Superb Standoff: its rate of fire makes it a better bet in a scramble than the favored revolver
  • Secondary: this is a backup??

1911 Suppressed in FOV

  • Class: All
  • Unlock: Company Coins
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Auto 
  • Rate-of-Fire: 299 rpm
  • Max Damage: 34
  • Bullet-Velocity: 250 m/s
  • Reload: 1.77-2.00 s
  • Mag: 8

Battlefield 5 - M1911 Suppressed Gameplay (Battlefield V)

#9: Sturmgewehr 44 “Erika”

STG with the Collector skin, BFV, 2021

The Sturmgewehr is by far my favorite gun in the game. It’s not the best at anything but it can do plenty in the right hands. In Battlefield V, one minute you can be holding a 4x4 pillbox and the next you could be zigzagging down a valley avoiding sniper fire. This diversity forces you to adopt a more reactionary style. That's why you should reach for das Sturmgewehr, with this glory you can paint bullets on enemy positions and dodge while doing it.

Sure, they’ve been steadily nerfing the beast since the game's inception but it’s still the closest thing to the all-around “M4” of previous titles. Its counterpart the Sturmgewehr 1-5 is certainly good and some like its higher rate of fire better but the STG 44 has less crouched recoil and a better feel for the moments you're forced to shoot at things out of your comfort zone. 

Major Exploits

  • Control: your ADS recoil in full auto is manageable for the engagements you should be accepting
  • Fire on the Move: you can produce tight groupings in full auto regardless of stance 
  • Quick Bursts: if your patient in between bursts you'll reap rewards, this guns third round is close to its first making it ideal for "shoot-and-scooters"

STG 44 in FOV

  • Class: Assault
  • Unlock: Assault Level 20
  • Fire Mode: Auto
  • Rate-of-Fire: 599 rpm
  • Max Damage: 25.1
  • Bullet-Velocity: 620 m/s
  • Reload 2.30-3.50s
  • Mag: 31

STG in the tropics

#8: M1 Garand “Plucker”

M1 Garand after the "ping", Hamada, BFV 2021

With the smallest recoil dispersion of all the “Heavy SLRs” and the ability to inflict 40-45 damage per round, it's clear why M1s are still popular on the field. The lack of recoil allows you to unload until you hear that tell-tale PING! 

It’s that sound we’ve all been waiting for and it doesn't disappoint, the fact that it's precise and powerful is just icing on the cake.

Major Exploits

  • Snappiest: your follow up shots are unparalleled due to the smallest vertical recoil 
  • Historical Juice: this gun sounds great
  • Clear Sight: you’ll see more than most weapons in class through the M1’s iron sights
  • Diverse: the M1's hip-fire is borderline dependable
  • Transforms: “Heavy Load” specialization allows you to have more punch(45) at the cost of control, this will bring your rifle more in line with the G43 and Karabin 1938. All 3 of those rifles rock just find which feels best for you

M1 Garand in our FOV:

  • Class: Assault
  • Unlock: Company Coins
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Auto 
  • Rate-of-Fire: 299-359 rpm
  • Max Damage: 40-45
  • Round-Velocity: 780 m/s
  • Reload: 3.2s
  • Mag: 8

The M1 Garand is a thing of beauty - Battlefield

#7: M1928A1 “Tommy Gun” 

Villa life requires all the bullets, Tommy Gun, BFV, 2021

The Thompson submachine gun throws swarms of bees at people. Heavy bees. It falls in the class of “NEVER FAIL SMGS”. It sits there with the Suomi, the type 2A, and the MP28. They lay waste to things seen and sometimes not seen. In other words, you can “check bushes” or “check smoke” with bullets. The M1928A1 is the more rounded of the crafty aforementioned buggers. It positively reinforces aggressive behavior and can defend a room to boot. Just stay away from long engagements and you’re golden. 

Major Exploits

  • Fire on the Fly: the Tommy guns spread feels great in hip-fire
  • Tight: it's got the best bullet grouping of all the +700RPM SMGS, however, the recoil does kick and when it does it goes up by .86° which makes it more predictable than the type 2A’s left and right recoil of .72°-.42°, or the Suomi’s rightward recoil of .56°!
  • Well Fed: 50 round mag available through spec tree for all your spray and pray needs
  • Relative Damage: it’s rounds subtract 25.1hp while the faster Type 2A suckles a meager 20.1hp 

M1928A1 in our FOV:

  • Class: Medic
  • Unlock: Medic Level 20
  • Fire Mode: Auto 
  • Rate-of-Fire: 720 rpm
  • Max Damage: 25.1
  • Round-Velocity: 330 m/s
  • Reload: 2.35-3.25 s
  • Mag: 20-50

#6: Jungle Carbine “Capper”

The jungle carbine snaping heads on Hamada, BFV, 2021

If you want to keep a safer* distance as a medic the Jungle Carbine is a kit worth testing. It can acquire a blistering rate of fire of 99 rpm while maintaining distance from the pesky SMGs. It’s an assault medics dream, it drops placid players with a 1 shot headshot and can win fights against self-loaders and semi-autos. This allows you to exploit your new found flank rather than cross that river before opening fire. 

