[Top 10] Total War Warhammer 2 Best Co Op Factions

Total War Warhammer 2 Best Co op Factions
Tyrion and Ungrim Ironfist going at it again

What are some of the best Total War Warhammer 2 factions for playing Co op with your friends?

Although every faction in Total War Warhammer 2 has its own strengths and weaknesses, some stand out among the others for their value as a team mate. Whether it's due to artillery might, thunderous cavalry, implacable infantry, powerful lords, or endless rows of archers and riflemen, these factions outshine their peers in waging war as a team.

10. Grimgor’s ‘Ardboyz (Best for dominating in melee combat)

Grimgor Ironhide leads his 'Ardboyz into battle, greataxe in hand, with a savage warcry on his lips. WAAAGH!!!

Grimgor’s ‘Ardboyz are led by none other than Grimgor Ironhide. He is an Orc Warboss that commands the elite and infamous Black Orcs, capable of coming out on top of almost any close quarters fight. Grimgor’s ‘Ardboyz are brutal and effective fighters, plain and simple. Orcs love fighting, so buddy up with them and let them deal with the front line.

Grimgor’s ‘Ardboyz Strengths 

  • Waaagh! allows you to declare a settlement as your target, bolstering your armies with free orcs until that settlement is destroyed or taken. 
  • You can also use Grimgor’s Waaagh! during battles to boost your army’s combat capabilities greatly for a brief time.
  • You get access to powerful armored and armor-piercing Black Orc units and bonuses for Black Orc Units (armor +10, leadership +12, upkeep -15%)
  • You get increased campaign movement range +10% and access to the Underway.
  • You have access to an aggressive infantry focused, but versatile unit roster.

Grimgor’s ‘Ardboyz Weaknesses:

  • Enemy armor-piercing ranged units can be troublesome for your Black Orc units because of their slow movement speed.
  • Grimgor’s ‘Ardboyz are a well rounded army and have few general weaknesses. 

Why Grimgor’s ‘Ardboyz are Great for Co op

  • They are a well-rounded army with strong units that can often outclass their counterparts. 
  • The extra campaign movement range and underway access makes it easy to move to your allies.
  • Black Orcs can provide the backbone for any fighting force.

Grimgor’s ‘Ardboyz details: https://totalwarwarhammer.gamepedia.com/Grimgor%27s_%27Ardboyz

9. Itza (Best for defending walled settlements)


Gor'Rok and his lizardmen warriors make a ferocious charge against the forces of the Empire in defense of their homeland.

Itza is a faction of Lizardmen led by Gor-Rok, a powerful Saurus warrior that has recently awoken from a deep slumber. Adept at defending walled settlements and surrounded by his Saurus veterans, Gor-Rok is a welcome ally if you need to defend a fortress.

Itza Strengths

  • Gor-Rok’s army gets 20% physical resistance when defending in siege battles, as well as +5 melee defence when in friendly territory. 
  • All your armies get powerful Saurus unit bonuses such as recruit rank +3 for Saurus Scar-Veterans and upkeep -20% for Saurus units.
  • You get access to a versatile unit roster with answers for any situation.
  • You start wthccess  Lord Kroak, a powerful Legendary Lord. 

Itza Weaknesses

  • Primal Instincts: Some Lizardmen units can become overwhelmed by their instincts and go berserk, ignoring orders and attacking whatever enemies are within reach. 
  • The Itza are likely to be harassed by hard-to-catch Skaven during the early game.

Why Itza is Great for Co op

  • You can defend besieged settlements well, with multiple bonuses when doing so. 
  • Lizardmen have strong base stats and will typically outclass their counterparts in other factions, making them a strong ally to have by your side. 

Itza details: https://totalwarwarhammer.gamepedia.com/Itza

8. Karaz-a-Karak with Grombrindal (Best for reinforcement and map presence)

Grombrindal and his Dwarven brethren check their gear and weapons to prepare for the coming battle.

Karaz-a-Karak is a powerful ally to any other faction, especially when led by Gromdindal, the White Dwarf. The Karaz-a-Karak are a stout group of dwarves, sheltered by their mountain fortresses and able to spring up from the underways to turn the tide of a battle. Led by Grombindal (alongside King Throgrim Grudgebearer), the Karaz-a-Karak are a force to be feared.

