Ultimate List of Best War Games for PC

Best War Games PC
Just keep firing when playing these war games!

Whether you want to battle knights, robots, monsters, or even other players on your PC adventures these games are right for you! Some of these games are old, some are new, and others are fun no matter when you play them. So grab a snack as we take a look at 30 of the best war games ever made for PC.

Best Medieval War games

 1. Stronghold Crusader HD

Stronghold HD gameplay

This game takes players to the Holy Land, bringing the classic RTS and classic castle management gaming to the sands of the Middle East. The battles are fiercer than ever. Farmland is restricted to precious oasis grassland. Mercenaries sell themselves to the highest bidder, and players must fight European and Arabian foes alike in the hot and dry deserts.

With mercenaries to hire, battles of up to 10,000 units on the screen at one time, and over 70 linked combat missions, this game promises hours of fun as your castle stands firm against the beating sun while the sand is stained with the blood of your enemies.

Build your castle, and then defend it in the hot desert sun.

Hold the line in the shifting sand against thousands of troops

2. Medieval 2 Total War

Large siege battle gameplay

Have you ever wanted to destroy the Arab armies during the first Crusade? What about taking over the English peninsula as Spain? These two scenarios and more can be done  in Medieval 2 Total War, which has the player lead a faction to glory during the heights of the Middle Ages.

The unit and battle system has been improved over Rome Total War. Now soldiers  not only look different from their fellows but also can fight with specific attacks based on who they are fighting against and the weapons that they wield. Battles are now far bloodier and carry even more importance as players fight the tide of total war!

Lead your armies in glorious battle to take hostile castles and towns

Prepare your forces to hold off Invasions of the West from the Mongol Horde!

3. Crusader Kings II

CK2 crusader gameplay

Crusader Kings II has players fight the largest battle of the middle ages: Keeping a family together. This game as a player takes on the role of a king, count, or prince. Then the character must travel through the middle ages and try and get married to establish a lineage.

Much like real kings during the time, keeping a bloodline and lineage going is certainly difficult. Poison, backstabbing, war, and marriage are all tools that players can use to eliminate their enemies and gain allies in order to keep their family alive.

Work with or against far-off China, and gain powerful bonuses.

Capture, Ransom, and torture lords who have fallen before your blade!

4. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

M&B 2 gameplay first look

For anyone who has played Mount and Blade or its many expansions, the old Calradic empire has been mentioned before. In Bannerlord, the empire is collapsing, leaving the player with the task of surviving the political upheaval.

Eight larger factions and countless minor ones will battle, ally, betray and destroy one another for power, and the player will have to do the same. This open world sandbox will feature new weapons, player-requested features, love, and upgraded graphics. It’s a no-brainer that we’ll be spending just as many hours in this version of Calradia as we do in the previous games.

Command your forces with all new siege equipment and tactics, making every battle different.

Explore rich environments in peace and in war.

5. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Epic Chivalry Medieval Warfare gameplay

In this large and bloody battle game, players can choose from four unit types and participate in duels, castle sieges, defenses, and even capture the flag. With new free skins, weapons, maps, and items coming out every few months, the game has enough content to keep every medieval soldier knee deep in blood and steel.

Cutting down thugs and knights. Crushing their heads in with warhammers. Dumping arrows and burning oil down upon enemies. The number of historical ways to kill someone in this Battle Royale is a little scary. With two factions fighting one another in endless war and several modes to choose from, the hack and slash combat won’t get boring!

I’m gonna say it… That’s gotta hurt!

Watch bloody duels and finishers happen right before your eyes!

Best MMO War Games

1. Foxhole

Foxhole defense gameplay

Gather resources. Transport supplies. Create weapons. Go to war. Foxhole drops every player into the camp of one of two chosen factions, forcing each and every one to work with allies to complete every cycle of the war effort.

Player actions and the in-game economy are much more than secondary objectives because while warriors are fighting, other players are resupplying them with ammo and repairing defenses. Players drive the entire game, and in Foxhole, it’s not enough to join the war… you have to join the war effort.

