BF5 Best Aircraft [Top 5]

BF5 Best Aircraft
Somehow I feel cheated: operations wasn't nearly as cool as this

"It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a... 500kg bomb..."

Combined arms combat is a core pillar of Battlefield V, planes can play a huge role in determining the victor. With the myriad of options provided, it can be challenging to come to grips with the different types, specializations, and armaments. This guide will navigate you through the most effective platforms you'll see throughout your career.

*Note: anything marked with an '*' means that the weapon/equipment is unlocked in the Specialization Tree, and may replace your primary/secondary weapons or equipment. There's going to be trade-offs, and you will have to decide which upgrades suit your playstyle best.

5. Spitfire Mk VA

Gameplay of the Spitfire Mk VA

"The British Spitfire is one of the most famous fighter planes of all time. Eight machine guns, a powerful engine, and unmatched turning ability made it a deadly adversary in the air." — In-game description

Spitfire Mk VA Stats

  • Type: Fighter
  • Faction: United Kingdom
  • Crew: 1
  • Primary weapon: 
    • 4x .303 Machine Guns 
    • 8x .303 Machine Guns *
  • Secondary Weapon: 
    • 2x 20mm Hispano *
    • 2x 250lb Bombs *
  • Equipment: 
    • Spotting Flares *
    • Emergency Repair *
    • Field Repair *
    • Smoke Screen *
    • Nitrous *

What makes the Spitfire Mk VA awesome 

  • 8x .303 Machine Guns chew through other planes like a hot knife through butter.
  • Fast turning speed allows pilots to maneuver with ease.
  • The Spitfire Mk ddVA can perform decent anti-infantry runs in a pinch, especially with the 250lb Bombs.

How to Get the Spitfire Mk VA 

  • Unlocked by default

Gamplay showing the most effective way to use the Spitfire Mk VA

4. BF 109 G-2

Gameplay of the BF 109 G-2

"This Fighter was the backbone of the Luftwaffe. The Germans first deployed it in Spain, and it would go on to see combat throughout World War II. The G-2 entered production in May 1942." — In-game description

BF 109-G2 Stats 

  • Type: Fighter
  • Faction: Germany
  • Crew: 1
  • Primary weapon:
    • 4x 7.92mm Machine Guns
    • 2x 7.92mm Machine Guns *
  • Secondary Weapon:
    • 2x 20mm Machine Guns *
    • 2x 50kg Bombs *
  • Equipment:
    • Emergency Repair
    • Field Repair *
    • Flares
    • Spotting Camera*
    • 2x WFR-GR 21*

What makes the BF 109-G2 awesome 

  • The WFR-GR 21cm Rockets obliterate aircraft and are especially useful against heavier targets.
  • The 21cm Rockets have somewhat effective use on ground targets but is best optimized for air-to-air combat.
  • With the option for the Automatic Leading Edge Specialization, the BF 109-G2 the most maneuverable Fighter to-date, outclassing anything the Allies have in terms of agility.
  • You can equip Armored Fuselage for extra defense against tail-gunners common amongst heavier planes.

How to the Get BF 109-G2 

  • Unlocked by default

Gameplay of the most effective way to use the BF 109 G-2

3. Mosquito FB Mk VI

Gameplay of the Mosquito FB Mk VI

"The British Mosquito fighter bomber variants were usually armed with four 20mm cannons while retaining its machine guns and bombing capabilities. A much rarer variant included the "Tsetse," which featured a 6 pdr anti-tank cannon. Primarily intended for attacking submarines, the "Tsetse" was also used successfully to destroy enemy bombers." — In-game description

Mosquito FB Mk VI Stats 

  • Type: Ground Attack
  • Faction: United Kingdom
  • Crew: 1
  • Primary weapon: 4x .303 Machine Guns
  • Secondary Weapon:
    • 8x RP-3 Dumb fire Missiles*
    • 4x 20mm Hispano*
    • QF 6 Pounder*
  • Equipment:
    • Emergency Repair
    • 4x 250lb Bombs
    • 2x 500lb Bombs*
    • 1x 4000lb Bomb*

What makes the Mosquito FB Mk VI awesome 

  • You can successfully disable or even outright destroy tanks in a single strafe with the 6 Pounder.
  • The 4000lb Bomb, the largest in the game, creates an ungodly explosion with a considerable radius
  • Thanks to the Frostbite 3 engine, the Mosquito can exploit Battlefield V's destructibility and level buildings on top of cowering enemies.

How to Get the Mosquito FB Mk VI

  • Purchased for 2,500 Company Coin

Gameplay showing the most effective way to use the Mosquito FB Mk VI

2. Ju-88 A

Gameplay of the Ju-88

"The Ju-88 was one of the most versatile twin-engine aircraft of World War II, but where it excelled was as a medium bomber." — In-game description

Ju-88 A Stats 

  • Type: Bomber
  • Faction: Germany
  • Crew:
    • 1 Pilot
    • 1 Rear Gunner
    • 1 Nose Gunner
  • Pilot Weapons
    • Primary weapon: 1x 7.92mm Machine Gun
    • Secondary Weapon:
      • 4x 250kg Bombs
      • 4x 500kg Bombs*
      • Waffenbehalter*
  • Gunner Weapons:
    • 1x MG 34
    • 1x MG 131*
  • Second Gunner Weapon: 2x 7.92mm Machine Guns
  • Equipment:
    • Emergency Repair
    • Wing Repair*
    • 1000kg Bomb
    • 16x 50 kg Bombs
    • Nitrous*

What makes the Ju-88 A awesome

  • The Ju-88 A is already a worthy contender with its default setting, making progression through the specialization tree an easy task.
  • The 250kg Bombs are perfect for carpeting massive blobs of infantry.
  • Equipping the Dive Breaks Specialization gives pilots a much easier time pulling out of dives – putting more distance between them and enemy AA.

How to Get the Ju-88 A

  • Unlocked at Career Rank 8

Gamplay showing the most effective way to use the Ju-88 A

1. Spitfire Mk VB 

Gameplay of how to most effectivlely use the Spitfire Mk VB

"Britain's iconic Spitfire was a highly adaptable platform, with many revisions to meet the shifting needs of the conflict. This revision features destroyer weapon loadouts optimized to eliminate enemy bombers." — In-game description

Spitfire Mk VB Stats 

  • Type: Fighter
  • Faction: United Kingdom
  • Crew: 1
  • Primary weapon: 2x 20mm Hispano
  • Secondary Weapon:
    • 2x .50cal Machine Guns*
    • 4x .303 Machine Guns*
  • Equipment:
    • Emergency Repair
    • Field Repair*
    • Nitrous*
    • Flares
    • Smoke Screen*
    • 8x RP-3 Dumbfire Missiles*

What makes the Spitfire Mk VB awesome 

  • The Dumb fire Missiles turn this variant of the Spitfire into a surprisingly effective Ground Attack/Fighter hybrid.
  • Probably the best all-rounder in the game, the Mk VB is one of the few planes that can effectively engage aircraft, infantry, and tanks.
  • Equipping the Nitrous Specialization lets Pilots quickly escape from tail-gunner fire as well as other planes trying to find a flank.

How to Get the Spitfire Mk VB

  • Unlocked at Rank 11

Now that you've read this, the skies will be yours and yours alone. By now, you should be able to know what you need for each situation across all maps.

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