12 Awesome Warhammer Games for PC

1. Total War: Warhammer


Fans of both Total War games and Warhammer products were surprised when Creative Arts announced this union between two popular franchises. Many Total War YouTubers, such as Pixelated Apollo and THFE Productions, followed the development as small siege and skirmish maps were released to the public. Tensions were high to whether this combination was going to work.

Lead The armies of Warhammer to victory.

So far, everyone seems to be thoroughly impressed with what’s been done. The four main factions for the campaign are The Empire, The Greenskins, The Vampire Counts, and the Dwarves. Each group has their own advantages and disadvantages to the group. In addition to what Total War fans are familiar with, large armies and economy, Warhammer introduces a focus on heroes. Your general unit, provided he possesses a proper name, is now an individual unit complete with spells and attacks that ravage groups of men. In the campaign, there are dozens of customizable options to give your heroes an even more unique feel to them.


2. Mordheim: City of the Damned:

Proving that Warhammer has content for all genres of games, Mordheim puts the player into a game that will feel quite familiar to fans of board-game style play. Choosing a faction, you will have build a warband composed of a plethora of unit types. These units can all level up, be customized with equipment, and all come with their own unique strategy. Another important fact is that any unit lost will be six feet under permanently, so be careful about throwing your best guy into the fray haphazardly.

Welcome to the city inhabited by the sinful and greedy.

The game calls a patient and strategy-oriented mind. Each map will contain multiple levels that players can climb and jump down from, as well as obstacles that can allow units to hide should they be badly wounded. The limited movement speed of each unit, as well as order of movement being determined by unit and not team, means that every action taken should be treated as vital to your victory, or else you will find yourself on the losing end of things very quickly. How you customize your units has an impact on when they move, so keep that mind when deciding what they bring to battle.

Lead your faction to victory, though others will not make it easy for you.

In addition to finding your foe, take time to search out Wyrdstones, which can be used to unlock even more abilities and special items for your units. You can play through the campaign and then take the war band you had been building throughout it online and try to claim a top spot on the leaderboard. You can win matches by lowering the morale of the troops, but also assassinating the troops and claiming gear as your own.

For anyone who has a patient mind, a passion for commanding small forces and a love of customization, this is definitely a game you need to be playing.

3.Dawn of War III


If you have played any of the several RTS games and expansion packs featuring iconic races such as Space Marines, Orks, Eldar and the Tau, the trailer of the third installment in the series was a welcome sight to you. On the official website, the developers promise that this will be “the biggest Dawn of War yet…”, and the troops that were shown in the opening cinematic promise we’ll be getting some new units that will help us fight for the emperor, the craft world, the daemons, etc.

War has come to the 40k universe again.

Beyond the trailer, there has been some gameplay footage detailing what looks like a lone force commander slaughtering individual Eldar with a very eye-catching display of hammer prowess. What also may have caught your attention was the large robot that seemed like a walking weapon of Armageddon-like destruction. An article shortly afterwards hints that this may be a “Super Unit”, which can selected before the game starts and deployed using points that are accumulated during the match. The Space Marines, Eldar and Orks have been detailed as being playable races in the game, but only the Marines have gotten further info released on them.


Based on what is being shown, it seems that the game will be leaning more towards the gameplay of the first installment in the RTS franchise, with larger armies being present versus the squad-sized groups of Dawn of War II. It is still rather early in development though, so aspects of the sequel may just yet be added on.

Who will you crush under your foot?

4. Battlfleet Gothic Armada: 

The fleet awaits your command.

For all of those who wanted to command the space forces of the Warhammer 40,000 rather than the land, this is a game you need to check out if you haven’t already. The game features four main factions (the Imperium, Orks, Eldar and Chaose), and puts each player in charge of a large fleet of ships. Much like many games involving spaceship battles, you will have customizable options for all the ships in your fleet.


What seems rather unique about the game is that your ships won’t be zipping around akin to a aerial dogfight. On the official website, maneuvering your ships is described as similar to turning a ship from ancient times on Earth. This means how each vessel in your fleet is positioned will be detrimental to either your victory or you utter annihilation. You will have a handful of ship classes to choose from, allowing you to re-arrange your fleet until you find something successful. Should you lose a ship, you are given the option of repairing your ship immediately or waiting for it to be done behind the scenes. This seems quite similar to the system of repair in the “World of…” series, a popular game franchise that features intense competitive play. 

