11 Best 4x Games To Play in 2019/2020

Best 4x games 2019/2020
"eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate.

What Are The Best 4X Games?

4x strategy games allow you to build incredible empires you could otherwise only dream of.

From managing your economy to conquering new territories, these games have some of the most immersive gameplay mechanics out there, but it might be hard to decide exactly what to play with so many options available.

To help you out, here are 11 fantastic 4x strategy games for you to try today!

11. Stellaris

Stellaris takes your conquests to the edges of space as you build a galactic empire for your people. Research new technologies, conquer new realms and expand your domain. But act with care - you are not alone in the universe, and everyone else wants a share of it for themselves.

Exciting things to do in Stellaris:

  • Design your own civilization with a unique race, ethics, beliefs, technology and more.
  • Encounter alien species and choose to act diplomatically, go to war, enslave them and more.
  • Build your star fleet to conquer new realms for your empire.
  • Colonize distant planets, build up structures and grow your population.
  • Face against the very end of the world at the hands of disasters, alien monsters and ancient empires!

Stellaris on the Paradox store.

Command your fleets on your conquest of the galaxy.

Build up your colonies, space stations and more to face the alien threat.

10. Dominions 5: Warriors of the Faith

Dominions 5 may seem like a very simplistic and minimalistic game, given its appearance, but do not be fooled - there is more to this game than meets the eye. In Dominions 5, you play as a god - or, rather, a pretender aiming to take god’s throne. Build up your armies and lead your people to victory against the other pretenders with the aid of monsters, magic, artifacts and holy powers.

Exciting things to do in Dominions 5:

  • Design your own god - grant them a physical form, magical abilities and effects on their dominion.
  • Customize the strengths of your holy warriors, granting them protection of the elements, magical weapons and more.
  • Build up huge armies and enjoy massive battles as your forces collide with the enemy.
  • Utilize over 500 combat spells and even more ritual spells to give you the edge outside the field of battle.
  • Claim the thrones of ascension and become the one true god of the world - the Pantokrator!

Dominions 5 on Illwinter.

Build huge armies with over 3000 different troop types.

Utilize battlefield spells to decimate your enemy and reign supreme.

9. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion®

In Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, you must lead your space empire to glory in order to end all war in the universe. Diplomacy has failed, and with the great factions of the galaxy splintering further, it is up to you unify it again. Build up your forces and take on arms to unite the universe under your banner!

Exciting things to do in Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion:

  • Choose from one of four factions and play as either that faction’s rebels or loyalists.
  • Build up your fleets from the smallest of corvettes to the massive and incredibly powerful Titan-class warships.
  • Discover and utilize new technologies, each faction bearing different techs and aesthetics.
  • Take part in intense space battles involving a huge number of different space ships.
  • Claim victory over your foes through conquest and battle - whether by destroying them completely, having your capital be the last one standing, having the last capital ship and more.

Official Sins of a Solar Empire website

Wreak havoc upon your enemies through the use of super weapons.

Discover and build incredible pieces of alien technology.

8. Sid Meier's Civilization® V

Civilization 5 is a game of conquest, diplomacy and devastation. Choose one of over 40 different nations and leaders and stake your claim on the world. Based on the real world or randomly generated, this world will have you adapt to your surroundings, build new cities, fight your opponents and exploit the resources if you want to become the greatest civilization on Earth.

Exciting things to do in Civ 5:

  • Take charge of one of over 40 different nations, each with their special traits and mechanics.
  • Build world wonders from the ancient era to the space age.
  • Advance through the ages by researching new technologies, from understanding animal husbandry to discovering the internet.
  • Build up armies to fight against the barbarian hordes as well as your opponents on the game map.
  • Win through exploiting resources, developing your culture, conquering your foes and more!

Official Civilization website.

Build up improvements, wonders and more to grow your empire.

Create your armies to wage war against your enemies and conquer their lands.

7. AI War 2

In this RTS/Grand Strategy 4x hybrid, you’ll be your peoples’ last hope at defeating the machine menace which has overtaken the galaxy. Build up your forces, forge alliances and hire mercenaries to fight off the AI hordes. It is up to you whether your people can prosper once more - so take control and take back what should be yours!

Exciting things to do in AI War 2:

  • Create an impressive space fleet to take on the AI menace.
  • Research new technologies and even create a variety of planetary-scale superweapons!
  • Use diplomacy to forge alliances with the other sentient species across space.
  • Use your space and ground forces to defend against the invading machine hordes.
  • Reclaim the galaxy from the grasp of the machines and reign supreme!

Official AI War 2 website.

Build fantastical ships and space stations in your war against the AI.

Build huge space fleets and battle it out against the machine tyrants.

