7 Monstrous Creatures We Want to See in Total War Warhammer II

The Lizardmen control many mighty beasts
We look at what monsters players can command in the upcoming Warhammer sequel.

Warhammer II Is Set to Expand the Fantasy Universe’s Monstrous Menagerie

Total War Warhammer gave us a whole menagerie of horrific and fantastical beasts to use in battle. Warhammer II will no doubt see the inclusion of many more creatures, some similar to units already in the game, and others wildly unique that will give players new challenges and strategies. Here’s a look at some of the possible monstrous units that may become available in the upcoming game.

7) Lizardmen: The Stegadon

The Stegadon, one of the largest reptiles in the Warhammer world.

A Stegadon charges into the ranks of a chaos marauder warband, its lizardmen riders letting out a triumphant battle cry.

The jungles of Lustria are home to many large and exotic reptiles from the world’s early days, one of which is the towering stegadon. With a small band of lizardmen riders on its back, the stegadon is a heavily armored monster that is physically built for charging through enemy formations. The stegadon will likely operate in the same fashion as the Greenskins’ Arachnarok Spider, though with those horns it’ll likely have an even more devastating charge.

6) Lizardmen: The Carnosaur

Carnosaurs, because this game needed a T-Rex like thing.

A lizardman commander rides to battle on a ferocious carnosaur mount, its roar reverberating across the battlefield.

As though any lizardman roster would be complete without adding the vicious and powerfully built carnosaur, a creature from the Warhammer world’s primordial past. The carnosaur is similar to the real world t-rex, though smaller and often used as a mount by Lizardmen commanders. The developers may also include a larger, singular unit to serve as a late game monstrous unit.

5) Skaven: Wolf Rats

wolf rats, diseased and quick footed monsters under the Skaven's control.

Created through the mutating arts of the Skaven, the wolf rats are a swift and deadly foe that can outmanuever most enemies, spreading disease with their filthy bites.

Similar to other wolf units used by the Vampire Counts and the Chaos Warriors, the wolf rats will likely be a swift early game unit available to the Skaven. They will most likely sport vanguard deployment and will be able to move stealthily through forest terrain, allowing a cunning Skaven commander to surprise their foes with well-timed ambushes.

4) Skaven: Rat Ogres

Rat Ogres, a foul creation of the Skaven.

The Rat Ogres are the twisted creation of Skaven flesh masters, towering over the common slave-soldiers and charging through all but the strongest of infantry.

There’s little doubt that the rat ogres will be included in the Skaven’s army roster, as they are one of the most iconic units used by the slavering rat men. With rendering claws, bulging monsters, and armor piercing fangs, they can devastate units of large creatures, such as trolls and chaos spawn.

3) Dark Elves: The War Hydra

The War Hydra, a deadly Naggorathi beast

The war hydra is driven into battle by the abuse and cruelty of Dark Elven beast masters, its long necks twisting and its jaws crushing armor and bones.

The continent of Naggaroth is home to many foul and corrupt beasts, and few are as twisted as the war hydra. With multiple lashing heads, all ending in a powerful set of jaws, the creature can be found in almost any Dark Elf army. It is highly likely that the war hydra will appear in Warhammer II, as it is one of the most powerful beings available to Dark Elf commanders.

2) Dark Elves: Kharibdyss

A horrific sea creature forced to battle on land.

A Dark Elf witch summons a Kharibdyss from the depths of the Naggarothi ocean.

The Dark Elves, more than anything else, are a seafaring people, dependent on maritime battles and port raids to supply their hungry empire with slaves. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that they would train monsters from the depths to fight their enemies. The Kharibdyss is a horrifying beast native to Western coast of Naggaroth, and sows terror in the heart of almost any foe.

1) High Elves: Frostheart Phoenix

High Elves make limited use of Pheonixes as war mounts.

A model of the Frostheart Phoenix, one of the High Elves most distinct creatures, soaring above the battlefield and swooping down to make devastating strikes behind enemy lines.

The Frostheart Phoenix is an ancient war beast that High Elf nobles ride into battle, leaving glittering trails of ice in its wake as it flies across the idyllic terrain of Ulthuan. Having one been a fiery, immortal phoenix, the creature’s flames eventually cooled and become frozen as the centuries passed. The Frostheart phoenix will make a powerful mount for the High Elf faction, and will likely be accessible to their battlemages.

All these creatures are highly likely to appear in Warhammer II, as each of the factions will receive wide rosters in the base game, as well as DLCs that supplement them. No doubt they’ll cause havoc after they cross the great ocean and enter into the Old World.

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