[Top 5] Total War Warhammer 2 Best Campaigns That Are Fun!

Total War Warhammer 2 Fun Campaigns
Nukes or dragons? Which do you fancy for some devastating fun?

Starting a new campaign is always a worrisome thing. Despite the overall experience of Total War Warhammer 2 being fun, there is a huge disparity between campaigns. Some are an absolute blast to play while others can be a hassle to get through. Below, we’ll look at some of the best campaigns to play in Total War Warhammer 2 avoiding the more mediocre experiences and focusing on the best ones.

5. Imrik

Imrik's army is bound to have at least a few scaley companions to annihilate foes with

First up we have the mightiest Dragon Prince alive, Imrik. The Lord of the Dragons has a very engaging campaign mechanic, challenging dragons for their power. It  will take some time to encounter and challenge all available dragons. However, the award for doing so is considerable. You’ll get to use all of these powerful dragons in your army, utilizing their unique powers for your own purpose.

The campaign can start slow as most High Elves’ campaigns do. Your choice of units and heroes being somewhat limited until a higher tier of buildings is built. Thankfully, Imrik gives some shake-up to the standard spearmen and archers early game that High Elves usually practice. With Dragon Princes and a Sun Dragon as two of your starting units, every army will quickly fall and help fund your dragon taming.

The fun of the campaign:

  • Unique dragons have a lot of charm to them
  • Fights against the dragons feel like a whole new experience
  • Starting position in the standard campaign is interesting
  • A lot of army versatility at the start due to starting units Imrik gets

4. Count Noctilus

The ranks of Count Noctilus will constantly be filled with disgusting and harrowing monsters

The Vampire Coast had to make the list with all the interesting tidbits within their campaign. Count Noctilus gets this spot, bringing in massive monsters and mass devastation.

Count Noctilus’ is a straight-up fun campaign that’ll see you rushing those high-tier buildings while slaying every enemy near your settlements. If you are wondering why all you need to do is check his lord skills. These provide bonuses to large units and even reduce upkeep for Necrofex Colossus units. 

Speaking of, Count Noctilus starts the game with one such colossus which can decimate multiple units before the enemy army can make it into the melee range of this monster artillery. With that and all the other factors taken into account, the game provides pure pillaging and plundering fun.

The fun of the campaign:

  • Making potent monster armies
  • Having a strong start that can’t be challenged by many armies
  • Being able to quickly establish Pirate Coves and generate major income 
  • You can play it with little city management
  • 19 Necrofex Colossus doomstack is pure joy and easier to make than with any other lord

3. Karl Franz

Karl Franz is no stranger to versatile armies but he isn't above stupid powerful doomstacks

The Empire would eventually end up on this list with all of its potent options and interestingly fleshed-out campaign. Franz himself has the biggest role in the Empire so it makes sense he’d be the one who gets in as their representative here. Whether he will manage to get all the minor factions united or not is fully up to the player, giving this campaign a lot of interesting choices.

Karl Franz campaign is mostly standard in its mechanics. However,the years of updates have made it one of the most enjoyable campaigns though. The versatility of your armies is as enjoyable as the variety of enemies you face is frightening. On top of all that, you’ll have a huge slew of fun management stuff to do every turn.

The fun of the campaign:

  • A ton of unit options
  • Simple to grasp mechanics with some depth
  • A lot more diplomatic involvement
  • Potential to make devastating mixed armies

2. Grom the Paunch

Grom is both a chariot and a melee lord, bringing value as huge as his gut to the frontlines

The biggest goblin in all of Total War Warhammer 2 has arrived. Grom is an immense lord who eats, kills, and conquers as he sees fit while winding up a huge Waaagh against the High Elves.

With Grom, there are plentiful ways to play the game. The main draw of his campaign comes from buffing up goblin units to the point where the cheapest of your goblins can take on elite armies. Sure, you could dedicate yourself to spicing up the roster with trolls and orks but there’s a special kind of joy present in seeing a meager goblin slay a Chaos Warrior. 

The unique mechanic of this whole campaign is Grom cooking up odd recipes. These recipes give some interesting bonuses to your armies which can make the mayhem of goblin-oriented armies even more potent.

The fun of the campaign:

  • Goblin doomstacks
  • Cooking delicious and foul recipes
  • Greenskins are inherently a blast to play
  • A very tanky lord to do silly things with

1. Ikit Claw

The whiz kid of Skaven, Ikit Claw, is always ready to offer more insultingly powerful army builds

The top of the list goes to Skaven. No big surprise seeing how their campaigns are  usually  pretty fun. Well, DLC one at least. Out of those campaigns, the most devastating and fun one has to be Ikit Claw’s. On top of your standard Skaven trickery,Ikit Claw can just walk all over to his neighbors and blow them up with rat nukes. 

The experiences with Ikit Claw are pretty similar. You start off thinking it’s just another Skaven campaign where there won’t be much worry about unique mechanics before getting surprised by Ikit’s. His workshop offers so many fun upgrades to specific Skaven units, creating some gnarly combinations. You’ll probably start off barely engaging with it and then end up focusing entirely on maxing the upgrades out. 

Needless to say, the key source of fun is the exceptionally powerful guns that all Skaven get from Ikit’s DLC. Rattling Guns specifically, considering their insane damage and decent range. These rat gun nuts will be the last thing any melee enemy unit sees, if they even manage to survive the initial barrage and witness the minigun rats firsthand. With Ikit’s wonderful buffs, these weapon teams will spike in functionality too so don’t forget to stock his army with a couple of big guns.

On top of it all, Ikit gets to use Doomrockets. Doomrockets are, well, nukes. Nukes that you can carry on a lord and deploy at will in battles. Blasting entire stacks of units at once has never been so satisfying. Big or small, the units will fall so don’t be afraid to use these weapons of mass destruction to turn the tides of battle. 

The fun of the campaign:

  • Nukes
  • Powerful weapon teams that Ikit can support further
  • Insane buffs to play with
  • A lot of warpfire to go around

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