Build defenses and fortifications to protect your supply trucks

Fight to hold the line and work with your team to survive the enemy onslaught.

2. War Thunder

(War thunder air combat gameplay)

Planes vs boats vs tanks is about the best way to describe the chaos of War Thunder. Players have 800 vehicles from almost all eras of time to command. Three game modes empathize domination and destruction as teams of players battle it out over the map.

Frantic dogfights over cites. Desperate naval battles against blockades. Last stand base defenses. These and more can all be done in War Thunder. Players can tweak the gameplay to be as realistic or as simple as they want. With epic battles and a massive amount of vehicles, this is one explosive war that won’t end any time soon.

Use the overwhelming power of tanks and planes to shatter your foes!

Just be sure your machine is the last one standing.

3. Heroes and Generals

Heroes and Generals infantry gameplay

With a three-way war between the United States, the Soviet Union, and Germany breaking out, players must fight for their faction to survive. Blast your  way through the enemy in several game modes. Vehicles and weapons from the WW2 era are also available as are three game modes.

Skirmishes have two teams fighting tooth and nail over control points, shooting and bombing their way through the enemy to gain as much of an advantage as they can. The battle against opponents and time often causes these bloody fights to be nail-biters, with the outcome changing the game.

Prepare an ambush and communicate with your team on the best time to strike!

March through beautiful environments about to be stained by war.

4. World of Warships

World of Warships ship battle

The ocean is over 70% water and in this game, it’s all yours to fight over. Heavy battleships, supportive aircraft carriers, deadly destroyers, and large cruisers are all available for use in the battlefield. Ships from eleven navies are represented in the game, and experience gained from battles can increase the power of your  ship.

Epic bombardments, tactical maneuvering, and communication between teams. These are the three things you need to survive in this water war, and with the game being updated frequently to include more ships the battle on the seas doesn’t look to be ending soon.

Bombard your foes and send them to the bottom!

Cut through the water like a knife and evade your pursuers

5. Crossout

Builds by the community gameplay

Crafting in combat games. While it doesn’t sound interesting the world of Crossout makes it all worthwhile when your death mobile rips another one open! Players have to work with the various factions in the world to gain parts and resources to upgrade a killer car.

Imagination is key. If you want a car with more spikes than a porcupine, good. A truck that can shoot faster than a chain gun? Done! A radar dish to help locate foes, it’s there! Then players can pit their machines in high gear explosive combat until only one team survives in the post-apocalyptic dusk track.

Gotta love it when a death mobile explodes!

Evade! Rockets incoming!

Best SciFi War Games

1. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2

Faction war gameplay

Bolt guns, Orks, monsters, and bloody combat. What else can it be but Warhammer 40K? This entry to the franchise focuses on RTS combat and not the base building side, instead forcing players to choose between planets and objectives on those planets. Then units are selected that best match with the choices.

Epic gunfights force the use of cover, limited reinforcements make every soldier life a priority, and the leaders of squads can level up with experience based on battle. Every mission is a tactical risk, every death matters, and every move a player makes sets the stage for the war to come. This game is a ride through the fires of war, and players will either thrive or burn.

Nothing like razing defenseless buildings that can’t fight back right?

Rip apart your enemies in some of the bloodiest combat yet!

2. StarCraft 2

Terran battles gameplay

With three factions battling for galactic supremacy, and a dominion of humans oppressing their own species, the main character from StarCraft 1 makes a massive return. As a galactic mercenary, players must gather allies to destroy the Terran Dominion and defeat the Zerg.

With large RTS battles, a gripping story, and thrilling expansion packs, Starcraft 2 allows battles in both static and changing environments. A room might flood with lava or attacks from enemies will only happen when darkness falls. Tactics, alliances, and allies will change, and by the end of the game, players might not know who to trust.

Use both alien, human, and mechanized units in your conquest!

