9 Upcoming PC Exclusives That Will Make You Happy To Be A PC Gamer

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Excited Scream!

No consoles needed here; just me, my PC, and endless hours of awesome!

Today there are so many options for how to get your game fix, but being a PC gamer is the most satisfying. You get the best graphics, early release access, more quality games titles, and, with a good rig, portability that others gamers can only fantasize about. Follow along for 9 more reasons why it’s good to be a PC gamer.

9. Grim Dawn

Genre: Action RPG

Release Date: Under Development

Studio: Crate Entertainment

Official Website 

Gods and demons want you dead, the people you save keep you alive.

The title “Grim Dawn” grabs you even before you see the trailers or screen shots; the sense of foreboding and mystery makes you want to find out more. The good news is that even though the game is still under development Crate has released a development version to satiate your curiosity.

You are a warrior in a war in which both sides seek the decimation of humanity; one side to use the bodies as resources and the other trying to destroy humanity to cut of that resource (seems kinda “Grim” doesn’t it?). You will traverse Cairn using your strengths and mystical abilities to send extinction packing.

Grim dawn allows your warrior to develop skills along a dual class system where you can combine two of six classes; Arcanist, Demolitionist, Nightblade, Occultist, Shaman, and Solider to become an unstoppable force. You will also be able to create and share unique items in a nearly infinite crafting system. Jump headlong with your ultimate warrior into the demon slaying fray of multiplayer where you will establish your dominance over evil, and other warriors.

Skeletal Monstrosity, meet fire beam. Hope you have fire insurance.

8. Asylum

I don’t know about you, but I love exploring abandoned mental hospitals.

Genre: Psychological Horror

Release Date: 2015?

Studio: Senscape

Official Website 

Asylum has been in the works, and media, since 2011, and is a psychological horror game with quite a bit of promise (from the developers). You are invited to explore the evil of the Hanwell Mental Institute; a 100 room sprawling building filled with unspeakable horrors. Test your wits, and your sanity, as you delve into the corridors in full HD and chilling sound.

Asylum will take you through a horrifying and disturbing story that the developers guarantee will haunt you for years after you finish playing (congrats on receiving fuel for your new nightmares). Projecting fifteen hours of gameplay through one of the largest single structures ever constructed in a video game environment. In short fifteen hours of terror equals a lifetime of nightmares (I really hope they keep their promise).

Ooh a cuddly kitty cat, just need to clean off some spider webs.

7. Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Wielding a long sword never looked so good…better bring some band-aids.

Genre: Medieval RPG

Release Date: Summer 2016

Studio: Warhorse Studio

Official Website 

Travel back in time to Medieval Europe and take control of the shattered life of a blacksmith, whose whole world has been sundered by war. Kingdom Come is a first person RPG with a unique combat system allowing to take down foes with sword and bow. Combat will take you through breathtaking one-on-one duels all the way to the fields of kingdom shattering battles.

The size of the world is about 16 square kilometers (or just shy of 10 square miles for those who don’t speak metric), which is an area about ¼ the size of Paris, France. Journey through this large world, where you set the pace and direction of the story, on foot or horse back. King Arthur eat your heart out!

Kingdom Come will feature a combat system that is based on real 15th century combat techniques, and will allow combat engagements on horseback. The world reacts to you, and each of your actions will be observed and acted upon by NPCs, which may cause economic hardship or with you being tortured in the stocks. Your skills and choices will be reflected in the myriad of quests and mini games that will be available to you as you shape the world to your liking, be it a place of peace or a land of brigands. You play and you decide.

Wow, that grass looks incredible! Oh, the fighters and the horse look pretty good too.

6. Dreadnought

Genre: Tactical Space Game

Release Date: 2015

Studio: Greybox

Official Website 

Where the heck did that guy come from?

How many times have you been sitting on the couch watching Star Wars or Star Trek and said to yourself, “I wish I had my own starship to blow baddies away with!” Well now you have the chance to get behind your own starship and wage war in space and across the skies of embattled planets.