With each race having different strengths and weaknesses in their ships, choosing one to play will be a challenge.

If you are a fan of single-player campaigns, Gothic Armada has quite an engaging one for you. You will be in charge of the front line of the Imperium fleet, Battlefleet Gothic. You are charged with defending mostly against the Chaos faction, but I imagine that Orks and Eldars may be making appearances at one time or another.


This seems like it be quite the exciting game, filled to the brim with content that will cater to both 40k fans as well general fans of space combat games.

5. End Times: Vermintide:


What’s cooler than a combination of Total War and Warhammer? How about a union of Total War and Left 4 Dead. Having to deal with large waves of Ratfolk, players have the options of a sorcerer, a hunter, a soldier and a rogue. These characters are very class-specific, not like their Left 4 Dead counterparts. This leads to a lack of weapon pick-ups throughout levels, and instead weapons in relation to the class are rewarded sometimes at completion of the level.


The usage of Ratfolk armed with crude-looking weapons gives City of the Damned the same dark feel to it as the game it is based off of. The game appears to be just as challenging too, sending tons of swarms and specialized rats after the players.

Will you bring peace to this town? 

6. Warhammer 40,000: Regicide:

At first glance, the game looks quite similar to chess. Where Regicide separates itself from this already long and highly tactical game is by adding in the flair of special abilities and opportunities to take cover. You are only given the choice of playing as either the Orks or Space Marines, but by playing through the single-player campaign, you can unlock more powerful units to add to your team.

For all you chess-playing 40k fans out there.

There are two more game modes that you have access to. There is Classical, which is the chess format that everyone is familiar with. The other one is Regicide, which the game states is much more brutal and cinematic. In either game mode, you will be playing with living, animated forces. Moving in on an enemy piece won’t simply be knocking it over. Depending which unit being used, you will be seeing anything from a bullet brutality to a chain sword causing the unfortunate victim to spurt blood out like a fountain. Depending what abilities the units possess, the attacker might not be as effective as they would be against a lesser unit.

When they're not looking, strike fast and strike hard.

One of the more interesting features is that this game will be available to play cross-platform. Whether it’s mobile or PC, you will be able to play with the same progress, same achievements and hopefully the same winning team.

Whether or not board games appeal to you, Regicide could just surprise you with how engaging and fun it can be.

7. Warhammer 40,000 : Eternal Crusade:

Though it is only in the alpha stages at the moment, Eternal Crusade has a lot of promise to it. From what gameplay we have seen so far, you will be in command of one four factions (Space Marines, Chaos Marines, Orks or Eldar) that are fighting across the galaxy. Amongst those four are subfactions, chapters and sects that Warhammer fans will recognize. There are a number of classes that any MMO fan would recognize and choose to play as in the game.

There are two game modes available for players to engage in, each catering to a different time of gamer. Those who enjoy putting taking on human foes can engage in PvP battles, which can house over 60 players in one match. Those who prefer a more casual type of gaming can fight alongside four other human players against a horde of A.I. In both game modes, the unity of the group is very important to the success of everyone.

When your opponent is as ferocious as you are, the conflict will be spectacular.

As you play more games, access to better gear will become available for you to implement. The game calls for skill-focused combat, so be sure to choose the weapons and armor that fits the playstyle you are best at.

This will be the first Warhammer MMO since Warhammer Online, so fans of the franchise should definitely check out this series.

A little peace before the conflict resumes.

8. Space Hulk Ascension:

For those of you who prefer small, squad-based games, you should really check out this game. You will be charge of a group of Space Marine Terminators fighting against genestealers, adaptive creatures from within the ranks of the Tyranid race.

The game places you in the congested spaces aboard vessels ling since abandoned. It is your sworn duty to clear them out, and you will be put up against a fierce foe. The genestealers come in many forms and can fit many different roles. To combat this, you will have to take advantage of the loads of customization available to fine-tune a very devastative force.

Behind you!

There are over 100 missions that will take you across three different campaigns. As you progress farther into the campaigns, the size of the ship graveyards you discover becomes more defined and apparent. Along the way, you will have access to “flash missions”, mini-missions that could give you a great advantage or put your terminators in a very morbid spot.

