Top 15 Online Multiplayer War Games

15 best online multiplayer war games
Whether war changes is really up to you, isn't it?

What Are The Best Online Multiplayer War Games?

The thrill of combat, the sound of blazing guns and artillery fire, battle on land, sea and in the air - nothing quite compares to a great war game.

There’s a huge selection of games out there which offer you the experience of fighting alongside other players in a grand field of battle.

Here are 15 incredible games which put you right into the action!

15. Foxhole

Foxhole sets itself apart from most military games with one thing - no battle is isolated. Every fight, every mission and every encounter is part of a greater ongoing war, with each soldier being a player contributing to the war effort in some way. If you ever wanted to see what true military logistics is like and what an impact a single soldier can have, this is the game for you.

Awesome things you can do in Foxhole:

  • Take part in a war where every soldier is a player, every battle matters and every action counts.
  • Build bases, strategize, do recon or go into battle - choose how you will affect the outcome of the war yourself.
  • Join other players both in conquering territories owned by the enemy and defending your own against enemy incursions.
  • Immerse yourself with a player-driven story combined with realistic representation of logistics, strategy and more.
  • Use every advantage you can get, from weather and time of day to enemy composition and base layout to claim victory both in battle and in the war!

Official Foxhole site

Play as a single soldier, do missions and become a legend in your faction.

Battle, raid, conquer and rebuild in an intense, ongoing war which has no end.


In RUNNING WITH RIFLES, you start as no more than a common soldier, but you can become so much more. You’ll define your own path, joining your comrades in battle or heading behind enemy lines in search of glory. Don’t be fooled by the simple premise and appearance - the game has immense depth and quite the difficulty curve, so it’ll take more than just “running with rifles” to survive!

Awesome things you can do in RUNNING WITH RIFLES:

  • Explore hundreds of highly varied maps and locations.
  • Fight against skilled AI or other players in either Co-op, PvP and other modes.
  • Utilize a realistic cover system and apply real-world tactics to survive the battle.
  • Equip yourself with dozens of different items, from weapons and cover items to vehicles.
  • Play through various missions in multiplayer or play the single player campaign to challenge yourself!


Join over 40 players in exciting tactical gameplay and fight the AI or other players.

Learn to use cover, vehicles, the environment and more to gain the advantage.

13. Heroes & Generals

Heroes & Generals emulates a real-time war between thousands of players, with the ultimate goal for each army to take over 15 cities first. Set in real locations in WWII, the game will have you on the edge of your seat as you fight for dominance. You’ll get the chance to fight on the ground, in a tank, from the skies and more.

Awesome things you can do in Heroes & Generals:

  • Choose your role in battle, whether it’s recon, ground infantry, tank crew, landing as a paratrooper or fighting in the skies as a fighter pilot.
  • Contribute to the war with every one of your actions, in every single battle and skirmish.
  • Unlock and use a plethora of weapons, ammunition, vehicles and equipment.
  • Gain special combat badges which you can equip to gain buffs in battle.
  • Ran up and become a general, able to allocate resources, strategize and deploy troops into battle.

Official Heroes & Generals site

Engage in massive, exciting battles on real WWII battlefields.

Fight on land or in the skies, the choice is entirely yours.

12. Mount and Blade Warband

You have arrived in Calradia: an empire split into six factions torn apart by constant war, the roads and villages ravaged by bandits and pretenders scattered across the land. You enter the fray for one reason or another, whether it is search for glory and power, the need for money or wanderlust, but your ultimate goal remains the same. Assemble your band of troops, take on the other lords of Calradia and claim its throne for yourself!

Awesome things you can do in Mount & Blade: Warband:

  • Recruit troops from one of six factions or hire mercenaries, level them up and grow your army!
  • Start with an army of levies fighting bandits and raise your rank to fight the lords and kings of Calradia, aided with a force of elite troops!
  • Take part in field and siege battles, commanding your troops from the front lines and getting your hands dirty yourself!
  • Play in pitched multiplayer battles against opponents with varied equipment and skills.
  • Unite Calradia under your banner and become its one true king!

Mount & Blade: Warband on the TaleWorlds store.

Build and command your army of elite troops from different factions.

Join the heat of battle both against units controlled by the AI and real opponents in the online multiplayer mode.

11. Insurgency

Insurgency brings warfare to the streets in a team-based multiplayer experience. You’ll be taking part in close-quarters combat, controlling crucial points, destroying supplies and doing much more. Teamwork will be vital, as only the better team will be able to win each match.

Awesome things you can do in Insurgency:

  • Utilize over 40 realistic weapons with specialized attachments and gunplay based in real life.
  • Play on 16 different maps with day and night versions, set in locations ranging from the deserts of Africa to the towns and cities of the East.
  • Try out 7 multiplayer game modes with as many as 32 players taking part in every match.
  • Test out your skills in offline practice against bots of varied difficulties, learning new tricks and trying out new weapons.
  • Create and use custom content via the Steam Workshop, from maps and skins to brand new weapons and game modes.