Karaz-a-Karak Strengths

  • Grombindal’s army gets +50% reinforcement range.
  • The entire Karaz-a-Karak faction gets a +60% chance to evade detection when using the underway.
  • A heavily armored unit roster makes the Karaz-a-Karak a fortunate ally to have when you require an immovable frontline and hardy support units. 
  • You have access to many marvels of Dwarven engineering, like the infamous Organ Gun artillery unit, able to blast away threats from the back lines.

Karaz-a-Karak Weaknesses

  • At the beginning of the game, you are besieged by both Grimgor’s ‘Ardboyz and the Bloody Spearz Orc clans, making it a challenge to support your ally during the early game because of your need to defend your lands. 
  • You are sometimes forced into pursuing grudges from the Great Book of Grudges mechanic in order to avoid the negative penalties from failing to complete grudges, which may make it hard to split your focus and assist an ally at that time.

Why the Karaz-a-Karak are great for Co op

  • Grombrindal’s increased reinforcement range is a huge benefit in co op play as it allows you to reinforce your ally (using the underway to move around quickly) from further away.
  • A factionwide 60% increased evasion chance when using the underway compliments Gromdindal’s increased reinforcement range by giving him and his men an easier time sneaking through the underway to reach reinforcement range. 
  • A well balanced mix of close and long range units, all with heavy armor, Karaz-a-Karak is a welcome ally to any faction. 

Karaz-a-Karak details: https://totalwarwarhammer.gamepedia.com/Karaz-a-Karak

7. Knights of Caledor (Best for bringing powerful dragons to battle)

Imrik leads a host of elves and dragons into battle from atop his steed, his Star Lance at the ready, seeking to reclaim his birthright.

The Knights of Caledor are a high elf faction led by Imrik, the dragon prince. Imrik commands  mighty cavalry and is able to call some of the last great dragons to his side in battle after defeating them in combat. He can be a powerful ally or a dangerous enemy. 

Knights of Caledor Strengths

  • Dragon Taming: Buy powerful buffs and influence from dragons, or defeat them and recruit them on the battlefield.
  • You get a variety of bonuses for dragon-based units such as -25% upkeep, recruitment duration -1 turn, and additional bonuses available via Invocations. 
  • You have access to wizards of all lore types.
  • You can use influence to affect diplomatic relations.

Knights of Caledor Weaknesses

  • You lack the income to support a second army early on in the game.
  • Dragons have expensive upkeep.
  • You are surrounded by hostile factions in the beginning of the game, such as the Red Cloud Goblins, Clan Eshin. 

Why the Knights of Caledor are great for Co op

  • They bring dragons to the aid of their allies, a single one able to turn the tide of a battle. 
  • Imrik’s campaign movement range +15% bonus allows you to move to the aid of his allies faster.
  • The Draconic Resilience trait gives all armies in the Knights of Caledor faction immunity to desert and mountain attrition, making it more feasible to cross the mountain ranges or brave the deserts around the Plain of Bones.

Knights of Caledor details: https://totalwarwarhammer.gamepedia.com/Knights_of_Caledor

6. Clan Skryre (Best for supporting with weapon teams and powerful warp magic)

The Skaven Clan Skryre is led by Chief Warlock Engineer Ikit Claw, who has the biggest brain. Clan Skryre is a powerful ally to have because of the invaluable support that their weapon teams and warp magic can provide during a battle.


Chief Warlock Engineer Ikit Claw looses a savage warcry in anticipation of using his warp-technology to bring apocalypse to the lands beyond Skavenblight.

Clan Skryre Strengths

  • You start with Skavenblight, a single settlement that acts as its own province and has access to unique buildings.
  • The Forbidden Workshop mechanic gives you access to powerful upgrades, and DOOM rockets which are basically warp nukes, complete with their very own mushroom cloud!
  • You can spawn Skaven clanrat units anywhere on the map during battles.
  • Access to powerful weapon team units like the infamous Ratling Gun weapon team.
  • You have access to the underway for quick travel.
  • You can establish under cities beneath enemy settlements.

