[Top 5] Battlefield 5 Best Sniper Rifles

Battlefield 5 Best Sniper Rifles, BFV Best Sniper Rifles

It’s 2021, and Battlefields sniping meta has evolved again.

Sure, our tips can't save you from a 4000lb mosquito bomb but what can? Those things are bathtubs of TNT. BFV has a weapon for every strategy but today we're going to focus on rifles that consistently kill. Sniping is as rewarding as it is frustrating, let's at least start with a great weapon.

#5 M3 Infrared “the Lurker”

Well lit M3 holding down objectives on Operation Metro, BFV, 2021

Like most people, your first impressions of this gun are: This is a hot piece of garbage, thanks dice. Then you’re probably thinking: Wait, snipers can have smoke, I’ll deploy smoke and use the infrared to drop all the blind fools! You’d be wrong again, it can’t see through smoke and it’s not a piece of garbage. It is, however, a flanker’s dream. Firing flares and spotting everyone you shoot is nothing new but doing it without attracting attention is indeed exotic. This gun makes you a ghost, to exploit this weapon simply lurk 20+ feet away from your team and fire from weird angles. 

Disclaimer: You will die in an evenly matched 1v1 but that's not what this gun is for and don’t get discouraged. Update 7 made subterfuge possible with silencers. However, don’t be a dumb ninja. Pick all your fights and reposition if you attract the attention of an angry squad. You're looking for those angles and you can loiter there longer, but that doesn't mean you’ll never be noticed.

Major Exploits

  • No Hit Cues: battlefield does a great job of cueing the player to a hostile direction; the M3 on the other hand gives none of these signals
  • No Tracers: there's barely a muzzle flash and zero tracers
  • Back Stabber: with un-silenced weapons, it's usually known you can frag 2 enemies before they get wise to your violence. With the M3 you can reload and shoot time and time again. You normally die to griefers who saw your location after death so be on the lookout for these folks, they’re the ones sprinting directly at you
  • Prone Hipper: it’s acutely accurate in a no scope/prone scenario 

Major Flaws

  • “Infrared Red”: It’s worth mentioning that this scope is not infrared; it's a black and white fuzzy image with as much contrast as a snowstorm
  • Giant Spotlight of a Scope: The scope blocks half your screen

M3 in our FOV:

  • Class: Scout
  • Unlock: Company Coins
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Auto
  • Rate-of-Fire: 449 rpm
  • Max Damage: 27.8
  • Bullet-Velocity: 610-690 m/s
  • Reload Time: 2-3.05 seconds
  • Mag: 16/112

NEW M3 INFRARED HAS HIDDEN POWERS (Players Don't Know) - Battlefield 5 Final Update

#4 Kar98k "the True Sniper"

Kar98K and its respectable tech routes, BFV, 2021

Sure your teammates may be screaming at you “You’re not helping from back there!” But those are usually the blueberries who heal someone in front of an enemy tiger. Truth is, the K98 is a get-a-kill-free card. Its bullet speed can't be beaten. On top of that, pairing it with the bipod allows you to stay on target without pesky breath mechanics. This added accuracy makes predicting the slight drop your only concern. Use this kit when you want to blind an enemy team.

Major Exploits

  • Velocity: this bullet travels at bonking speeds 
  • High Survivability: you can stay as far back as you’d like, free from all the booms
  • Hi Tier Damage Dropoff: This bullet maintains good damage even out in the nose bleeds
  • Accurate AF: it hits where you aim 
  • Damagios: it hurts even after it gets there in record time
  • Counter Sniper #1: it’s the best bet for taking out enemy snipers

Kar98k in our FOV:

  • Class: Scout
  • Unlock: Recon Rank 20
  • Fire Mode: Bolt-Action
  • Rate-of-Fire: 49 rpm
  • Max Damage: 75
  • Bullet-Velocity: 900 m/s
  • Partial Reload: 1.73-3.77 seconds
  • Empty Reload: 1.73-3.77 seconds
  • Mag: 5/45

Kar98k Headshot Mastery - Getting Gold! | Battlefield V

#3 Lee-Enfield No4 “the coroner”

Lee-Enfield with a respectable specialization route

Snipers get a bad rep., that may be due to their inability to defend, that's why it’s good for the gander to grab yourself a Lee-Enfield and decimate on the move. If you’re chivalrous and are iron sighting, then this is your gun. Like popping sniper glints? Great, this gun excels at leapfrogging from cover and breaking up enemy sniper/mg parties (campers). This guns for the impatient and nourishes aggro personas.  

