The 18 Best Warhammer Games To Play in 2019 (New!)

best warhammer games
In the far, far future, there is only war!

War is Hell. But it's also a Heck of a lot of fun.

In the far, far future of the year 40,000, the Imperium of Man fights an endless battle with their enemies. The ferocious Orks, the malevolent Necrons, the vicious Harlequins and the deadly, terrifying Tyranids are but a few of the enemies you'll face as you fight across the cosmos.

While PC games based on this tabletop war game have appeared across numerous platforms throughout the years, none of them can compare to the amazing variety of 40K games available today. These games are more than skirmishes and tactics, as they cover lots of the game’s rich history and back story in addition to the battles.

And let's face it, sometimes you just want to make some aliens eat lasers and fly around in cool spaceships. We’re here to help you prepare for battle with our list of the best of the best Warhammer 40,000 PC games. So, what are you waiting for? Put away your paints, grab your codex, log into Steam and try out one of the 18 best Warhammer games for you PC, presented here in no particular order!

18. Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach

A simple skirmish in Sanctus Reach

A battle in Sanctus Reach

Not quite a full moon as the Dreadnoughts - led by a wolf, take to the battlefield.

Howling at the moon isn’t required on your mission to guide the Space Wolves to their destiny—saving mankind! In Sanctus Reach, you'll take command of your own army of Space Wolves across epic, 3D, turn-based battles.

Players can blast their enemies across insane types of terrain. Taking refuge among the gnarled, twisted trees across from a felled spaceship, a unit of Space Wolves stand in a vulnerable position. Suddenly, three blasts from behind the remains of a building and each hit shatters the armor of the soldiers. Blood spills as the end of the battle approaches. But this war is just beginning.

Though it’s a tactical game—much like the tabletop game—the animation and graphics make Sanctus Reach one of our favorite games in the 40K universe. The stunning, visual beauty of this game, combined with the fun game play, strategy and extensive 40K lore make this a worthy addition to anyone's gaming library. It's also quite long, with plenty of expansions, so it'll keep you coming back for more and more. Possibly until the end of time.

An ork painboy stands at the ready

What a Pain: An Ork Painboy prepares for some battlefield surgery. Painboys are the surgeons or field medics for the entire Ork race. They sometimes cause more damage than they cure and have been known to add or remove an extra limb or two to members of their own army.

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