[Top 15] Best Tank Games With Great Gameplay

Best Tank Games

Howdy guys, I’ll be talking today to you about tanks from different games, tanks from different eras like World War 2, the Cold War, the Vietnam War, and even modern times.

I’ll be talking about video games like Arma 2, War Thunder, World of Tanks, Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad, and many, many more video games that have to do anything with tanks.

Alright, enough with the intro of the article, let’s start with our first game:

15. S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster

People who played this game back in 2001 might feel nostalgic and OLD as hell. I didn’t play this game but I saw my older brother play it back in the OG times. 

But what’s this game actually about - well, it’s a strategy game where you can receive orders to, for example, take over a railway station. You also receive SP points(Strategic Points) that you can spend on more tanks, units, or special abilities.

The camera placement is from a bird’s view, allowing you to look around the map by using your cursor, zooming in or out, and managing your missions. 

You can select tanks and order them to destroy other tanks or take over territories, this game can surprise you with sudden difficulty spikes and long missions that can take up to even 30 missions. Didn’t I mention that this game has multiplayer? Try it out, seriously. Old classic!

14. Total Tank Simulator

When I first looked up this game, I had to say, I was skeptical, I wasn’t quite intrigued by the graphics, nor by the combat, but despite what I felt, I bought it on Steam when it was on Summer Sale and you know what? This game was worth every penny, I didn’t realize how massive the battles could get and this game even has destructive environments.

I put the graphics aside and was completely wrong about combat, this game creates a big emphasis on tanks, but also included infantry and aircraft support as well.

This game is awesome as it allows you to control units of tanks and completely demolish buildings, or razing them straight to the ground. One of my favorite tanks is the M1 Abrams, even though I saw it get 1-shotted by some WW2 german tank on some youtube video, lol. If you like a massive battle simulator, with elements of strategy, get this game. It’s worth your time and money!

13. Armored Warfare

I have counted over +130 tanks in this game, so there’s no way in hell that you won’t find your favorite one. Besides a ridiculously long list of heavy tanks, light tanks, armored fighting vehicles, tank destroyers, and self-propelled guns, this game also offers gorgeous, eye-pleasing graphics.

My favorite tank in AW is the T-90, it’s a Russian tank and I’ve had much success with it in random matches, landing on top of the scoreboard many times and getting long-range kills. And it’s the only tank that I’ll talk about, cuz if I had to talk about ALL OF THE TANKS, then it would take me tens and tens of thousands of words.

This game also offers maps with diverse environments - deserts, jungles, urban areas, forests, islands, and even tundras somewhere in Russia in the middle of nowhere. I adore the creators of this game for so much attention to detail and addicting gameplay - rare traits nowadays!

12. Crossout

Welcome to a F2P, post-apocalyptic meme fest of a game where you can build ridiculous tank designs and destroy other tanks with ‘em. If you’re not creative and not a huge fan of designing your nks, worry not, as this game allows you to choose tanks of your liking in multiplayer battles.

One of the most bizarre tank designs I have ever seen was the Sherman Calliope, it has a cannon and multiple pipes on the back of the tank that shoots multiple rockets at once. 

Graphics are nice and combat is also enjoyable, each successful strike shows you the amount of damage you’ve dealt, tanks deal different amounts of damage, it also depends on the cannon that you build your tank with. This game is unique and allows the player to create his own tanks - never seen anything else in any other game before!

11. World of Tanks Blitz

Initially, this game was released only in Scandinavian games way back in 2014, 26th of May, after witnessing a spike in popularity, it was released for the world to play on the 26th of June - and for a good reason, I got hooked on this game and been playing it ever since 2020. 

This game will keep you playing as it gives you a sense of progress by unlocking tanks after playing games, you’re rewarded for winning and you can also purchase content with real money if that’s your thing.

The best tank IMO is the FV215b tank, it has the biggest damage output, penetration power is fairly high as well and gun caliber and has ALMOST the fastest reload time - the fastest one is on the KV-2.

