Top 10 Games Like EU4 (Games Better Than EU4 In Their Own Way)

games like europa universalis 4
Being an absolute ruler can really wear you out.

What Are The Best Games Like Europa Universalis 4?

EU4 is a great game, but there comes a point when you might grow tired of it and want to take a break.

Luckily, when it comes to historical strategy games, there are plenty to choose from.

Here are 10 awesome alternatives to fulfill your need for historical strategy action!

10. Crusader Kings 2

Crusader Kings 2 is a game which takes you even further back than EU4, to the medieval dark ages. Take control of a member of a noble house and lead your family name to glory. Bribe, arrange marriage, conquer, build, destroy and assassinate your way to the top and sit alone on the throne of the world.

Awesome things to do in Crusader Kings 2:

  • Take part in the world of political intrigue, full of romance, betrayal and corruption.
  • Conquer and diplomatically subjugate whole empires for your family.
  • Lead your house for over 300 years and through numerous generations to become the true ruler of the world.

Crusader Kings 2 on the official Paradox Store

Lead your troops in epic battles, take part in duels and capture your foes!

Take part in intrigue, choose to become a just ruler or a tyrant his vassals fear!

9. Hearts of Iron IV

The world is on the brink of the biggest war in mankind’s history. With Germany expanding in Europe and the Soviet Union expressing interest in the west, the Japanese going to war with China and the Italian aggression in Africa, will democracy prevail? It is up to you to decide the fate of the world in this epic World War II simulator.

Awesome things to do in Hearts of Iron IV:

  • Play any of over a hundred possible nations and fight to expand the influence of its ideology!
  • Alter the course of history and claim victory for your nation or experience the history as it was in the real world!
  • Decide the new world order in a dynamic peace conference system!

HOI4 on the Paradox Store.

Make battle plans, assemble your armies and invade your neighbors!

Shape history by choosing how your nation shall progress!

8. Victoria II

Victoria II is a dedicated fan favorite among Paradox Interactive’s grand strategy games and for good reason. Taking place during the era of colonialism and industrialization, Victoria 2 lets you guide your nation from the early 19th century to the turn of the 20th. Take control and become a truly great power!

Awesome things to do in Victoria II:

  • Take control of a fully simulated economic and political system and dominate the markets!
  • Lead your nation in taking back your rightful clay - and perhaps a bit more than that.
  • Industrialize, colonize and advance until you are the single greatest power in the world!

Victoria II on the Paradox Store

Industrialize and control the world’s markets.

Conquer new lands and colonize the far reaches of the world.

7. Egypt: Old Kingdom

In Egypt: Old Kingdom you take control of the Egyptian tribes during the dawn of civilization. At the start of the game you control but a small village, but that will change. Unite the tribes, construct the ancient pyramids and create one of the greatest and influential civilizations the world will ever know.

Awesome things to do in Egypt: Old Kingdom:

  • Discover and utilize a vast number of ancient technologies.
  • Starting from a single tribe, build up a massive empire surrounding the Nile.
  • Construct the ancient pyramids, choosing the design and materials used yourself.

The official site for Egypt: Old Kingdom

Build up your capital and expand your empire.

Recreate the great pyramids of Egypt and customize them to your own liking.

6. NOBUNAGA’S AMBITION: Sphere of Influence

Go back to the Warring States period in this installment of NOBUNAGA’S AMBITION, often considered the best in the series. Take the role of a Daimyo in feudal Japan and stake claim to new land through conquest, diplomacy and intrigue. Will you be the one to unite all of Japan under your rule, or will your kingdom crumble under the pressure?

Awesome things to do in NOBUNAGA’S AMBITION: Sphere of Influence:

  • Take on the role of famous Daimyos such as Shingen Takeda or the titular Nobunaga Oda.
  • Control your troops in thrilling live-action field battles!
  • Conquer all of Japan and become it’s one true Shogun!

Official website

Rule your lands and expand your settlements.

Take part in historic battles and lead your troops to victory!


In the latest installment of the Total War series you take the role of a Chinese warlord during the Three Kingdoms period. With China divided, it is up to the strongest to unite it once more and claim rulership over the entirety of its lands. Will you accomplish this, or will you join the ranks of all those who fell in their attempts?

Awesome things to do in Total War: THREE KINGDOMS:

  • Choose and control one of 12 legendary warlords on your quest to unite China.
  • Enlist the help of renowned Chinese fighters and commanders to conquer the lands.
  • Expand your realm and claim the Mandate of Heaven for your kingdom!

Three Kingdoms on the official Total War site.

Fight in epic battles across all of China.

Conquer new land through whatever means necessary, no matter the cost.

4. Field of Glory: Empires

After the fall of Alexander the Great, his empire crumbled. In his own words, it should go to the strongest. Take up his mantle and build a vast empire, conquer tribes and kingdoms and become a great leader of men!

Awesome things to do in Field of Glory: Empires:

  • Play one of over 70 different factions, each with their own culture and gameplay specifics!
  • Become a master of strategy and logistics as you manage your empire during your conquests.
  • Emulate the styles of Alexander the Great and conquer the known world from Europe to India!

Link to the official site.

Play as one of over 70 available tribes and kingdoms.

Play out tactical battles to gain the edge over your foes in war.

3. Aggressors: Ancient Rome

A 4x turn-based strategy game, Aggressors: Ancient Rome takes you to the ancient world where empires ruled and crumbled as fast as they rose. Control nations, influence their economy and more. A historically flavorful game, this is a must-have for historical strategy connoisseurs

Awesome things to do in Aggressors: Ancient Rome:

  • Explore a living world full of historical flavor and a vast number of nations.
  • Make true strategic and historical decisions which influence not just your nation, but the world.
  • Create custom worlds to play in or play on the original map of the Earth.

Aggressors: Ancient Rome on the Slitherine site.

Expand your reach to new lands and take what is rightfully yours.

Administer a great empire and improve the lives of your citizens.

2. Civilization V

Sid Meier’s Civilization is known as the flagship series for turn-based strategy. Choose your nation and lead it through the ages, from the ancient era to the space age. Battle other nations for supremacy, whether through conquest, science, diplomacy, religion or culture, and create the greatest empire to ever exist.

Awesome things to do in Civilization V:

  • Choose from one of 43 different nations to lead through the ages.
  • Construct buildings, units, improvements and the great wonders of the world to grow your power and influence.
  • Adapt your playstyle and claim victory in whatever way suits you best - in single player or against your friends online!

Official Civilization website.

Expand your empire by building new settlements, improvements, wonders and more.

Engage in battle against the other nations of the world to expand your influence.

1. Total War: NAPOLEON

Topping off our list comes a classic of turn-based strategy gameplay - Total War: Napoleon. Lead a nation throughout the turmoil of the Napoleonic wars and carve out an empire for yourself. It is the age of absolute rule, and the lives of common men are nothing in the way of world domination.

Awesome things to do in Total War: NAPOLEON:

  • Take control of Napoleon’s france and conquer all of Europe, or deny him the glory as you stand in his way.
  • Fight historical battles and delve deep into the strategy and tactics of napoleonic warfare.
  • Conquer the world and claim supreme victory over the rest of Europe!

Link to the game on the Steam store

Lead your troops in exciting battles which will require immense tactical prowess!

Take charge of your nation’s armies on your conquest of Europe!

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