10 Best Grand Strategy Games To Play in 2019/2020

Best grand strategy games
Conquering entire worlds has never been more accessible.

What Are The Best Grand Strategy Games?

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to grand strategy games, and not all of them are incredible.

But some of them certainly are, and some you just need to check out! Here’s a list of 10 grand strategy games to keep you entertained for the next year!

10. Europa Universalis IV

A personal favorite of mine, EU4 offers an immense amount of replayability and enjoyment with hundreds of nations to play. From the empires of the east to the native tribes of the Americas, there’s so much content in the game you’ll never get bored. Take on your enemies, colonize the new world and do so much more!

Exciting things you can do in EU4:

  • Conquer new lands and grow your empire!
  • Develop your country, creating the greatest cities the world had ever seen!
  • Colonize the new world, Africa, the Indies and more!
  • Become one of the major players in the Thirty Years War!
  • Change the course of history by carving out your own empire!

EU4 on the official Paradox website.

Colonize the new world and fight for your place in it.

Conquer new lands and manage your empire with all it entails.

9. Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV is a military simulation game which lets you take control of a nation at the dawn of World War II. Build your armies and prepare yourself for the greatest war in the history of our civilization to ravage the earth. Choose a side, conquer your neighbors and establish a world order with your nation at its core.

Exciting things you can do in HOI4:

  • Change the very course of history - alter the paths of nations in WWII and claim victory for those otherwise defeated.
  • See how the aid of a single small nation could turn the tides of war.
  • Simulate real battles, encirclements and decisions made by military leaderships around the world.
  • Design intricate strategies while following along logistics - supplies, equipment, fuel and resources will all be required to defeat your enemies.
  • Dictate the terms of the peace conference and shape the world as you see fit.

HOI4 on the Paradox Store.

Build up your army and devise a strategy for invading your neighbors.

Make real historical decisions to change the tides of war.

8. Sid Meier's Civilization® V

Sid Meier’s Civilization® is a true classic of turn-based grand strategy games. Allowing you to choose from a variety of both ancient and modern civilizations, Civ V pits you against nations across the world. Do whatever it takes to win, exploit the resources around you and dominate your opponents in this beauty of a game.

Exciting things you can do in CIV 5:

  • Play one of over 40 different nations, each with their own bonuses, special units and buildings.
  • Explore both randomly generated worlds and maps of the real world as you grow your empire.
  • Build wonders of the world from all ages, from the Colossus of Rhodes to Broadway, granting your nation huge bonuses!
  • Build up your army and fight for land and resources against your opponents.
  • Claim victory through conquest, science, culture, religion or diplomacy!

Official Civilization website.

Build wonders which will be the envy of the entire world.

Do battle with your enemies and conquer the world, one way or another.

7. Stellaris

In Stellaris, you are not simply a single nation or leader. You are a species, striving for the control of the galaxy. Travel from solar system to solar system, discovering new planets and civilizations as you vie for power. With the looming threats of fallen empires and cataclysmic events, can you lead your people to greatness?

Exciting things you can do in Stellaris:

  • Create your own starting race and civilization, with their own unique view on life and the universe.
  • Manage diplomacy with other races - ally, conquer and enslave them at your own will!
  • Expand your reach across the galaxy by colonizing new planets.
  • Build impressive fleets to fight your wars across all of space!
  • Discover new technologies and outwit your enemies in warfare as well as diplomacy!

Stellaris on the Paradox store.

Expand your reach across the galaxy and build an impressive galactic empire.

Build up your fleet and engage in exciting space combat!

6.NOBUNAGA'S AMBITION: Sphere of Influence

Narrow your scope from the depths of space to that of feudal Japan in NOBUNAGA’S AMBITION: Sphere of Influence. It is the Warring States period, and you’re one of the great Daimyos of Japan. Seize control of the land and advance on your neighbors to become the nation’s shogun and lead your nation to glory!

Exciting things you can do in NOBUNAGA’S AMBITION: Sphere of Influence:

  • Take on the role of a great historical daimyo on a mission to unite Japan.
  • Fight exciting, real-time battles with samurai warriors and foreign armaments.
  • Build up your cities and search the lands for resources.
  • Assemble an army and conquer all of your neighbors.
  • Became the Shogun and unite all of Japan under your banner!