This game has its flaws, but I still love it and play it, and I suggest you do to give it a try as well!

10. War Thunder

I loved the aircraft battles in War Thunder, but after I got burned out, I switched to land combat and quickly fell in love with tanks in this game, you don’t have to worry about feeling underpowered at the beginning of playing this game, you’ll feel progress just as in World of Tanks by unlocking more and more powerful tanks.

You can choose factions and unlock tanks from the selected faction, keep in mind, War Thunder is a very grindy game - it will take you a long time to unlock tier 1’s for your tanks.

You will also be amazed by immersion and realism in this game, it’s close to being a war simulator even. Plenty of beautiful maps to play on, gorgeous graphics, and satisfying combat. The best part, this game is F2P - try it out now!

9. Steel Armor: Blaze of War

This game is perfect if you are currently living in a battle zone and need to learn quickly how to maneuver/attack with a tank. This game offers a very realistic and detailed experience of handling your tank, so if you’re expecting an arcade sort of game like the Battlefield Series, you’re in for a big surprise!

This game offers a couple of maps, one of them taking place in Angola, another one in Iraq, and also in Afghanistan - there are other maps with more vegetation and urban areas if playing on a desert with a few bushes ain’t your thing!

You get to drive two tanks in this game, one of them being the famous M60A1, a US Army tank. The second one is the T-62, a Soviet-era tank. Both tanks have very detailed and complicated interiors, which make this game challenging and difficult to learn, as it actually teaches you to some extend how to properly handle those tanks. There are also strategy elements, you can control your units and look at your map. The game is awesome, but it won’t be if you’re an arcade sort of gamer - anyways, give this game a try!

8. Company of Heroes 2

You’re gonna be playing as the Russians fighting Germans in WW2 on the far, far Eastern Front - Company of Heroes 2 is an RTS game in which you have units under your control, some of these units consist of conscripts, infantry, and most importantly - tanks. 

Tanks don’t have to worry about getting shot by MG’s or some assault rifles, but conscripts do - these guys have a very limited life span and you don’t have to worry about losing them, as you can easily replace them within a minute - their role is more of a meat shield than of a soldier.

This game has its campaign and plenty of maps with different terrain, anywhere up to from Moscow to Berlin. So what you’re waitin’ for, go out there and kick a Krauts ass!

7. Men of War: Assault Squad 2

This RTS, like many other previous RTS’s mentioned above, takes place once again in World War 2, this one is a bit different as it allows you to select 1 out 5 armies with their own distinct campaigns taking place all over the world.

The game, for a simpleton like me, was fairly difficult, especially in multiplayer where I received little to no sympathy from my opponents. I’m barely a beginner in this game(I’m 11 hours into this game) and I suggest anyone who purchases this game to experiment firstly in single-player, otherwise, you’re in a world of trouble and pain.

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 has a steep learning curve, it will take you many hours of gameplay to learn how to play properly and that’s the beauty of this game - for me, it’s not only the gameplay but the craving for learning.

Graphics and combat are nice and enjoyable, the game is pretty tense, especially if you enter a city where you can’t spot any enemies or your teammate is AFK(“had to walk dog sorry xd lol :o xDD)”.

6. Shellshock Live

This is an odd, 2D game that I’ve seen Mr. Sark play, I’m sure that it requires some strategy, but let’s not kid ourselves, most of the time it’s about RNG and just having mindless fun. You also have lots of weapons that you can equip your tank with.

The terrain is destructible, players get their turns where they can fire their weapons or move their tanks for a brief moment. You also receive XP for destroying enemy tanks!

This is a F2P and simple game, awesome to play with your friends(ruins friendships, btw), and is a great game to play if you’re bored and have nothing better to do with your time.

5. Tank Mechanic Simulator

This game is kinda strange, strange in a positive way because you have an option of digging out tanks from the ground. Finding tanks is kinda difficult and if you manage to find one, you’ll feel high levels of happiness and joy.

