[Top 15] Total War Warhammer 2 Best Mods For A Brand New Experience (2022)

Total War Warhammer 2 Best Mods
Just one of hundreds of units mods allow us to slaughter endlessly

The most prominent strength of the Total War fanbase is the exceptional modding community present within. Total War Warhammer 2 greatly benefits from passionate modders who have taken it upon themselves to provide both the quality of life changes and massive mods that alter the whole experience. Today, we will be looking at the best examples of the latter category. Let’s get down and see what mods, big and small, can alter your Total War Warhammer 2 experience.

15. Home Region Movement Bonus

An army with expanded movement can maneuver much better on both land and sea

This one is very simple but useful. Usually, you don’t get any bonuses for moving through lands you own which can slow down the conquest. This mod gives every army, both player and AI, an extra 10% bonus movement when going through areas they own. It’s now so much easier to track those annoying rats down when they refuse to get off your lawn.

The fun elements of the mod:

  • Cuts down boring province-crossing parts of the game
  • Allows for faster resupply of troops
  • Gives extra rewards for securing areas

Get the mod here

14. Recruit The Defeated Legendary Lords

Recruiting other Legendary Lords extremely expands your empire's power

The title of the mod is rather self-explanatory. It allows you to recruit any Legendary Lord or Legendary Hero that gets defeated. Curious to note is that these characters will be available to recruit to any faction, player or otherwise, when the faction is destroyed no matter the faction’s location. The only stipulation is that these lords and heroes need to be from the same race as the army recruiting them. It is kind of unfortunate that you cannot have a fiendish Vampire in the orderly armies of good, as funny as that would be, but the mod is very much still worth it.

The fun elements of the mod:

  • Larger army diversity
  • Allows extra mechanics to be utilized
  • Lots of fun challenges you can do (like getting all the Legendary Lords from one race into your army)
  • Provides a new approach to the game

Get the mod here

13. Diplomatic Options

Getting new options to offer to your allies and enemies is good for strategy

Diplomacy in Total War Warhammer 2 can feel dry with few options to choose from. Diplomatic Options mod furthers the choices with three extra options. Confederate allows factions to form a confederation with other factions of their type and gain all settlements and armies, liberate allows them to free a faction, and a vassal option which is similar to confederation but the vassal retains autonomy yet sends resources to you. This won’t make AI better when it comes to diplomacy but it will allow you to fully subjugate them. If you don’t like the randomness of AI behavior just take them over completely!

The fun elements of the mod:

  • Makes diplomacy more important and rewarding
  • Can speed up slower parts of the game
  • Helps achieve some campaign objectives easier
  • Makes the game more strategic

Get the mod here

12. Soldiers of Fortune

Hire armies and bolster your arsenal

This mod allows you to hire entire armies from other factions. These rogue armies come with high costs, extra upkeep, and the inability to change their roster. Armies will also leave your faction and become hostile if you do not pay them so be wary of bankruptcy.

The fun elements of the mod:

  • Allows you to get an instant army
  • Gives another area for spending money late into the game
  • Spices up the playstyle options of your empire
  • Helpful for defending settlements in a pinch

Get the mod here

11. Pink Horrors of Tzeentch

Pink Horrors are unique in both appearance and mechanics

This mod adds an iconic unit to the Warriors of Chaos roster. There are many unit mods out there but this one is especially influential because it spices up the Warriors of Chaos roster in a game-changing way. It’s simple and small too, for those who prefer to keep their modding on the down-low.

The fun elements of the mod:

  • Diversifies Warriors of Chaos game plan
  • Adds a unique unit to play around with
  • Opens the possibility for very silly armies

Get the mod here

10. Infinite Character Respecs


It's easy to respec and completely change the army composition and powers

Sometimes, we want to switch up the loadout and skills of our lord. This is even more prevalent when we confederate a faction and get a lord with it. With this mod, you can reset all skill points of a lord and redistribute them as you please. 

The fun elements of the mod:

  • Allows the same lord to change their army focus later in the campaign
  • Fixes silly choices AI makes with lords
  • Adds a way to play around with lord skills more

Get the mod here

9. Totally Random Total War Generator

Mixing positions has a larger impact than you'd imagine

The mod that allows you to spice up the campaigns after playing through them so many times. This will randomize starting positions for all factions, making the start of new campaigns very  chaotic. The chaos is fun though, so this mod is definitely suggested for those who wish to experience something new.