Official NOBUNAGA’S AMBITION website

Fight in epic, real-time battles over control of Japan.

Build up your nation by improving your cities and expanding your resources.

5. AI War 2

Take the action to space in this RTS/Grand Strategy hybrid! Take control of your fleets, take on the AI overlords of the galaxy and liberate your people! Strike with precision, not with emotion, plan your moves carefully and take on all the machines which face you.

Exciting things you can do in AI War 2:

  • Build up your fleet and fight against the hordes of AI spaceships!
  • Invest in new technologies and create super weapons to destroy your enemies!
  • Forge alliances and hire mercenaries to ensure victory!
  • Defend your planets against the onslaught of machines.
  • Decimate the AI troops and reconquer the galaxy!

Official AI War 2 website.

Assemble a massive fleet and take on the looming threat of artificial intelligence.

Grow your cities and protect your people.

4. Victoria II

Victoria II is the world’s best Victorian-era warfare, politics and economy simulator. You choose a country and lead it through the ages of industrialization, colonialism and the great wars. Balancing the economy, the needs of your population and the constant threat of war, will you be able to make your nation a true great power?

Exciting things you can do in Victoria II:

  • Build factories and subsidize industry, changing the economy of the entire world.
  • Take a nation through its history, reclaiming its ancestral and rightful lands - or conquering new ones.
  • Take part in the scramble for Africa, the claiming of the Wild West or the Australian outback!
  • Fight in the great wars of the world, dismantling the empires of your enemies!
  • Lead your country into a new age of democracy - or destroy it by creating a totalitarian dictatorship.

Victoria II on the Paradox Store

Balance the budget, the needs of your people and the demands of war.

Colonize distant lands and become the greatest power in the world.

3. Endless Space® 2

Dubbed a ‘Strategic Space Opera’, Endless Space 2 sends you to a mysterious universe, colonized by god-like beings ages ago. Explore ruins, uncover secrets, collect artifacts and much more as you build your empire. Encountering other civilized species is a matter of time - when you do, how will you treat them in turn?

Exciting things you can do in Endless Space® 2:

  • Build colonies on distant planets and expand them.
  • Research new, futuristic technologies which far surpass anything on Earth.
  • Build up your armies and wage war against other civilized species.
  • Establish and exploit trade between your colonies.
  • Discover the ancient secrets left behind the first colonizers of the universe.

Official Endless Space website

Build up fleets and fight against fantastic looking ships.

Explore the vast reaches of space as you grow your empire.

2. Egypt: Old Kingdom

In Egypt: Old Kingdom, you take the role of the ancient pharaohs of Egypt, destined for greatness. Unite the tribes, build up your capital and your kingdoms and build an empire stretching across the Nile. Egypt’s future is up to you - shape it as you will.

Exciting things you can do in Egypt: Old Kingdom:

  • Unite the ancient Egyptian tribes into a single massive empire.
  • Build up your capital of Memphis with a series of great improvements.
  • Research a variety of ancient era technologies and learn how the people lived and expanded their reach.
  • Defend yourself against aggressors as you grow your borders.
  • Build the ancient pyramids of Egypt, designing them yourself, from the materials used to the pottery inside.

The official site fore Egypt: Old Kingdom

Grow your settlement to expand your reach across Egypt and become a great empire.

Build great pyramids to the glory of your people and pharaohs.

1. Galactic Civilizations III

Galactic Civilizations III is one of the largest and most impressive grand strategy games out there. With each new game being an entirely new, sandbox experience, customizable ships and more, this game will entertain you indefinitely. Lead humanity as they explore the depths of space, encounter aliens, discover new technology and more.

Exciting things you can do in Galactic Civilizations III:

  • Play in procedurally generated maps with up to as many as 100 opponents!
  • Customize everything about your faction, from its name and flag to even the ships and technologies.
  • Indulge yourself in the economic system, full of unique resources and trade elements.
  • Create a brand new history for your people each time you play, as no two games will ever be alike.
  • Strategize, build your armies, conquer and attain victory over your foes - with different ways to victory always being open, including warfare, diplomacy and culture.

Official Galactic Civilizations III website.

Take part in intense inter-galactic warfare.

Design your own custom ships and send them out to battle your enemies.

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