But don’t expect to just find a tank and automatically drive it, you need to dig it out completely from head to toe, then proceed to wash it to a certain amount so it becomes movable, transport it onto your truck and relocate it to your warehouse. Keep in mind, your tank is detailed as hell, you need to make sure every part is cleaned, polished, and painted before operating it.

You can sell the tank or keep it for your collection, drive it, shoot with it and feel proud of yourself for digging it out and giving it a home to live in. 

PETT - People for the Ethical Treatment of Tanks.

4. Graviteam Tactics: Mius-Front

It’s Summer, 1943, the Soviets are turning the tide against the German, but that doesn’t stop Germans from rabidly fighting off the never ending hordes from the East. This is where it’s up to you how 4 massive scale battles will turn out, whether you play as the Red Army or the Wehrmacht.

This game is a tactics simulator, from what I’ve heard it’s not noob friendly and has a steep learning curve, so if you’re a casual player who wants to become more imaginative and thoughtful, this game is for you.

Graphics look great, yet you might witness some FPS drops, but worry not as it can be easily fixed by fiddling around with your in-game settings.

This game will only reward you if you put in some of your time, don’t expect to get good at this game in 20 hours!

3. Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

Here we go again, with rabid Germans fighting the hordes of Soviet soldiers, this is a unique game with plenty of maps that contain different terrains. 

This game can be diverse in terms of action - one moment there’s a whole platoon of Germans advancing towards you, a few moments later you feel like you’re the only player on the server, stranded in the middle of a city with no soul in sight, occasionally finding something to shoot.

Tanks also have a role in this game, it’s not too significant as this game revolves mostly around the infantry, but you’ve got access to the Soviet variant - T34/76 and the German variant - Panzerkampfwagen IV G. They’ve got their own vulnerable spots and from my experience, they were relatively comfortable to control and engage in combat with - you’re granted with a tutorial where you can learn how to properly operate the tank!

The game is awesome and it’s one of my favorite WW2 games!

2. Arma III

Arma 3 is a combination of a tactical shooter, large-scale battles, cooperation, missions, big as hell maps with diverse terrain(deserts, hills, mountains, lakes, rivers, etc), 

I don’t consider this game to be the MOST realistic, but more of a realistic shooter out there compared to other games, you can engage in combat at night/day and of course, it has TANKS!

Tanks have highly detailed interiors, they feel natural to drive and different types of ground affect the way your tank drives. The tanks also react realistically to getting hit with rockets and rounds, “slat armor” covering the tanks also offers realistic protection from RPGs.

The icing on the cake is the customization system, which allows you to add camouflage and the previously mentioned slat armor. 

If you like big world maps, this game’s for you!

1. Battlefield V

In total, there are 9 tanks in this game, my favorite one being the Valentine AA MK I - it’s mobile, can snipe other tanks across long distances, and easily pulverize infantry in close combat. There are also other tanks, such as:

  • Churchill Gun Carrier
  • Churchill MK VII
  • Flakpanzer IV
  • Panzer 38(t)
  • Staghound T17E1
  • Tiger I
  • Valentine MK VII

Tanks in this game can be upgraded with perks, they’re all different in terms of speed, aiming and controls. Battlefield 5 also has a long array of maps with urban areas and different terrains(snow maps, deserts, etc) - so getting bored of dogfighting with tanks is pretty much impossible.

Although this game might seem historically inaccurate, it’s worth looking into for it its gorgeous graphics and awesome, large-scale battles that include tanks, infantry, aircraft and other light vehicles. 

I believe that when it comes to tank gameplay, BF V takes the cake and seemed the most enjoyable to me. Controls seemed, comfortable, combat with infantry and other tanks was incredibly fun, and had plenty of fun sniping tanks across the map - try this game out, let’s try to keep it alive for a while, at least!

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