6. Endless Legend™

In Endless Legend, your goal is to rebuild. The world has been destroyed eons ago, an apocalypse your people can not explain - but the time has come to rise from the ashes and reclaim the lands. You are not alone in this, however - you’ll have to fight the other factions and races scattered around the world if you want to truly restore balance in the world - and the only true means of doing so remains conquest.

Exciting things to do in Endless Legend:

  • Emerge from your hideouts and reclaim the lands taken from you, building great cities.
  • Lead one of eight different civilizations on your quest to repopulate the world.
  • Build new towns and conquer those of your foes to expand your territory.
  • Discover new technologies to beat back the other, clearly more savage civilizations.
  • Conduct intricate strategies through the use of equipment, leaders, terrain and more.

Endless Legend official website.

Exploit the terrain and its resources to grow your empire.

Construct incredible marvels of technology and magic.

5. Endless Space® 2

In the mysterious universe of Endless Space 2, you must colonize a universe long abandoned by its previous inhabitants. Explore ancient ruins and discover secret artifacts scattered across space as you expand your empire. Be sure to build up your military and research new technology, too - you are not alone in the universe after all.

Exciting things to do in Endless Space 2:

  • Create new colonies to expand your galactic empire across space.
  • Invest in new technologies to get the edge over your foes.
  • Build up impressive fleets and armies to face off against the other sentient species.
  • Exploit the resources of your planets and set up trade between your colonies.
  • Explore the galaxy to uncover ancient ruins, artifacts and more left behind by your predecessors.

Official Endless Space website

Fight in intense space battles as your fleets clash.

Design custom spaceships complete with weapon modules and more.

4. Eador. Imperium

In Eador. Imperium you’ll be taken to a world where kingdoms must always fall, in time. But perhaps not yours. Build up your armies, hire heroes and fight your foes for dominance - the destiny of the imperium remains at stake. Will your kingdom prevail?

Exciting things to do in Eador. Imperium:

  • Play through a hand-crafted story campaign, featuring 4 main characters you get to play as.
  • Utilize heroes - special units which lead your troops into battle.
  • Expand your kingdom by creating now buildings, but make sure you protect them, too!
  • Balance your resource budget in order to keep your forces well maintained.
  • Enjoy a fantastic combination of grand strategy, RTS and turn-based tactical gameplay.

Eador Imperium on Snowbird Games.

Build fantasy armies and battle it out against your foes.

Construct expansive cities and town to grow your kingdom.

3.Galactic Civilizations III

In this massive and immersive grand strategy game, you’ll be leading your empire through space in randomly generated worlds, each different from the last. With nearly limitless options for customization, you’re not going to get bored. Advance your empire and conquer the entire universe!

Exciting things to do in Galactic Civilizations III:

  • Create fantastic new worlds to play in each time you start a game.
  • Design your own spaceships, commanders and more for a truly immersive experience.
  • Utilize unique resources as well as trade to grow your empire’s economy.
  • Customize your empire to the tiniest detail, hand-crafting their history to feet your personality and playstyle.
  • Build huge armies and conquer your foes or choose one of the many other paths of victory, such as diplomacy or technological supremacy.

Official Galactic Civilizations III website.

Encounter and wage war against a myriad of alien races.

Hire alien mercenaries in your effort to claim the entire galaxy.

2. Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Age of Wonders: Planetfall is a game which skillfully combines grand strategy 4x gameplay with XCOM-like field battles. Build your forces and command your troops in the conquest of this strange new land. In a world where zombies, giant monsters and dinosaurs with lasers roam, only the most skilled of commanders will be able to claim victory.

Exciting things to do in Age of Wonders: Planetfall:

  • Rebuild your fallen galactic empire by claiming the planet for yourself before your opponents do.
  • Play as one of six different factions, including the dinosaur-riding Amazons and zombie cyborgs of the Assembly.
  • Experience polished tactical battle gameplay the likes of the XCOM series.
  • Develop your empire both technologically and socially to reclaim all that you have lost.
  • Try out both the deep single-player campaign and the exciting turn-based multiplayer.

Official AoW: Planetfall website

Fight in exciting tactical battles against the alien menace.

Customize your commander and tweak your empire to your liking.

1. Hades' Star

Hades’ Star combines the 4x strategy genre with the MMO genre to bring an entirely new experience. Explore new stars, build your fleet and battle other players for dominance. With 4 different star types, each offering a different type of gameplay, you will be able to spend hours devising new strategies and competing with other players.

Exciting things to do in Hades’ Star:

  • Build your own unique empire in a yellow star system and conduct trade with other empires.
  • Cooperate with other players in red star systems to beat back the AI and acquire relics.
  • Fight massive battles between corporations in white star systems.
  • Combat 4 other players with a single ship each in blue star systems to truly prove your tactical skill.
  • Rise through the ranks as you grow more powerful and become the leader of the game!

Hades' Star website

Fight intense battles against other players across limitless star systems.

Grow your own economy and conduct trade with your allies - and your opponents.

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