Major Exploits

  • Squad Friendly: medic doesn’t have to be the point-man to return fire
  • 1 Shot: one of the quickest reloading “one-shotters” in the game (56 dmg,99 rpm) 
  • Velocity: you’ll find it hits more, probably due to it launching the quickest bullet in class
  • Snappy: this gun is second shot friendly, if you miss just keep firing
  • Grin Factor: you feel like a boss with this gun, it forces you to count on your accuracy, and when it pays off its clip worthy, to say the least    

Jungle Carbine in FOV

  • Class: Medic
  • Unlock: Company Coins
  • Fire Mode: Bolt-Action
  • Rate-of-Fire: 83-99 rpm
  • Max Damage: 56
  • Bullet-Velocity: 500-570 m/s
  • Reload: 2.47-3.27 s
  • Mag: 10

Jungle Carbine is really good in Battlefield V

#5: Maschinengewehr 42 (MG-42) “Dice’s Buzzsaw”

Mowing the competition in Panzerstorm, BFV, 2021

You’ll notice there are no shotguns on this list. We have nothing against them but there are other support options that double as mid-range suppressors like our benevolent friend of overwhelming generosity the MG-42. Hip fire for hilarity or use the prone hip fire to decimate foes in the mid-range while maintaining glorious FOV.  Just remember, you’re the biggest bait in the game for tanks and snipers alike so be wary of exposure.  

Major Exploits

  • ROF: the highest rate of fire in the game means you can mow down squads
  • Velocity: the fastest bullet of all MG’s, your rounds are going to get there in a blink of a salty eye 
  • Flashless Propellant: like all the other MMG’s with the MG42 you can go a route less likely to get shot in the face, it’s advised but not mandatory, bigger clips are fun too
  • Incendiary Bullets: these guys hurt and are apparently better for aircraft, I’ve tested this out and you should only fire at planes that are already burning…... Ironic right? Thanks Dice.
  • Disclaimer: Firing at planes that are not burning will show said plane exactly where you are whilst achieving minimal damage. Your team and country would rather you used that mg for more pragmatic engagements. 

MG 42 in FOV

  • Class: Support
  • Unlock: Support Rank 20
  • Fire Mode: Auto 
  • Machine Gun Class: MMG
  • Rate-of-Fire: 981 - 1200 rpm
  • Max Damage: 25.1
  • Bullet-Velocity: 740 - 840 m/s
  • Reload: 4.15 - 5.8 s
  • Mag: 50 - 250

MG42 - Battlefield 5 Guide (BF5)

#4: Chauchat “M240B”

Chauchat laying down more victims, Twisted Steel, BFV, 2021

Hey look Everybody there’s actually an LMG in the game now! It’s been years since DICE nerfed all the machine guns in BF1 and subsequently passed the disease to BFV. 

Nevermore says the Chauchat... BFV finally received a hard-hitting LMG (35 damage) when this french bulldog arrived on June 4, 2020. Since then it's been pinning fools. Use this and it’ll feel like you’re hurling spears at the enemy. When you get a headshot you know that player is about to start running in which case your carefully placed second slug can land wherever it pleases to complete the kill. Sure it kicks, but so do mules and their useful AF. 

Major Exploits

  • Damage: best damage in class
  • Range: best drop off damage of all MG’s, aka best range in class
  • Sound: the grinding sound it produces makes it feel like an Auto Cannon
  • Fun: This gun requires practice but can deliver the killing blow quickly which makes it immersive and enjoyable 

Chauchat in FOV

  • Class: Support
  • Unlock: Company Coins
  • Fire Mode: Auto 
  • Machine Gun Class: LMG
  • Rate-of-Fire: 327 rpm
  • Max Damage: 35
  • Bullet-Velocity: 720 m/s
  • Reload: 4.15-5.8 s
  • Mag: 20

New CHAUCHAT MG is BRUTALLY GOOD in Battlefield 5! (New Map Gameplay)

#3: M3 Infrared “the Lurker”

Well lit M3 holding down objectives on Operation Metro, BFV, 2021

Like most people, your first impressions of this gun are: This is a hot piece of garbage, thanks dice. Then you’re probably thinking: Wait, snipers can have smoke, I’ll deploy smoke and use the infrared to drop all the blind fools! You’d be wrong again, it can’t see through smoke and it’s not a piece of garbage. It is, however, a flanker’s dream. Firing flares and spotting everyone you shoot is nothing new but doing it without attracting attention is indeed exotic. This gun makes you a ghost, to exploit this weapon simply lurk 20+ feet away from your team and fire from weird angles. 