The fun elements of the mod:

  • Helps freshen up the game
  • New positions change the way you play
  • Makes uncovering the map less predictable

Get the mod here

8. Ranged Nerf - Missile Damage Reduction 

Sometimes a simple reduction of damage is all you need to change the game up

This one is simple but affects the game’s balance a lot. Currently, missiles and single entity monsters are the most powerful units to recruit. With this mod, melee infantry and cavalry get an edge in the fight, it’s also scalable so you can modify how hard the reduction impacts units.

The fun elements of the mod:

  • Makes simple changes to game balance
  • Makes other units more useful
  • Encourages experimentation

Get the mod here

7. Unit Formations

Adding extra options will lead to insane increase in strategy

For those wishing to switch up the formations of their units, this mod is a must. The different formations can help you strategize in interesting ways and make varied army positions. These formations change depending on the faction you play with some having a higher number of options than others, adding more fun asymmetry to the game.

The fun elements of the mod:

  • Enhances strategic options
  • Adds more stuff to micro
  • Affects balance in an interesting way

Get mod here

6. Grand Campaign Custom Maps

New maps are rife with staggering art and new functionalities

After hundreds of hours in the game, the everyday maps can get a bit boring. To spice up the variety of your bloody battlefields you can install this mod. Grand Campaign Custom Mapshas a ton of new maps to play in and a lot of additional submods that enhance it. It’s pretty compatible too so you can utilize these cool maps in wackier mods.

The fun elements of the mod:

  • New areas to battle in
  • Environmental nuances to work around or utilize
  • Freshen a campaign with nice environments
  • Give more flair to certain settlements

Get the mod here

5. Ultimate Chaos

Finally, Warriors of Chaos can be enjoyable to play

Another addition to the Warriors of Chaos roster. This one gives them a ton more units and revamps the entire faction. New abilities and even unique representatives of each of the four Chaos Gods are included in this mod. It’s a truly refreshing experience especially when compared to vanilla Warriors of Chaos. All the fun of Chaos Gods can now be yours and you don’t even need to purchase Total War Warhammer 3 to experience it!

The fun elements of the mod:

  • Hugely expands on Warriors of Chaos, improving their gameplay
  • Gives so much versatility
  • Provides what is basically an entirely new faction to explore

Get the mod here

4. Cataph’s Southern Realms

Cataph's majestic mod will give so much diversity to visuals of the rosters while also giving nice units to play with

This mod is like a huge content update. It adds new lords, heroes, units, buildings, and so much more. Cataph’s Southern Realms is one of the biggest mods of this kind, truly expanding on the game without overhauling it mechanically. It’s like a gigantic expansion or DLC which makes it worthwhile no matter your experience as a player.

The fun elements of the mod:

  • Very compatible with other mods
  • Adds extra things to a lot of factions
  • Freshens up the current roster
  • Despite the huge content boost, it’s lore-friendly

Get the mod here

3. Boyz Will Be Boyz - Closer to Tabletop Overhaul

As far as overhauls go, this one is definitely top 3 due to the sheer depth of it

A mod that completely changes the playstyle of the game. It makes the game more unforgiving and focuses on making you avoid losses at all costs while maximizing counterplay. The mod also puts a cap on certain units while providing a ton of new mechanics and abilities to play with. It’s very true to its name, emulating the tabletop closer and providing an alternate take on the game’s current state.

The fun elements of the mod:

  • Completely changes the way the game plays
  • Alters units and their abilities, giving an update to their playstyle
  • Solves some annoyances players may run into during the late game

Get the mod here

2. Pierce’s Better Sieges

The worst part of the game mended partially by a majestic mod, making sieges less of a slog

Sieges have always been a sore experience in Total War Warhammer 2. These battles usually play  out in a similar way and can get very boring. With this mod, there’ll be a ton more things to manage when it comes to siege battles. Different tiers of walls and towers as well as new offensive options are available in this mod. That’s about thrice the amount of siege mechanics currently present in the game.

The fun elements of the mod:

  • Makes defending more fun (especially on maps other mods add)
  • Solves one of the problems with the game
  • Freshens the options for defenders

Get the mod here

1. SFO: Grimhammer 2

Hands down, the most elaborate mod that may as well be a game of its own and eclipses all other overhauls

The biggest and most recommended overhaul mod for the game. There’s barely anything not changed by SFO: Grimhammer 2. Due to its immensity and popularity, this mod definitely fits in the first place. With SFO, you are getting an experience that’s so heavily reworked to the point of feeling like a different game.

The fun elements of the mod:

  • Insane amount of mechanical changes
  • Balances out the main game
  • Fixes some issues with the base game
  • Expands content and freshens the game on every level

Get the mod here

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