Clan Skryre Weaknesses

  • Most Skaven units have weak leadership and are prone to flee without a lord nearby. 
  • Sieging is a challenge because some of Clan Skryre’s most powerful weapon teams, like the Ratling Gunners or Warplock Jezzails, are ineffective versus walled settlements due to bad angles of fire.

Why Clan Skryre is great for Co op

  • Access to the underway allows you to move to your allies more easily.
  • Weapon Teams and warp magic provide powerful fire support.
  • The ability to spawn Clanrats anywhere on a battlemap allows for precise attacks on key enemy threats from any distance, like a pesky artillery piece.
  • Under cities allow you to spread your influence far and quickly.

Clan Skryre details: https://totalwarwarhammer.gamepedia.com/Clan_Skryre

5. Carcassone (Best for powerful cavalry attacks and life lore magic)

The Fay Enchantress is an infamous sorceress that leads the men and women of Carcassone, a faction of Bretonnian knights, peasants and followers of the Lady, a Bretonnian Goddess. Able to command life lore magic, and in possession of fearsome cavalry, the Fay Enchantress is a welcome ally to anyone who should join with her. 

The infamous Fay Enchantress leads her loyal Bretonnian Knights onto the field in the name of the Lady, seeking to impose order on an untame world.

Carcassone Strengths

  • Casualty replenishment rate +15%: This useful bonus greatly reduces the time you need to spend healing inside your settlements.
  • You get access to strong skirmish and shock cavalry units that can break enemy formations or perform devastating flank maneuvers.
  • You can confederate other Brettonian factions easily via the search tree

Carcassone Weaknesses

  • Many bonuses from your research tree are only active against specific factions, limiting your versatility until you can fill out more of the tree during the late game.
  • There are few easy targets to gain experience from in the beginning of the game.

Why Carcassone is Great for Co op

  • An increased casualty replenishment rate allows you to spend more time away from settlements so that you can focus on aiding allies.
  • You have a cavalry-heavy unit roster with powerful choices like the flying Hippogryph knights that can quickly cross a battlefield and flank a preoccupied enemy.
  • Mastery of life lore magic allows you to cast powerful healing or strengthening spells on your allies.
  • The Blessed Trebuchet is an artillery unit that fires projectiles that can not harm friendly units.

Carcassone details: https://totalwarwarhammer.gamepedia.com/Carcassonne

4. World Walkers (Best for siege battles)

Wulfrik the Wanderer prepares to march across the frozen Tundra with chaos-corrupted beasts at his back, seeking challenges in the name of the ruinous powers.

The World Walkers are a Norscan faction led by Wulfrik the Wanderer, a man cursed by the Chaos Gods to wander the world and challenge every worthy warrior he meets. Respecting strength above most things, the men of the World Walkers follow Wulfrik across the world, raiding by his side. Wulfrik’s armies of marauder-warriors are the perfect ally to have if you need help rapidly conquering an area, especially if that involves siegecraft. 

World Walkers Strengths

  • Siege Attacker: The World Walkers can besiege settlements without building any siege equipment first.Good old fashioned ladders and axes will do the trick.
  • Allegiance to the Gods: By razing settlements in the name of the Chaos Gods, you can gain their blessing and gain access to special units.
  • Tribal Confederation: When Wulfrik defeats another Norscan warlord in battle you are given the option to confederate that warlord’s tribe. It is possible to quickly control a large person of the frozen north.
  • You get to use anggressive, infantry-based roster with access to powerful monstrous units.

World Walkers Weaknesses

  • An infantry based roster can make the World Walkers vulnerable to powerful artillery or ranged weapons on unfavorable terrain.
  • Enemy armies with ranged anti-large weapons can do a lot of damage to your monstrous units during your charge if they are exposed. 

Why the World Walkers are Great for Co op

  • The Siege Attacker trait makes the World Walkers an invaluable ally when you need to take an enemy settlement. 
  • The ability to quickly confederate all the Norscan tribes makes the World Walkers a capable of becoming a massive force early on in the game. Trust me, you want that kind of power on your side of the battlefield.

