The 21 Best Online Strategy Board Games

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Nothing says friendship like a neck-crushing chokehold.

Ready for a couple of fun hours with friends in these 21 best online strategy board games?

Board games have always been a fun way to waste a few hours with some good friends. Since the proliferation of cell phones and computers, however, board games have been turned into virtual tabletop games that can be played against anyone in the world. From RPG-style board games like Armello to card-based strategy games like Northmark: The Hour of the Wolf, we’re going to list off our top 21 picks of online strategy board games. Counting backwards, here’s number 21:

21. Blood Bowl 2

Official Trailer for Blood Bowl 2

Based on the board game and the sequel to Blood Bowl, Blood Bowl 2 ranks at number 21 on our list. This turn-based strategy game made our list because of its delightful mix of blood-soaked brutality and America’s favorite sport, football. As the head coach, players will call plays in an attempt to strategically destroy (literally) the other team. Like any good football match, the team that wins is the team who scores the most touchdowns—all while being as brutal as possible. Those who enjoy dark humor will find Blood Bowl 2 somewhat comedic in the way it presents American football. But don’t get too attached to any of your team members. Deaths can and do happen, and they are permanent. Cue the announcer Jim Johnson, immortal vampire who, I’m fairly certain, has more to do with these deaths than he lets on.

Wouldn’t a Blood Bowl be the worst place for a vampire?

Blood Bowl 2 has been upgraded significantly from Blood Bowl. Aside from improvements in the UI, the sequel is significantly easier to play than its predecessor, in part because the real-time mode from Blood Bowl has been removed. Players can also customize their stadiums and buy/sell team members in the player marketplace. The marketplace is a necessary component of Blood Bowl 2 since you’ll likely find your blood-spattered roster thinning as players get killed.

I’m 70 percent sure he won’t get hurt from kicking that spiked football.

If you’re thinking about playing Blood Bowl 2, now is the perfect time to do so as the developers are releasing new, playable races available as downloadable content. Play as the Norse (released in May), the Undead, Nurgle, or Necromantic, and bring your team to a stunning victory.

Blood Bowl 2 Game Play

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