The New World: Total War Warhammer 2 Set to Double Campaign Map

Warhammer 2 will bring players to new lands, and present new dangers as well.
Warhammer 2 will bring players to new lands, and present new dangers as well.

The World of Warhammer Total War is About to Get Much Bigger

Since before its release, Creative Assembly has stated that its hit fantasy/strategy game Total War Warhammer would be receiving 2 immediate sequels. What made this announcement unique was the news that these sequels would have their own standalone campaigns, but would also click together into one massive campaign that would feature all the content released across all three games.

The announcement and trailer release for Total War Warhammer 2 sparked a massive fan response, as well as provoking some criticism directed towards Creative Assembly. Many people expressed excitement to play the new factions and to explore new sections of the Warhammer world, others felt that the release of a new fantasy related title was a betrayal of the developer’s tradition of creating strictly historical games. Creative Assembly had always planned to release a trilogy of Warhammer titles, and they have been very clear from the beginning that the three maps will combine into one massive game.

The new continents added in Warhammer II will give players access to a standalone map, but when combined with the map from the base game it will double the amount of territory that they can fight for. The game will also release a lot of new content, further expanding an already massive strategy game.


New Factions to Master

Skaven warriors, diseased and cunning rat men.

Skaven Warriors marching through the sewers of the Old World. While unconfirmed, the latest trailer of the Warhammer II leaves little doubt that they’ll be the fourth faction.

So far only three of the game’s four base factions have been confirmed. In the temperate jungles of Lustria, the cold-blooded Lizardmen march from their massive Temple-Cities. Meanwhile, the Dark Elves of Naggaroth continue to wage their ancestral war against the High Elves of Ulthuan.

The fourth faction remains a mystery, though there is heavy evidence to support that it will be the Skaven, the insidious rat men who rule from a sprawling underground empire. Its currently not known where the Skaven will be placed on the map, as they have no lasting territory on the surface of the Warhammer world. The Skaven capital of Skavenblight is visible on the surface near Tilea, but this would leave them far away from the other factions in the expansion.


New lands to Conquer

A map of the world of Warhammer.

The Map of the Warhammer World. The Old World, shown at the northern portion of the center of the map, is the only area to be presented to players. Lustria, Ulthuan, Naggaroth, and the Southlands will be the new continents added in Warhammer II.

Warhammer II is set to release wide swathes of new land to accommodate the many factions that will be added. The lands of Naggaroth will be as dark and twisted as its masters, while Ulthuan will be a verdant continent that pairs well with its elven populations. The Lizardmen, meanwhile, will be marching from the jungles and temple cities of Lustria, one of the Warhammer world’s southern continents.

While very little information has been released on the Skaven, they reside in an underground empire that spans the entire world. Fans have speculated if that subterranean realm will be implimented in anyway, or if it will simply be reflected by Skaven armies having access to same underway the Greenskins and Dwarfs access. One theory is that it will be accessible in a theatre map mechanic, which would be borrowed from Empire: Total War.


Other Secrets Waiting to be Unearthed?

The Black Pyramid of Nagash

The Black Pyramid of Nagash, creator of the vampiric curse. This is just one of many locations that is sure to show up in the Southlands of Warhammer II.

Warhammer II’s expansion will also add the Southlands, the area that is just South of the Badlands where the Orcs and Goblins reside. It’s a large Egyptian themed area with a lot of minor human kingdoms, most notably Araby, which has had a number of wars with Bretonnia. It is also the land where Khemri resides, which is home to the Tomb Kings, an undead faction that is speculated to be a DLC race for Warhammer II.

Overall, Warhammer II’s content plans are very ambitious, but players will have to see how much of the source material’s diversity Creative Assembly will explore. With such diverse maps and factions, it will surely be entertaining at the very least.


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