Choose to battle the forces of the galaxy at the helm of one of five classes of ships. Wield the awesome power of the Dreadnought, the solid and dependable Destroyer, the sleek and stealthy Corvette, the unrivaled firepower of the Artillery Cruiser, or the armor strengthening of the Tactical Cruiser. Each ship comes with a unique set of abilities to employ on the battlefield which can change the tide of battle in a heartbeat

Take the helm of your devastating starship in an extensive single player campaign, as well as multiplayer battles where you can pit your best stuff against the world. Best of all this game will be in the free to play category giving you faster access to all the space time action.

Annihilation has a new posterchild.

5. Lost Ark


Release Date: TBA

Studio: Smilegate

Outnumbered, out gunned, but oh so much fun!

Lost Ark is a beautifully crafted MMORPG created by Korean studio Smilegate. Lost Ark is a hack and slash, Diablo type game, but mixed with the over the top grandeur we are accustomed to seeing from Asian developers. Even though details are limited the eight minute game play and character class trailer shows that Lost Ark will not disappoint. Keep your eyes open for its official release!

Look forward to a huge reward when you take the leap of faith and play Lost Ark.

4. Shadow Run: Hong Kong

Genre: Tactical RPG

Release Date: August 20, 2015

Studio: Harebrained-Schemes

Official Website 

I wonder if they have good Dim Sum.

Shadow Run: Hong Kong is the latest installment in the Shadowrun series which pits humanity against the rise of magical creatures, failing governments, and corrupt megacorporations. You will wield magic and technology as you explore a government-less Hong Kong. Shadow Run: Hong Kong it the latest opportunity to ride the tide of magic, and save humanity.

Look for improved cyberware, magic, matrix elements, and Shadowrun editor in this third installment. Shadowrun is a turn-based tactical game in which you will you the variety of skills and abilities available to you in order to bring peace to Hong Kong, and clear the wake of corruption threatening to chocke the city. The release date is coming up quick, but I would recommend taking a run at the first two installments of the Shadowrun to get you up to speed before landing in Hong Kong.

Man! Why is it always giant rats?

3. Total War: Warhammer

Wage epic battles that will make the armies of Middle Earth jealous.

Genre: Strategy

Release Date:

Studio: Creative Assemblies

Official Website 

When it comes to large scale battles that test your strategic skills Total War is the place to turn for the best battle simulation experience. Warhammer will be the first installment in the series that leaps into the realm of fantasy and magic. Prepare to experience intense large scale battles filled with the scariest and mightiest creatures you can imagine; all while wielding magic. How will you balance sword versus spell?

Warhammer will continue the rich tradition of live action, large scale battles which will feature special units and abilities to cascade fear and devastation upon your enemies. Outside each battle you will vie for control of a map using statecraft and alliances to further your cause. Warhammer is the first chapter in a trilogy that will herald the largest Total War game, and continue to make us grateful for our PC’s for years to come.

Call upon the heavens to exact your fury!

2. Xcom 2

Genre: Turn based Strategy

Release Date: November 2015

Studio: Firaxis Games

Official Website 

Your squad is the last hope to free Earth from alien oppressors.

Xcom 2 is your chance to take revenge on the new alien overlords that are controlling earth. The Earth surrendered to the alien onslaught, leaving the Xcom unit in tatters. You control what remains of the Earth’s final line of defense; the aliens are planning something and you have to stop them.

Xcom 2 is a tactical turn based strategy that allows players to utilize a variety of weaponry and special abilities to complete missions in locations around the world. The game also uses RPG elements to develop and customize your squad, which further increases the depth and strategy of this must play sequel.

This guy makes the Locusts look like tea party attendees.

1. Unreal Tournament


Genre: Competitive FPS

Release Date: Pre-Alpha access

Studio: Epic Games

Official Website

Unreal Tournament is back! This is amazing news! Unreal Tournament is Halo before Halo was Halo; to this day I still call out “headshot” in my deepest, coolest voice no matter what game I am playing (and I know you do too).

Epic, has begun development on the next installment of the Unreal series, and is asking for fan participation. Building from the ground up, Epic is giving all who are interested free access to the game, and the opportunity to give your input into what goes into the game. The game is in Pre-alpha, but by registering you can get your hands on what will be a truly incredible release for free. What are you waiting for?

Check out the official site for more info on how to start playing.

Camo-Cyborg-Zombie, one of many ways to customize your character.

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