[Top 5] BFV Best Medic Weapons

BFV Best Medic Weapons

[Top 5] BFV Best Medic Weapons

If you’re a Medic in Battlefield V 2021 you probably understand the importance of speed. You need a weapon capable of accurate counter-fire… Or at least accuracy by numbers. If you said yes to all of the above you’ll want to check out one of these maniacs. They all excel in their roles whilst keeping you mobile.

5: Grease Gun “Sneaky Chonker Dispenser”

Grease gun dispersing the generosity in Operation Metro, BFV, 2021

It's BFV, a very noisy game where you try to shoot noisy people while not drawing fire on yourself. How do you achieve this? How about 33.4 damage, no tracers, and 449 rpm. Bam! Grease gun! Slap a whole trench full of plebs with 45 caliber slugs and then... reloading… Kill their unaware friends! You have 10 seconds of free reign before the people you killed respawn nearby and come griefing. When that happens just be ready… Listen carefully, and try to engage them 1v1 using walls and cover. A suppressed grease gun simply allows you to have private fights within the battlefield. 

Major Exploits

  • Silent: grease gun makes much less noise with the suppressor specialization  
  • No Lasers: zero tracers with the suppressor specialization
  • Powah: highest damage of all SMG’s; however it comes with a kick

Grease Gun in our FOV

  • Unlock: Company Coins
  • Fire Mode: Auto 
  • Rate-of-Fire: 449 rpm
  • Max Damage: 33.4
  • Bullet-Velocity: 345 m/s
  • Reload: 2.05-3.40 s
  • Mag: 30

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4: Nambu Type 2A “the Needler”

Nambu Type 2a killing in full auto, BFV, 2021

Brrrrrrrrrrappp! Down goes everything within 20 feet of you. Like every good medic, you're a master of life: giver/taker. The type 2 facilitates your psychotic desires with a perforating 1028 rounds per minute. If you have no control issues and a tendency for violence grab yourself a 2A.

Major Exploits

  • Quickest: this is the fastest SMG in the game
  • Mulligans: you’ll get many do-overs thanks to the huge mag size available for spec.
  • Easy to use: it's really simple to kill with, you barely have to ADS

Type 2A in our FOV

  • Unlock: Company Coins
  • Fire Mode: Auto 
  • Rate-of-Fire: 1028 rpm
  • Max Damage: 20.1
  • Bullet-Velocity: 315 m/s
  • Reload: 1.93-2.80 s
  • Mag: 31

Type 2A STILL BROKEN in Battlefield 5

3: M1928A1 “Tommy Gun” 

Villa life requires all the bullets, Tommy Gun, BFV, 2021

The Thompson submachine gun throws swarms of bees at people. Heavy bees. It falls in the class of “NEVER FAIL SMGS”. It sits there with the Suomi, the type 2A, and the MP28. They lay waste to things seen and sometimes not seen. In other words, you can “check bushes” or “check smoke” with bullets. The M1928A1 is the more rounded of the crafty aforementioned buggers. It positively reinforces aggressive behavior and can defend a room to boot. Just stay away from long engagements and you’re golden. 

Major Exploits

  • Fire on the Fly: The Tommy guns spread feels great in hip-fire
  • Tight: It's got the best bullet grouping of all the +700RPM SMG’s, however, the recoil does kick and when it does it goes up by .86° which makes it more predictable than the type 2A’s left and right recoil of .72°-.42°, or the Suomi’s rightward recoil of .56°!
  • Well Fed: 50 round mag for all your spray and pray needs
  • Relative Damage: Its rounds subtract 25.1hp while the faster Type 2A suckles a meager 20.1hp 

M1928A1 in our FOV:

  • Class: Medic
  • Unlock: Medic Level 20
  • Fire Mode: Auto 
  • Rate-of-Fire: 720 rpm
  • Max Damage: 25.1
  • Round-Velocity: 330 m/s
  • Reload: 2.35-3.25 s
  • Mag: 20-50

The Thompson - Battlefield 5

2: Jungle Carbine “Capper”

The jungle carbine snaping heads on Hamada, BFV, 2021

If you want to keep a safe(r) distance as a medic then the Jungle Carbine is a kit worth testing. It’s an assault medics dream, it drops placid players and can also win fights against faster weapons. This allows you to exploit your newfound flank rather than cross that river before opening fire. 

Major Exploits

  • Squad Friendly: Medic doesn’t have to be the pointman to return fire
  • 1 Shot: One of the quickest reloading “one-shotters” in the game (56 dmg,99 rpm) 
  • Velocity: You’ll find it hits more, probably due to it launching the quickest bullet in class
  • Snappy: This gun is second shot friendly, if you miss just keep firing
  • Grin Factor: You feel like a boss with this gun, it forces you to count on your accuracy and when it pays off its clip worthy to say the least    

Jungle Carbine in FOV

  • Class: Medic
  • Unlock: Company Coins
  • Fire Mode: Bolt-Action
  • Rate-of-Fire: 83-99 rpm
  • Max Damage: 56
  • Bullet-Velocity: 500-570 m/s
  • Reload: 2.47-3.27 s
  • Mag: 10

Jungle Carbine is really good in Battlefield V

1: Smoke Grenade Launcher “Privacy Curtain” 

Reloading a staple in any good attack... the Smoke Launcher, BFV, 2021

I know you’ve been told that smoking is bad for you, but it’s pretty sweet if you have virtual lungs. We all understand seeing people helps when you’re trying to hit them with things. That’s where this baby comes in. It's a 14-second privacy curtain for you and your cronies. This weapon is crucial! It will grant you so much opportunity, never switch it for ap mines. Smoke can completely disable machine gun positions allowing you and your teammates to push seemingly impenetrable objectives. 

Major Exploits

  • Squad Friendly: close enemy positions for business with a two-shot smokescreen: they won’t see their shoes let alone you and your squadmates approach for the kill
  • Blinds Flares: smoke blinds spotting flares which are spammed for days in 2021
  • Best way to Heal: popping smoke on a downed ally before you heal them forces enemies to spam the area with gunfire rather than pop your visible gourds

Smoke Launcher in FOV

  • Class: Medic
  • Unlock: Medic Level 0
  • Fire Mode: Bolt-Action Rifle-Grenade
  • Max Damage: 10
  • Bullet-Velocity: 40 m/s
  • Smoke Duration: 14 s
  • Reload: 4 s
  • Mag: 1

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