Top 10 Best Vermintide 2 Mods That Makes the Game More Fun!

Best Vermintide 2 Mods
Mods can enhance your gameplay experience, and hopefully help you beat this guy!

What Are The Best Vermintide 2 Mods?

The Vermintide 2 community has already designed a slew of mods for this game since its release in March 2018.

Some of the mods help players to better themselves, some are just plain useful, and others have the potential to be straight up hilarious. Here is a list of the 10 mods that make the game more fun in different ways.

10: Skip Cutscenes

Skip Cutscenes Mod

This mod does exactly what it sounds like; it skips cutscenes. You may ask why this has made the list but for those who have put more hours  into this game than we might like to admit, this is a super useful mod. This speeds up the downtime on maps so you can continue to play the game instead of watching the same cutscene you’ve seen time and time again.

Get the Skip Cutscenes Mod here

9: Barrels Spawns for the Memes!

Barrels Spawns for the Memes! Mod

Barrels Spawns for the Memes! is a hilarious idea that continuously spawns barrels every few seconds. You can use this mod to make a fun mini-game! See if you can complete a level by only killing enemies with barrels. It is very funny to light a barrel, move just in time to find that your first barrel ignited the new barrel that just spawned in, and now you have a chain reaction. This mod is purely for fun and games.

Get the Barrels Spawns for the Memes! Mod here

8: UI Improvements

UI Improvements Mod

The user interface for Vermintide 2 is easy to use but it does have some slight annoyances. The UI Improvements mod takes those nuisances away. Two of the improvements are the character/career switch in the inventory and a hotkey for Okri’s Challenges. Previously, there was no easy way to switch between career paths in your inventory. This made things rather inconvenient because in order to salvage a weapon you could not have it equipped on any of the career paths making you switch heroes to hunt for the weapon. This mod has a few other improvements too that are definitely worth checking out.

Get the UI Improvements Mod here

7: Mythical Vanguard

Mythical Vanguard Mod

Mythical Vanguard is not for the faint of heart and is definitely not for an inexperienced player. This mod changes all enemies to be one difficulty higher. All clan rats become stormvermin, all specials are turned into bosses, etc. This can be a particularly useful and fun way to hone your skills in combat. What better way to get practice killing specials or bosses than if they spawn in hordes?

Get the Mythical Vanguard Mod here

6: Creature Spawner

Creature Spawner Mod

If you are trying to work on bettering your skills against a specific type of enemy or group of enemies then Creature Spawner is the mod for you. This mod allows you to spawn whatever enemy and however many of them you want on command. This can be fun to play with friends too so you can create different types of scenarios or just try to overrun them.

Get the Creature Spawner Mod here

5: Killbots

Killbots Mod

This mod is for the true solo players. Killbots allows you to kill off all the bots with a key command in chat. No longer do you have to load into a game and shoot the bots to run a level solo. This also works great with the Creature Spawner mod so you can get some real practice in. It is useful if you want to run a level with a friend or two but don’t want to have to deal with the bot drawing in more enemies.

Get the Killbots Mod here

4: Healthbars

Healthbars Mod

Have you ever felt like you’ve been shooting a rat ogre for days and it just won’t die? This mod shows health bars above the enemy. It can be a bit confusing if there are numerous enemies standing right on top of each other but it is worth it when there are the heavily armoured enemies or bosses that just seem like they won’t die.

Get the Healthbars Mod here

3: Show Damage

Show Damage Mod

Anyone who has played Vermintide 2 with a group of friends has inevitably had that moment when you’ve shot an enemy 2 or 3 times and then all of a sudden your friend one shots it and steals the kill from you. It is extremely frustrating at times especially when you think you have constructed a really powerful build. The Show Damage mod will show you how much damage your character deals to an enemy each time. You will also be able to tell what kind of damage your enemy sustained and what zone on them took the damage.

Get the Show Damage Mod here

2: StickyGrim

StickyGrim Mod

How many times have you been in an intense battle while holding a grim and then in the heat of the moment accidentally thrown the grim? This is super frustrating especially when completing quests or going for a full book run! StickyGrim makes it more difficult to throw the grim by having you hold down block while attempting to throw it. This still allows you to drop it if you need to but makes it more difficult to accidentally drop it. There is also an option to disable dropping the grims entirely.

Get the StickyGrim Mod here

1: Numeric UI

Numeric UI Mod

Numeric UI is definitely the most helpful mod that everyone should download. This mod shows every character’s ammo count, health count, and a timer for their career abilities. This helps players make better decisions on supplies and also prevents them from having to switch weapons to see how much ammo they have left. You might think this is a pretty simple mod but you will be surprised at how useful it is and will ultimately make the game more fun to play.

Get the Numeric UI Mod here

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