The 7 Most Fearsome Monstrous Creatures in Total War Warhammer

We take a look at the biggest, fiercest beasts in the Old World
We take a look at the biggest, fiercest beasts in the Old World

In the World of Warhammer, There be Monsters

One thing that Total War Warhammer brought to the popular war game franchise was a menagerie of great and terrible beasts for players to make use of. Coming in a variety of appearances, and sporting a number of different strengths and weaknesses, it is merely another aspect of the game that adds a surprising level of depth to the overall experience. In honor of these powerful units, here’s the top 7 most fearsome and destructive monstrous units released for the game so far.

7. Cygor

The Cygor, largest of the beastmen

The Cygor is the bane of wizards, and provides the Beastmen with much needed access to artillery.

From the darkest, most corrupted parts of the forest comes the Cygor, driven to the battlefield by the witch-scent of wizards. The Cygor is a mutated minotaur who disrupts the winds of magic that battle mages depend on to cast their spells. The Cygor is also the Beastmen’s sole artillery unit, hurling massive boulders that can destroy walls and scatter enemy soldiers.

6. Terrorgheist

The terrorgheist, the horror of the Sylvanian sky

The terrorgheist, like all flying units, is a perfect counter to artillery, which often lies behind the enemy line.

Flying through the dark skies of Sylvania, the terrorgheist serves as a powerful tool in the hands of any undead commander. Combining speed and morale damage, this necromantic horror can swoop down where the enemy’s resolve is faltering, spark a full route, then fly away before they can pull themselves together to organize a counterstrike. The terrorgheist also deals out additional damage to larger units, which, with its speed, allows it to hunt down and tear apart enemy cavalry with ease.

5. Treeman

The Treeman, the forest's strongest defense.

A treeman, backed by a unit of treekin, moves to slaughter a defenseless band of Bretonnian peasant archers.

The Wood Elves are often referred to as the Glass Cannon Faction, dealing out heavy amounts of damage but being unable to take much themselves. The Treemen offer a solution to their physical disadvantage, being both heavily armored and capable of destroying unprepared enemy units. The treeman also comes with a ranged attack that can be devastating to singular heroes.

4. Varghulf

The varghulf, the razor fangs of any undead army.

The varghulf serves its purpose at the front of the undead line, smashing through enemy units and allowing the skeleton warriors and zombies to press forward.

The Varghulf represents the unrestrained savagery and hunger of the vampire, giving the Vampire Counts a swift land unit that can outflank almost any enemy unit. There it can attack vulnerable units, cause discord, and retreat from battle to make use of its vampiric regeneration. In groups it is also able to break unit formations at the center of the enemy line, making it a great support unit for the less formidable zombies and skeleton warriors.

3. Giant

The giant, a belligerent beast available to multiple armies

The giant takes a moment to survey the battle, its next meal waiting in its hand.

The giant is a powerful option available to Greenskins, Chaos Warriors, and the Beastmen, bringing belligerent damage that can send an enemy line into complete disarray. The giant also has an ear shredding roar that can cause terror in enemy units, breaking them and sending them into a full route. It certainly takes the orc adage of “bigger is better” to a whole new level.

2. Dragon Ogre Shaggoth

The dragon ogre shaggoth is one of the fiercest creatures the warriors of chaos have, for now...

Here a size comparison can be made between the average dragon ogre unit and the mighty Shaggoth, who marches southward from the frozen Chaos Wastes to bring death and destruction to the civilized world.

The Shaggoth stands much taller than your average dragon ogre, and can be immediately picked out from the rest of a Chaos warband. Blessed by the dark gods, the Shaggoth can wade through enemy soldiers with relative ease, and takes little damage from non-armor piercing ranged units. This makes it perfect for breaking down city gates, creating beachheads within enemy cities for the bulk of a warband to follow.

1. Arachnarok Spider

A god to the forest goblins, a Arachnarok is a vicious beast that towers over the battlefield

The arachnarok is a common but woefully unwelcome sight in the underway, and these dwarfs prepare to die in battle against it.

The Arachnarok Spider can be a powerful center to an orcish attack, bringing heavy armor, ranged damage, and a powerful charge to break the enemy line. With an entire tribe of forest goblins riding around on its back, this beast also sports a heavy armor pierce attack combined with poison. Any orcish warlord would be pleased to have one of these in his waaagh, and the most insane would even play with the idea of having a number of them around.

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