Official Insurgency website.

Work together with your team to achieve victory.

Use appropriate weapons, attachments and gear if you want to have the edge.

10. Verdun

Take to the trenches of World War I in this exciting, realistic multiplayer experience. You’ll be sent to the Western front and take part in some of the bloodiest battles in history, crawling through trenches and charging through the open fields upon command. Verdun is incredibly immersive both with its atmosphere and gameplay - if you want to experience WWI to its fullest, this is it.

Awesome things you can do in Verdun:

  • Immerse yourself in the war with historical weapons and equipment, paired with realistic physics and effects.
  • Choose your nation and your squad type to determine your position, rank and equipment in the war.
  • Fight in dynamic and historically accurate trench battles with charges, pushes, retreats and more.
  • Play on historical battlefields, paired with fantastic music, visual and sound design for an epic and immersive experience.
  • Challenge yourself in different game modes and against a huge amount of players to hone your skills.

Verdun website.

Fight in realistic trench battles, complete with defending against the enemy and charging in the name of your nation and glory.

Utilize real life equipment and tactics to keep yourself alive in the face of death and destruction.

9. Holdfast: Nations At War

In Holdfast: Nations At War you will join the lines of infantrymen, sailors and officers taking part in the Napoleonic Wars. Pick up your rifle, ready the cannons, set sail and fight for your fatherland. With over 150 players per server, the action will never stop.

Awesome things you can do in Holdfast:

  • Join the ranks of over 150 soldiers, whether they’re sailors, line infantry or cannoneers, as you charge down your enemies.
  • Take to the seas with historically inspired sailing vessels and duel other ships one on one, or join large squadron operations.
  • Arm yourself and take part in battle however you wish - if that means taking a rifle on the front lines or supporting the troops with mortar fire is up to you.
  • Choose your own class, from sailor to general with everything in between available to you.
  • Challenge yourself with highly varied combat against other players - use swords, naval cannons and rifles effectively if you wish to achieve victory.

Official Holdfast site.

Join the ranks of a massive standing army with over 150 people on the server.

Hold valuable positions and utilize various useful tactics to gain the advantage.

8. World of Warships

World of Warships is a free-to-play naval combat simulator which places you at the helm of a great naval vessel. Join your squadron and take to the seas to face the enemy. With a wide selection of ships to unlock, from destroyers to carriers, you’ll be able to test out the might of the navy firsthand.

Awesome things you can do in World of Warships:

  • Choose one of over 200 historical naval vessels and rule the waves.
  • Fight in 31 different locations with varied climates, advantages and disadvantages.
  • Experience the effect of weather on naval combat - rain, fog and snow can change the tides of battle at any time.
  • Try out different scenarios, with objectives like holding forts, escorting ships and rescuing survivors.
  • Recruit and upgrade your commanders, combine their abilities with those of your ships and become a feared admiral!

Official World of Warships website.

Unlock new ships of various classes from all across the world.

Fight intense battles against the enemy, securing your own vital points while damaging those of your opponent.

7. Arma 3

ARMA 3 is what many would call the ultimate military sandbox. With incredible dedication to realism down to the tiniest detail, it provides you with an engine for simulating any battle, any engagement and any war. With hundreds of dedicated servers, developed mods and communities out there, you can fine tune your gameplay experience to be whatever you want it to be.

Awesome things you can do in ARMA 3:

  • Explore a massive map of a mediterranian island, spanning over 290 square kilometers with a huge variety of environments.
  • Try out over 20 different vehicles, both on land, sea and in the air.
  • Utilize the 40+ weapons, with modded weapons and equipment available to you via mods.
  • Play through a thrilling single-player campaign or join one of the hundreds of servers available online, each with their own communities, battlefields, game modes and more.
  • Create your own content and use that of others - ARMA 3 is a sandbox which provides you with all the tools necessary for creating the military action game of your dreams.

ARMA III website.

Utilize specialized arsenals for whatever task is at hand and cooperate with your allies.

Experience real military strategy and tactics, with all the stress and excitement involved.

6. Battlefield 5

BATTLEFIELD is the classic, tried-and-true series of online multiplayer shooters, and the latest installment brings the game back to World War 2. Use historical weapons, including experimental ones, and fight across the world. Whether it's in the deserts of Africa, the towns of France or the hills of Russia, you’ll have to work with your team if you want to outmatch your opposition.

Awesome things you can do in BATTLEFIELD 5:

  • Fight on historical battlefields from all around the world and every theater of the war.
  • Use weapons both utilized in WW2 and only experimented with, not having seen battlefield use.
  • Use a selection of vehicles strategically to face your opponents in the field.
  • Fight across varied terrain and even in towns full of different destructible environments.
  • Try out Grand Operations, a multiplayer mode with a 4 day narrative, where each mission affects the fight the following day.