Disclaimer: You will die in an evenly matched 1v1 but that's not what this gun is for and don’t get discouraged. Update 7 made subterfuge possible with silencers. However, don’t be a dumb ninja. Pick all your fights and reposition if you attract the attention of an angry squad. You're looking for those angles and you can loiter there longer, but that doesn't mean you’ll never be noticed.

Major Exploits

  • No Hit Cues: battlefield does a great job of cueing the player to a hostile direction; the M3 on the other hand gives none of these signals
  • No Tracers: there's barely a muzzle flash and zero tracers
  • Back Stabber: with un-silenced weapons, it's usually known you can frag 2 enemies before they get wise to your violence. With the M3 you can reload and shoot time and time again. You normally die to griefers who saw your location after death so be on the lookout for these folks, they’re the ones sprinting directly at you
  • Prone Hipper: it’s acutely accurate in a no scope/prone scenario 

Major Flaws

  • “Infrared Red”: It’s worth mentioning that this scope is not infrared; it's a black and white fuzzy image with as much contrast as a snowstorm
  • Giant Spotlight of a Scope: The scope blocks half your screen

M3 in our FOV:

  • Class: Scout
  • Unlock: Company Coins
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Auto
  • Rate-of-Fire: 449 rpm
  • Max Damage: 27.8
  • Bullet-Velocity: 610-690 m/s
  • Reload Time: 2-3.05 seconds
  • Mag: 16/112

NEW M3 INFRARED HAS HIDDEN POWERS (Players Don't Know) - Battlefield 5 Final Update

#2: Kar98k "the True Sniper"

Kar98K and its respectable tech routes, BFV, 2021

Sure your teammates may be screaming at you “You’re not helping from back there!” But those are usually the blueberries who heal someone in front of an enemy tiger. Truth is, the K98 is a get-a-kill-free card. Its bullet speed can't be beaten. On top of that, pairing it with the bipod allows you to stay on target without pesky breath mechanics. This added accuracy makes predicting the slight drop your only concern. Use this kit when you want to blind an enemy team.

Major Exploits

  • Velocity: this bullet travels at bonking speeds 
  • High Survivability: you can stay as far back as you’d like, free from all the booms
  • Hi Tier Damage Dropoff: This bullet maintains good damage even out in the nose bleeds
  • Accurate AF: it hits where you aim 
  • Damagios: it hurts even after it gets there in record time
  • Counter Sniper #1: it’s the best bet for taking out enemy snipers

Kar98k in our FOV:

  • Class: Scout
  • Unlock: Recon Rank 20
  • Fire Mode: Bolt-Action
  • Rate-of-Fire: 49 rpm
  • Max Damage: 75
  • Bullet-Velocity: 900 m/s
  • Partial Reload: 1.73-3.77 seconds
  • Empty Reload: 1.73-3.77 seconds
  • Mag: 5/45

Kar98k Headshot Mastery - Getting Gold! | Battlefield V

#1: The Piat “Boom Slinger”

A Piat Cracks a Wirbelwind Flakpanzer wide open on Twisted Steel, BFV, 2021

People like to hide behind small walls in FPS games, so grab yourself a Piat… My best friend is a piat. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve died with this weapon in my hand and a grin on my face but that doesn't matter; what matters is the way the sparks erupt from anything it’s lil’ 1.1 kg face comes into contact with. We’re playing battlefield here people! So let's blow some vehicles and buildings up. 

Someone's hiding behind the wall? 

Let’em have a piat. 

They took solace in that shed? 


They’re on the other side of the sandbags you took refuge behind? 

You probably should dynamite. Or retreat and Piat for the lols.  

You get the idea tho. For an AT weapon, it’s more versatile than the bazooka or faust. It’s a noob tube that is anything but. It requires leet skills to master and once you’re a piat practitioner you have become death: destroyer of kubelwagens. Use your splash damage wisely then quickly switch back to your AR of choice to riddle the remaining rabble. 

Major Exploits

  • DESTRUCTOR: this weapon has the potential for aggression, suppression, and all-out destruction
  • Splash Damage: splash damage is really useful on some maps but don’t forget people who take splash explosive damage usually egress cover, you should always switch back to a fast firing gun to finish their panicked ars off
  • AT Potency: it can two-shot many vehicles; to single-handedly kill the heaviest tanks you need to first get dynamite on them and only after you detonate those switch to the piat and place one on the trunk if possible - it’s dangerous but hopefully, your team is creating massive distractions  

PIAT in our FOV:

  • Class: Assault
  • Unlock: Assault Rank 11
  • Fire Mode: Spring Loaded Single Round
  • Max Damage: 148
  • Round-Velocity: 40 m/s
  • Reload: 2.75s
  • Mag: 1

Time for a Piat

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