Be careful when airstrikes on your base come calling!

3. Eve Online

Massive battle gameplay

In this game, the player writes the story. Over 7,500 stars, a massive player driven economy, and a battle filled history await those willing to delve into the galaxy. With one server and one universe to fight in and explore, players can do whatever they want.

Join a faction, fight against NPC ships, make a virtual fortune trading, or commit acts of piracy to achieve your goals. Every choice you make allows your ship to carve out its own legacy. Just remember that no matter how good you are, there’s always a better ship out there. And it wants to blow you away.

Eve online boasts some of the biggest battles known to sci-fi wargaming

Customize your ships for every engagement and fight to survive in lawless space

4. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

Large space battle gameplay

Even in a massive spacefaring empire, problems will develop. With new rebel and loyalist factions to contend with, the player will have to keep their empire stable. Threats from within can cripple even the largest empire. New Titians and ships change the way battles are fought, and cutthroat space pirates will join the war for the highest bidder.

Choose a side and play familiar characters and factions in different ways. New playstyles force adaptation while the lines between allies and enemies blur. All this is brought to life with tactical space battles. While beautiful visuals complement the effects of watching foes burn in their ruined ships.

Beautiful battles in gorgeous environments await players, just don’t let it distract you!

Build and defend massive space stations and fleets

5. Planetside 2

Planetside 2 battle

With three factions locked in a perpetual war for a single planet. First person action, vehicle, and air warfare all belong to the player as they fight to take territory and destroy their enemies. Each class and vehicle has its own strengths and weaknesses to ensure every class meets a particular playstyle. With this in mind, battles are never the same.

Players can battle over various terrain, over various weapons, and can fight for certain goals. Players can also build their own mini-bases and work with other players to create defensive fortifications that can add a new twist to the fight. The game never grows stale, and players can certainly say they will fight on Planetside 2 until the war ends.

Rifle vs Tank… I think I know who’s gonna win this fight.

Fight with your team and forge battle bonds that will transcend the game

Best FPS War Games

1. Battlefield V

Battlefield 5 gameplay

This game returns players to WW2, bringing new gameplay, new characters, and squad mechanics along with the massive multiplayer battles the game is known for. The game intends to keep the action fresh and fast. Systems allow players to spawn wherever they wish to keep the front line or tactical piece of terrain contested.

The hot action will have a story based campaign that tells stories throughout WW2, highlighting little-known features and facts. As well as epic FPS battles focusing on conquest and single and multiplayer modes in beautiful and destructive environments.

Fight in epic and beautiful dogfights in multiplayer matches!

Travel through war-torn cities and ruins in the War Stories campaign.

2. Insurgency Sandstorm

Insurgency sandstorm beta gameplay

Insurgency sandstorm is the sequel to Insurgency, a multiplayer shooter. Players will be challenged to fight  both AI controlled and player controlled foes. Battles will be fast-paced, close quarters, and focused on mobile survival while also putting the fear of war back into wargaming.

With heavy sound design and beautiful graphics to simulate the real world, the real fear of war is back in the game.  With every action and stationary movement a potential cause of death.. Players can expect to feel like they are in a war zone. And the feeling won’t be good.

Realize that death lurks around every corner, and always be ready to fight.

Even from this distance, don’t count yourself safe from enemy fire!

3. Squad

Squad Gameplay

One of the few FPS’s set during the modern day, this game features 9 man squads fighting to control the battlefield . With both national armies and rebel groups available, the game boasts 50 vs 50 combat. Communication is stated to be a key tool, both between armies and squads in order to achieve victory.

The game is immersive and requires working with teammates, and much like Insurgency, the sound design and reliance on using communication from other players puts the fear back into war games as the battle goes on.

Think on your feet in fast-paced combat situations!

Which gun to choose? Why not all of them!

