Top 7 Legendary Lords in Total War Warhammer

A spotlight on the most powerful heroes and villains of the Old World.
A spotlight on the most powerful heroes and villains of the Old World.

The World of Total War Warhammer is Led by Heroes of Legend, and Here’s the Greatest of them All

Creative Assembly’s hit fantasy/strategy game features a diverse range of heroes and lords to choose from, giving players a number of tactical options. Who stands out amongst these mightiest warriors, though? Let’s take a look at 7 of the standouts from across the factions vying for control of the Old World.

7) Vlad Von Castein

Vlad, first count of Sylvania

While he doesn’t have the capacity for magic that his protege Mannfred does, Vlad Von Carstein grants a number of benefits to his army and faction that any devious Vampire Counts player should take advantage of. First off, Vlad can unlock an ability that grants XP bonuses to units in every one of the player’s armies, making it possible for even defensive armies to slowly develop veteran units. On top of that, every unit in Vlad’s army gains access to vanguard deployment, allowing the player to sneak powerful, heavy hitting units behind enemy lines for a devastating sneak attack.

6) Wurrzag da Great Green Prophet

Wurzzag, master of orcish magic.

While Grimgor serves as a great general leader for the Greenskin army, Wurrzag the Great Green Prophet serves to boost the power of the primitive and belligerent savage orcs. Savage orc units in Wurrzag’s army receive bonuses to their physical resistance and their charge stat, as well as a major reduction in their upkeep costs. On top of that, Wurrzag is a master of the wild spells of Da Big Waaagh school of magic, and can unlock an ability that grants magic damage to his entire army.

5) Durthu

Durthu, oldest tree of Athel Loren

Turning to the mysterious and wild Wood Elves, Durthu Oakheart is a towering treeman wielding a flaming sword. This elder of the forest grants a weapon strength boost to his entire faction, and provides a local increase to damage to all units near him in battle. Durthu’s army is also immune to attrition damage, allowing him to march straight through vampiric and chaos corruption to strike at the heart of enemy territory.

4) Belegar Ironhammer

Belegar, Exiled King of Karak Eight Peaks

One of the newest Dwarfish Legendary Lords, Belegar Ironhammer leads his exiled brethren on a quest to reclaim Karak Eight Peaks from the insidious Night Goblin lord Skarsnik. Belegar has options to make him and his warriors more effective when fighting Greenskin warbands, and has early access to dwarf ranger units. Also, he starts the game with powerful ancestral heroes, giving him unique ethereal units that can turn the tide of battle in both early and late game.

3) Kholek Suneater

Kholek Suneater, eldest of the Ogre Dragons

Easily the strongest legendary lord physically, Kholek Suneater towers above the battlefield. The greatest of the Chaos worshipping Dragon Ogres, he’s capable of destroying hundreds of enemy soldiers in a single battle, and his scaly skin provides resistance to missile damage that typically rips through large units. His heavy armor also allows him to remain in the thick of battle for long periods of time, and is the perfect lord to send through the breach of a siege.

2) Grimgor Ironhide

Grimgor Ironhide, da biggest baddest

Da biggest, greenest boss ever to show his grizzled face to the tribes of the Badlands. Grimgor is a black orc with a temper that is legendary even amongst his own kind, and when spec’d for melee combat he becomes a nearly unstoppable beast. Combine this with his leadership skills to strengthen up da boyz and you’ve got a Waaagh that can devastate entire kingdoms.

1) Archaon the Everchosen

Archaon the Everchosen, blessed of the Chaos Gods

Easily identifiable as the main antagonist of the game, Archaon is a powerful tool for corruption and destruction when a player accesses the Chaos Warriors DLC. He wields a number of enchanted items, most noticeably his blazing sword, and is formidable in terms of damage, armor, and morale. He is also capable of using pyromancy spells, enhancing the level of destruction he is able to inflict.

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