World Walkers details: https://totalwarwarhammer.gamepedia.com/World_Walkers

3. Sylvania (Best for having limitless undead fodder and powerful necrotic magics)

Mannfred von Carstein prepares his undead horde to spread outwards, corrupting the lands beyond to spread his dark influence.

Mannfred von Carstein commands Sylvania, a faction of vampires, necromancers and the undead. Able to raise undead minions from the corpses of enemies and in command of necromantic magics, Sylvania is a fearsome enemy and a valuable ally. 

Sylvania Strengths

  • You get access to powerful spellcasters that are able to raise the dead to fight for them, or heal their undead allies, or siphon the soul from an enemy lord.
  • You have access to a varied unit roster with flying units, monstrous units, and expendable undead.
  • You are able to raise new units from the dead of recent battles instantly and with little upkeep, allowing you to get right back into battle even after suffering a defeat. 

Sylvania Weaknesses

  • You suffer attrition in any area that does not have vampiric corruption.
  • Undead units are mostly weak and expendable, requiring support from lords to succeed consistently.

Why Sylvania is Great for Co op

  • You are able to keep your armies full of fresh undead which allows you to be persistent in your goals and never run out of soldiers.
  • Sylvania’s necromantic magics have powerful, battle-winning effects. 
  • Flying units are great for disabling enemy artillery.

Sylvania details: https://totalwarwarhammer.gamepedia.com/Sylvania

2.The Golden Order (Best for artillery support)

Balthasar Gelt exercises his masterful control over Metal Lore to aid his men against an undead horde with radiant magics.

The Golden Order is led by Balthasar Gelt, the golden wizard. The Golden Order is an Empire faction that excels in metal lore magic and artillery power, able to blast away enemies from across the battlefield. If your army could use artillery support, the Golden Order can be your new best friend. 

The Golden Order Strengths

  • You have access to powerful lore of metal spells that can do things like showering your enemies in liquid gold or weakening their armor.
  • You can recruit powerful artillery units like the Helstorm Rocket Battery.
  • Your artillery Strength get+10% missile strength.
  • You can confederate other empire factions and give their bonuses to your lords’ armies, bonuses such as a further 10% missile strength for artillery.

The Golden Order Weaknesses

  • Fast moving, aggressive units can disrupt your artillery formations, wasting valuable seconds that you could be firing during.
  • Armies with flying units can also disrupt your artillery.

Why the Golden Order is Great for Co op

  • They can provide powerful magical and artillery support, which is useful no matter who you are.
  • They are capable of confederating the entire empire so it’s better to have them with you than against you.

The Golden Order details: https://totalwarwarhammer.gamepedia.com/The_Golden_Order

1.The Dreadfleet (Best for controlling the seas)

The pirate lord Count Noctilus prepares to take to the seas with his dreadfleet of undead horrors.

The Vampiric Pirate Lord Count Noctilus leads the Dreadfleet, a faction of that dwell at the Galleon’s Graveyard in the middle of the Sea. With hordes of undead pirates armed with black powder weapons and monsters like the Necrofex Colossus at his side, Noctilus controls the Seas. He is a powerful ally if you own any coastal settlements or are a seafaring faction.

The Dreadfleet Strengths

  • You get strong bonuses for the Necrofex Colossus, a monstrous unit with devastating ranged and melee capabilities. (recruitment duration -1 turn, upkeep -20%, +15% weapon strength)
  • Pirate Coves: You can leech wealth from unsuspecting settlements where these hideouts are established.
  • You get unique benefits for war declarations.
  • You have access to necromantic magics.
  • Your flagship(s) can act as moving settlements.

The Dreadfleet Weaknesses

  • A lot of your bonuses are for large units or the Necrofex Colossus, meaning that you will be vulnerable to enemy anti-large weapons because you will be dependent on your large units to win battles. 
  • You start out pretty isolated from both enemies and allies and with little to conquest.

Why The Dreadfleet is Great for Co op

  • The Necrofex Colossuses provide amazing ranged and melee support to any battle and Noctilus can recruit a lot of them.
  • Having flagships allows you to keep a base of operations near your allies if they need assistance.
  • Declaring war can benefit you, so by all means, join your allies in their struggles.

The Dreadfleet details: https://totalwarwarhammer.gamepedia.com/The_Dreadfleet

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