Since its creation, there has been a lot of work done to make the game more enticing. This includes new weapons, a new chapter of terminators, and more genestealer variations. Now more than ever, this is the time to check out Space Hulk Ascension.

Stay together, less the ship picks you apart man by man.

9. Man O' War: Corsair:

At first glance, this may not look like a Warhammer game, but Corsair’s place in this universe becomes apparent once you really get into the game.

Instead of commanding a space fleet, Corsair puts in you charge of a naval fleet. Your goal in life is to sail the seas and live a pirate’s life, eliminating your enemies and relieving them of their treasures. At your disposal will not only be the typical ship cannons, but also wizards sharpshooters and even griffins. Once you have ravaged the enemy from afar, you can board their ships and either sink them or add them to your fleet. There are at least a dozen different races that live in the world of Corsair and can join your crew. With each race, there are a number of unique ships that you have the ability to add to your fleet.

The sea be a place filled with many looking to make a profit.

There will be a lot of land for you to explore. Visit and trade at over 50 ports along the huge continent. Be on the lookout though, for enemy vessels will not be your only problem out here. There also exist creatures that emerge from the deep. They will powerful beasts and the smart idea would be to run, but the most determined of individuals can surely slay them and claim renown for such a feat.

There's always a bigger fish.

Having known little about this myself, this sounds like a very exciting game to play. There is customization, open-world exploration, and enough thrilling action in Corsair to keep people coming back for a long time.

10. Blood Bowl 2 :

Five years ago, fans of the old table-top fantasy football game were given a turn-based digital version for their gaming pleasure. Now the sequel is soon to arrive, and it has a load of new features for you to enjoy. A single-player campaign featuring the notorious Reikland Reavers will be available to play, but it’s all about the fun of multiplayer.

One thing new about the sequel is a new race being playable, Bretonia. Whether you pursue them or continue this bruising ballgame with an old favorite of yours, you will find that each of the now eight races come with an A.I experience unique to them. The camerawork seeks to make sure that every action-packed play is caught and shot in the best way possible. Hope you also enjoyed the dice rolling mid-play, because Blood Bowl II has more of that in store.

This eye in the sky will never miss a worthwhile action shot.

Customization of your team is key in this key, from the uniforms of your players to the look of your stadium. It’s all done in a way to help you really have an ownership of your team, and to make it stand out from all other Blood Bowl teams. So get your team together, because Blood Bowl is back and it is going to be a spectacle for sure.

And heerrree we go.

11. Space Hulk: Deathwing:

If you weren’t feeling the need to lead a group of space marines in a turn-based sense in Space Hulk: Ascension, then give this game a look. You’ll be put into the first-person view of a Space Marine as you yourself face both claustrophobic confines and wide-open spaces filled with genestealers and much worse foes.

For theEmperor

Not too much has been released about the game, but the trailers seem to portray a very atmospheric environment. The use of darkness and the close space seems to lean towards some elements that work well in the horror genre. The A.I is also supposed to be scaled based on the ability of the players, so be prepared for an enemy that will study your actions and seek to eliminate you through any variety of tactics.

Shoot first, or else you shall be the first one to fall.

The gameplay revealed seems to point that this game will be equal parts thrilling as it will be action-packed. If you want to be in the know about this game, go onto the main website and sign up for the newsletter. 

If you are a diehard Space Marine fan and wish to eliminate all foes for the Emperor, then this game will give the ability to do it like none else. In this game, you will take on the role of an Inquisitor, secret agents specifically prepared to deal with the very worse affronts to the Space Marines and purge the universe of the unworthy.

The heathens of the 40k universe won’t be found on one planet, so it falls to you to travel across the Calgari Sector to try and go find them. Composed of many star systems, each with their own hundreds of missions to complete, the storyline to this action-mmo is said to be influenced by the actions of the community. Environments will be permanently scarred by the battles you fight, and the inhabitants will harbor grudges of your constant intrusions into their lives. This campaign and any success it may be bring will be in the hands of you and all the other inquisitors sent forth to deal with the enemy.

Not every foe should be engaged head-on.

The gameplay shown in E3 this year promises a very darkly-themed atmosphere and many familiar factions that you will have to go up against. You should definitely check out the website if this intrigues you and you want to know more. There is a devblog and newsletter that you can comb through to find just what will be in store.

Only one of them can survive.


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