Top 15 Games Like Crusader Kings 2 (Games Better Than Crusader Kings 2 In Their Own Way)

Games Like CK2
What games rival the regal Crusader Kings 2?

What are the best games like Crusader Kings 2?

When it comes to grand strategy games, Crusader Kings 2 is a beast of its own. Combining the unique elements of character building, medieval politics, and intrigue, Crusader Kings can leave you playing for hundreds of hours. But for those that are search of new gaming experiences, here are some games that are better than Crusader Kings 2 in their own way.

15. Aggressors: Ancient Rome

Aggressors: Ancient Rome gameplay

Aggressors: Ancient Rome is a 4x strategy game that focuses on the epic war and politics of the various states in the ancient Mediterranean.

A focus on turn-based gameplay and historicity of the era lends some similarities to the Civilization series, although with less of the landmark franchises’ polish. But what Aggressors does well, diplomacy, resource management, and an engaging strategic AI, make it still worth looking at for fans of the genre.

Rome in Aggressors Ancient Rome

Aggressors: Ancient Rome allows players to build Rome in a day, or conquer it.

Greece in Aggressors Ancient Rome

Aggressors lets you build one of the many ancient states of the Mediterranean into an empire.


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