The 12 Best Grand Strategy Games To Play Right Now

top 12 grand strategy games
Grand Strategy games offer among the most intellectually rigorous gameplay experiences and its one exclusive to PC gaming

Grand Strategy games offers some of the most immersive and complex titles in PC gaming

One of the many benefits of PC gaming is that the genre of games we can play is greatly expanded due to both the lower barriers to entry and the added dexterity of having a mouse and keyboard instead of just a controller. I think a prime example of this is the strategy and more specifically Grand Strategy genre. The focus on high level decision making and taking the time to think out every choice requires a format that consoles just don’t have. It would be like trying to play football on a chessboard. That being said I think we should be thankful that such games exist and add to a rich variety of genres.

Now before we present our top 12 Grand Strategy games I think it behooves us to define what a Grand Strategy game is. In short, a Grand Strategy game puts players in control over every major aspect of the faction they play as. And usually this sets the main interface as a map of the world instead of the battlefield to distinguish it from real-time strategy. So without further delay, here are our top 12 Grand Strategy games for PC.

12. Knights of Honor

The oldest title on our list, Knights of Honor nonetheless still manages to impress with its blend of high level strategy on a  map spanning all of Europe and the Mediterranean and low level real time strategy. With numerous mechanics to keep you busy from economics to religion, your quest to become Emperor of Europe will be a unique and exciting challenge.

Knights of Honor combines the isometric layout of a real time strategy game with the large scale decision making of a Grand Strategy game

11. Stellaris

Moving away from their traditional realm of historical-based Grand Strategy, Paradox’s Stellaris sets grand strategy in space as players take control of a customizable species, colonize space, ultimately and play for interplanetary dominance using many of the traditional methods Grand Strategy games are known for (economic, diplomacy, military, etc.) Stellaris also implements various events and crises to prevent a late game problem of frustrating domination by one faction.

Stellaris brings Grand Strategy into space

10. Total War: Warhammer

A bold move for the Total War series to move away from a historical setting into fantasy, and even bolder is setting it in the famous Warhammer universe. In Total War: Warhammer , the player choses a faction, conducts diplomacy, trade, and economic development on a large, world map, and then conducts battles in real time on a separate battlefield phase.

Total War: Warhammer blends the classic rpg with the turn-based strategy game

9. Galactic Civilizations III

Set in the far future, Galactic Civilizations III sees the player start out with only one planet to control and then expand through diplomacy, colonization and war. In a massive galaxy with enormous factions vying for power using both peaceful and military means, Galactic Civilizations III will put you in them idle of an interstellar war of total domination.

Galactic Civilizations III allows players to customize ships in their space fleets

8. Crusader Kings 2

Crusader Kings 2, the medieval installment in Paradox’s line of Historical Grand Strategy games, takes a different and more realistic approach to the genre when it comes to the period it is set in. Rather than taking control of a state and all of its resources, you play as an individual noble, be they a minor vassal or a king. You control the dynasty, not the state and attempts to forge a massive, sprawling empire is nearly impossible (as it was historically) as you will need to approval of your vassals at every turn. What may seem like a frustration is also what makes CK 2 unique, the focus is all on family and dynastic politics, wars are between families and your task is to lead your family to greatness.

Crusader Kings II gives players a game emphasizing dynastic, familial politics

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