4. ARMA 3

Arma 3 singleplayer gameplay

This game sees WW3 break out as U.S and NATO forces battle a group of Middle Eastern and Asian nations in Europe. The single player campaign sees players commanding a U.S soldier, who is forced to deal with the war and its aftermath. Arma 3 also has multiplayer modes that are both player made and officially released.

Battles are massive and let players use vehicles, helicopters, and over 50 weapons. Use your squad to hold territory, work with coordinated attacks, and battle against both human and AI foes in fast-paced action combat.

Any game where you can use a rocket is a good game!

Squad pose! We’ll beat the enemies by simply looking awesome!

5. Verdun

Verdun Gameplay

Setting players back into the First World War, this game is bloody, gory, team-based combat. Four game modes send players running across the hell of no man’s land to capture trenches and hold them. Force the squad to battle waves of enemies in decive combat, or fight attrition battles where making enemies bleed is the priority.

Attrition mode is particularly savage because every player death can bring down the team. If you die enough times before killing your foes, the game is over. Although the bloody and realistic gameplay is awesome, attrition mode will draw players away from the sounds of gunshots. Survival is more important.

Get used to losing and retaking trenches, that’s what this game is all about!

Charge men! Charge!

Best Fantasy War Games

1. Endless legend

Endless legend Necrophages gameplay

This 4x strategy game has the player take control of one of 15 factions and attempt to trade, build, and sustain an empire. The game is randomized with every map to ensure that each playthrough is different. Much like other 4x games, diplomacy and war are used to expand influence and collect resources.

Every faction brings a unique playstyle to the game, forcing players to change their style with every play through. Some factions gain resources through conquering others, some through science and research, and some through the completion of quests, forcing a new playstyle every game.

Fight massive hex and turn-based battles.

Rally your navy to defend the coasts

2. Age of Wonders 3

Age of Wonders 3 explanation video

This game sees players take on the burden of leadership within an Empire. Unlike previous games in the series, the game will have players use RPG tropes to create their character and leader by using classes and skills to customize their ruler.  Exploration can lead to the discovery of new units and allies that can further change the way the game is played.

Large battles take place on a hexagonal grid with action points as currency.  Using them armies can maneuver units to smash an elven army’s flanks, rain arrows down on the heads of orcs, and use magic against humans. Players will be forced to think tactically in order to win. Especially as the battles and stakes get higher.

Be prepared to hold the gates or take it for yourself!

Lands of fire and ice collide! (And it’s not Game of Thrones!

3. The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth 2

LOTR: 2V2 battle

 Have you ever wanted to join the factions of Middle Earth and destroy Sauron for good, or perhaps bring death to Rivendell and the other good forces? In LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth 2, you can. The players can choose to join either the Good or evil forces and seek to purge the other from the land.

The RTS combat is combined with base building to create units, upgrade them, and prepare an army large enough to assault and destroy the enemy base. Along with men, elves, and goblins as playable factions. Several iconic LOTR’s characters appear, such as Gandalf and Sauron, to provide aid to your armies as your forces clash for the fate of all Middle Earth!

Battle foes in various locations in Middle Earth

Push on men! And Horses!

4. Total War: Warhammer II

Lizardman vs High Elves gameplay

Warhammer and Total War go together, and Warhammer 2 proves it splendidly. Players choose from one of four factions as a great portal in the Warhammer world begins to become unstable. These four factions, the Lizardmen, Skaven, and Light and Dark Elves each have a different desire for the portal, and war soon breaks out.

What makes the game so great is its strategy and the way it breaks boundaries. Having traditional sieges interrupted by dragons dueling in the sky or having magic shatter a battle line forces players to think on the fly. Use the powers of heroes  powers to summon reinforcements or call down fireballs. They will soon become necessary for survival in the tense battles that break out with the passage of time.

Command mighty air forces and monsters to bring a new spin on the classic Total War saga

Can we all just agree how cool this army looks!