Major Exploits:

  • DPS: This thing unhindered can bonk, however, it’s noisy like all bolt action rifles so keep moving especially if you’ve “drawn all the fires” 
  • Versatility: Choose between high accuracy or fast reload to suit your style
  • Aggro Builds: This gun can be kitted to full aggression, push, push, shoot then stab with the specialization line depicted in the picture below (L, R, R, L)
  • Fastest Reload: It’s the quickest bolt action in the game
  • Fully Specced: This gun comes with all you need, there are no wrong choices - unless you go without the bayonet but that's just silly no one would do such a thing 

Lee-Enfield No4 Mk1 in our FOV: 

  • Unlock: Recon Rank 1
  • Fire Mode: Bolt-Action
  • Rate-of-Fire: 84 rpm
  • Max Damage: 65
  • Bullet-Velocity: 600 m/s
  • Partial Reload: 3-7.5 seconds
  • Empty Reload: 3-7.5 seconds
  • Mag: 10/50

Lee Enfield SNIPER Battlefield 5 Recon Class

#2 The Boys At Rifle “thumper”

Boys AT with all the proper trimmings

This bad boy’s controversial but still delivers powerful blows in 2021. It cycles quicker than its brother the panzerbüchse 39 so it makes up for less vehicle damage. Tanks are not what these flag poles are designed to deal with. Whether it is BFV or 1939 you wouldn’t bring a rifle to a tank fight. So what to shoot? Inf is the answer, within 100 meters the Boys AT one-shots soft targets and can injure hard ones. 

Major Exploits:

  • Boom: Gotta love the sound and the damage is only rivaled by its slower firing cousin “büchse”
  • Penetration: It brings its might through walls and soldiers, sometimes a stubborn round is what you need 
  • Sturdy: This thing fires true when deployed, if you missed it was either your fault or the enemies serpentine skills
  • Deployed Menace: It has a pragmatic grouping when “prone no-scoping”
  • Hip “No Scoping” Gambler: In a pinch, you can blast people point blank if you miss your dead, but if you don’t fire your dead
  • Long Tom: one-shot kills anywhere within a hundred meters

Boys AT Rifle in our FOV: 

  • Unlock: Company Coins
  • Fire Mode: Bolt-Action
  • Rate-of-Fire: 22-25 rpm
  • Max Damage: 100
  • Bullet-Velocity: 400-460 m/s
  • Reload time: 4.2 seconds
  • Mag: 6/42

This new Gun is way too good in Battlefield 5

#1 Gewehr M95/30 “all arounder”

M95 aggressive spec. route

Most of the rifles we speak of reward discipline. Not the Gewehr 95, this gun throws down and won’t leave you punished in the process. It decimates passive players where they lie. The M95 endures fewer movement penalties to accuracy than its kin, allowing you to sneak up on prone victims and place a shot on their noggin. It's the bane of mgs and the scourge of enemy snipers who don’t expect you to “come from there”. 

Major Exploits

  • Snappiest: this gun just delivers follow-up shots like no other; It may be slightly slower than the Lee-Enfield but its bounce back accuracy is more consistent
  • Consistency: It’s the most balanced sniper rifle in the game  
  • Historic: when iron sighting you truly feel like a volks grenadier  
  • Balanced Reload: whether you’re throwing 4 rounds in your chamber or 1 it takes the same time
  • Stripper Access: a stripper clip is available regardless of your scope choice

Gewehr M95/30 in our FOV:

  • Unlock: Recon Rank 6
  • Rate of Fire: 58 RPM
  • Max Damage: 80
  • Rate-of-Fire: 58 rpm
  • Bullet Velocity: 750 m/s
  • Partial Reload: 3.2 seconds
  • Empty Reload: 3.2 seconds
  • Mag: 5/45

Why The Gewehr M95/30 Is The Best Sniper | Battlefield V

So there you have it, we’ve laid out the best head takers for each role. Use them how they like to be used. Reposition and remember you’re supposed to be the deadliest, not loudest. 

Be quiet, be patient, and in certain dire circumstances… Maybe lock your squad. Happy Hunting.  

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Advice gathered through experience and grinds, hard data supplied by our humble friends at sym.gg and battlefield.fandom.com/wiki/Battlefield_Wiki. 

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