Battlefield 5 on EA's website.

Choose your loadout and fight in huge battles across all theaters of battle.

Experience non-stop action and excitement in a fight against dozens of other players.

5. War Thunder

War Thunder is a game focused on the military aspects of aviation, armor and naval warfare. You will need to combine the efforts of all three and carefully plan your battle along with your allies to succeed. With over a 1000 different vehicles and a huge number of situations to fight in, you will find hundreds of hours of enjoyment in this fantastic game.

Awesome things you can do in War Thunder:

  • Choose from over 1000 different vehicles in the air, on land or on the sea.
  • Fight in 80 different maps representing true historical battlefields.
  • Play on any platform you prefer - Windows PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One are all supported.
  • Fight other players in intense PvP battles, adjusting the difficulty of your missions and controls according to your own level of skill.
  • Create, share and download custom content in War Thunder Live, even having the option to earn real revenue from your creations!

War Thunder website.

Fight intense battles against real players across the skies, land and sea.

Use over 1000 different real-world vehicles, planes, helicopters and sea vessels.

4. World of Tanks

World of Tanks, as the name implies, is a game all about tanks. With over 600 models from all nations to choose from, those of us who are fans of WWII armor will have a blast - literally! Take control of your vehicle and go out to war against the enemy team, and may the best crewman win!

Awesome things you can do in World of Tanks:

  • Pick from over 600 different tanks originating in 11 countries from the mid 20th century.
  • Fight on 40+ different battlegrounds which will require you to adjust your strategies to win.
  • Face off other players in large scale 15 vs 15 battles to show off your tanks and skills using them.
  • Appreciate the incredible attention to detail, as every tank has been rendered to completion and even the smallest of details has been designed with accuracy.
  • Grow you tank collection and become more skilled to climb the ranks and fight even tougher opponents!

WoT official site.

Work with your teammates and use the environment to your advantage to win.

Collect, modify and customize over 600 different tanks and armored vehicles.

3. Star Wars Battlefront II 2017

Greatly improved since its rocky launch, Star Wars Battlefront II brings the epic action of the Star Wars franchise right to your computer! Head into the depths of space or the surfaces of distant planets to fight for a cause you believe in, whether it’s the order of the empire or the freedom of the rebellion. Battle with, against and alongside heroes of the Star Wars franchise and become a legend yourself!

Awesome things you can do in Star Wars Battlefront II 2017:

  • Fight with up to 40 different players in intense battles across several planets from the series, using iconic weapons, units, vehicles and more.
  • Take part in huge, action-packed dogfights in space, fielding up to 24 player pilots.
  • Play as and against heroes and villains from the franchise from Han Solo and Finn to Darth Maul and Darth Vader.
  • Influence the flow of battle with your actions - even killing NPC units or simple ground troops can change the tides of battle.
  • Unlock new weapons, units and characters simply by playing.

Battlefront II on the official EA store.

Pilot a ship and fight in intense battles in space with 24 other players.

Take on the role of a regular trooper or a hero of the franchise in battles across different planets!

2. Squad

Squad is a game which is an incredibly strong contender for being the best large-scale multiplayer military shooter on the market. With an emphasis on realism and teamwork, Squad aims to bridge the gap between arcade shooter and military simulator. If you want to have a blast, try out all kinds of military gear and do so with some level of accuracy, this is the best choice for you.

Awesome things you can do in Squad:

  • Fight on massive, open maps across multiple servers, built for using all kinds of vehicles.
  • Face off against your opponents in huge 40 vs 40 matches.
  • Adapt to the needs of the battlefield - construct anti-air or anti-tank guns, build cover or use what you find in the field, up to you.
  • Cooperate with your teammates at every turn, as only good communication will result in a swift victory.
  • Experience every aspect of fighting on the field and outwit your opponents with advanced tactics and teamwork.

Official Squad website.

Fight in massive battles well-suited for the use of different armored vehicles.

Work together with your squad to take on your opponents.

1. Call to Arms

Call to Arms is essentially two games in one - an RTS game requiring great knowledge of tactics and an action-packed shooter. As a commander of your troops, you’ll also be able to take direct control of a single soldier of vehicle on the field to change the course of battle directly. But remember - your opponents can do the same, so be prepared for anything!

Awesome things you can do in Call to Arms:

  • Face off against other players, both as a commander in the RTS mode and a soldier in the shooter mode.
  • Play through the single player campaign or try your hand against other commanders online.
  • Field real world historical weapons, tanks, aircraft and more!
  • Unlock brand new equipment by leveling up your commander.
  • Climb through the ranks and fight even stronger commanders, discover new tactics and the best combinations of equipment and so much more!

Official Call to Arms site.

Select your equipment and use advanced tactics to lead your men to victory.

Take direct control of your troops in order to gain the tactical edge.

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