5. Age of Mythology extended edition

Age of mythology gameplay

Age of Mythology tasks players with building a city and maintaining a tribe of either Greeks, Norse, or Egyptians. Patron Gods are selected before the game begins, with each one providing a special benefit. Will you side with Zeus, Thor, Isis, or any of the other selections? Choose carefully because each God can provide different bonuses to loyal worshipers.

Using a God’s special ability and keeping up favor and worship of your people soon becomes important. Ensure that your temples and warriors are protected in order to stop the wrath of the gods from turning on you instead of your foes.

Pit men vs legends during battles as gods and titans clash

Build and hold massive cities to prepare for the coming battle

Best RTS War Games

1. Hearts of Iron IV

Hoi4 gameplay

Stopping Germany before it ever invades Poland? Gaining allies in the Winter War and destroying Russia? Stopping the attack on Pearl Harbor? These all sound impossible, but can all be done in Hearts of Iron IV. This Grand Strategy game allows players to take command of any nation and prepare them for the flashpoint of WW2.

Decisions can be as major as strategically choosing which faction to side with or staying non-aligned. While on the battlefield some decisions can be small and reliant on the weather, time of day, and the supplies your forces have. Both support for the war itself as well as the preparation leading to it must be considered by players to succeed when the shooting finally starts, making everyone an armchair general.

Prepare your troops carefully before launching an attack!

With the alternate history that Paradox is known for, some wacky things can happen in game!

2. Ultimate General Civil War

Ultimate general gameplay

The smell of gun smoke, the sounds of cannons, and the feel of a nation divided are apparent for players of this Civil War title. 50 battles await players as they go through the North and South campaign. Like many others on this list, strategy off the battlefield is also important. Especially with supply lines, because nothing is more terrifying than showing up at the war and having no ammo!

Battles are beautiful and very much total war like. Soldiers shoot, charge, and slash as they fight one another, and players are allowed to focus on one thing at a time. If the character in charge is an army commander, they command the whole force, and if they are a corps commander, they command a corps. With less micro, players can focus on the battle as a whole.

Epic shootouts and tactical decisions will seal the fate of every move you make!

Fight massive battles and try to hold the nation together amid the bloodiest war in history

3. Steel division: Normandy 44

Steel campaign gameplay

This game is set in the titular Normandy during the allied invasion of France after D-day. Has players select several units such as tanks, aircraft, and infantry and then use those units to fight against the AI’s selection. Much like Total War, Player’s units can rout and panic if too close to an explosion or if they suffer losses.

The battles are phase based, with smaller scout units skirmishing first. Followed by tougher support as the Skirmish becomes a battle. Then the big guns come out to make the fighting even greater, and those big guns need supplies. Epic 10 on 10 player wars can be fought over farmland and bridges, making communication and action the best weapons you will have.

Choose from a wide range of units to optimize your force

Prepare the bombers!

4. Frostpunk

Frostpunk campaign gameplay

‘The city must survive’ is the tagline for this game, and achieving it is harder than one might think. Set during a future where the sun has been blocked out and winter has covered the Earth, players lead a group of survivors. Massive coal generators provide warmth, and players have to build cities around them.

It sounds simple, but political discontent and human nature cause problems. The player is forced to toe the thin line between total control and democracy. Each choice brings hard consequences, moral dilemmas and the potential for unrest to swallow the city whole. The city might survive, but will your humanity die in the cold?

Build massive buildings and machines to combat the cold

Make hard choices to deal with the hope and unrest of your people

5. Total War Arena

(Total war arena gameplay)

Total War Arena forces players to work together during massive 60,000 troops 10 vs 10 battles. Players choose from 14 generals across four factions: The Greeks, Romans, Barbarians, and Carthage. Then they are thrust into massive battles that require working as a team.

Much like ancient era battles where a commander would entrust command to generals, Total War Arena does the same. No one player can gain victory alone, and only by working with allies and adapting to the battlefield will victory be achieved. The game is still in Alpha, but any commander can join the battle during development.

Use the land to your advantage

Command massive forces across large landscapes

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