The Best Free Online Card Games You Need To Check Out

You'll never need to hold a card again

Free to play card games have taken over the online gameplay.  Trading card games have been around for a long time, now you don’t have to worry about damaging your cards or losing them.  There are so many great games out there, make sure you check them all out.  You don’t want to miss out on these games.

10. The Elder Scrolls: Legends

E3 Trailer

Gameplay Trailer

Finally Bethesda is bringing us a free card game based on Tamriel.  With the success of the Elder Scrolls franchise we would have expected something out sooner.  

We have waited for a very good reason, Bethesda has gone all out with this game.  They are bringing us all the characters we know  and love from Tamriel to a very advanced card game.

Bethesda is going a different route by combining the basic card builds of Hearthstone, with the laning of an MMO and RPG elements of all the Elder Scrolls games.

Players can train cards and continue to use them as they get stronger, similar to an RPG.

What is most exciting is the lanes.  Instead of being one large board to having cards square off against each other directly, there are now 2 lanes to deploy creatures onto.  This will only expand the possibilities.

The game is in the Beta now but will be out later in 2016.

These are some of the cards you’ll see in the game.  It’s great to see Lucien Lachance making an appearance.

9. Pokemon TCG (android)

The physical card game that took over the world is finally on android, and it couldn’t be better.

Pokemon TCGO pits two pokemon trainers against each other in a match with decks of 60 different pokemon cards.  Trainers use support cards and energy cards to help them enhance their pokemon to take out the opposing trainer’s pokemon.  Trainers can also evolve their pokemon just like in the original games into super strong versions.  Take that Charmander all the way up to Charizard without any experience grinding.

It has been a long wait for android users to be able to play on their devices, but the time has finally come.

The Pokemon TCG has been a part of every pokemon lover’s life since it’s inception.  Some people even like it better than the original Pokemon games.

The game is the same, just on a new platform to expand the user base.  If you’re an android user, this is a must download.

The game board is nice and simple, with everything you need from prizes to your discard pile.

8. Spellweaver

Spellweaver is unique in that it was created by Magic: The Gathering players to bring all the things they wanted to a card game.  

Spellweaver is a game that is built around building a deck based on one of the many magical aspects available.  You then control the hero based on that magical aspect, but you’re not restricted to just that hero’s cards, you can use any that you want.

This makes the game extremely deep with a huge pool of cards to choose from.  The possibility of decks to create are basically limitless.

Games are also pretty quick once you get the hang of it.  A typical game lasts no more than 15 minutes and is usually over in 5. 

Additionally, Spellweaver also adds advanced tactics like creature speed (creatures can only attack others with less speed than themselves), and multiple battle lines (a support line which protects your weaker creatures from attack).

This game is all about depth and variety which makes it a great game to download and give a try.

The Ivian Theocracy is the fortress of Heaven in the lands of Asperia.  One of the many different factions you can control.

7. Chronicle: Runescape Legends

The Runescape world in card game form

The game begins with you opening a magical book which allows you to create a story for your chosen Legend.  You’re opponent does the same and at the end of the 5 chapter story, you do battle to see which is the greater Legend.

Chronicle has only been out for about a month but damn is it fun.  It is a whole new take on the card games which is super refreshing.  You are tasked to bring your Legend to the end of their journey and defeat your opponent.

In this game you play cards for your Legend to interact with while your opponent does the same.  You play creatures to fight, weapons to pick up, and allies to assist you.  This happens for 5 rounds and at the end if both players are alive they fight in a duel to determine the winner.  There are also ways to damage your opponent during these 5 rounds.

This game is in the Runescape universe and is a great addition to the genre.
Here you see the journey you will travel on.  Fight enemies and collect gold, then spend it on weapons and armor.

6. Heroes of Camelot

Heroes of Camelot brings King Arthur’s round table to online free card games.  

In Heroes of Camelot you chose to be either a knight of Camelot or a Druid and explore the land to solve the mystery of the Holy Grail.  

This is a game that is more about collecting than in game strategy.  The way that you build your team is the most important aspect.  Once battles begin you are just letting your cards auto fight.

There are so many different characters and creatures from a world that everyone knows.  Building your deck will always contain names of people that you remember from the stories.

The best part of this game is the guild features and battles.  The fights get larger and more advanced with larger creatures and guild armies.

You can create 3 teams of powerful characters.

5. Battlecraft

The best web based card game

Recruit and command characters to wage battle across the world of Asteras.  

Battlecraft is an indie game that is a new spin on the online trading card game.  Battlecraft is completely played through your internet browser.  You can play the game, trade, and communicate with other players from anywhere with no program needed.

Play from a school computer.  Play from a cafe.  Play at home.  All you need is a browser and an internet connection.

The game also gets plenty of updates, which is easier for the developer since it’s an online only game.

What really makes this game unique is that you only play with a deck of 16 cards, 8 characters and 8 support cards.  This makes deck building so unique, your choices matter much more than other games.

The other huge plus for this game is the community.  Everyone who plays this game is super friendly and helpful to new players.  It’s a big change from a lot of the other popular games, which can get a bit toxic.

Prepare your troops for battle.  Don’t forget those support cards.

4. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation

The first old school card game brought to online play on the list is the ever popular Yu-Gi-Oh!

This game features over 6,000 cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh universe.  How can you go wrong with that?  Use your deck to have the ultimate Shadow Battle against your opponent.

It’s great to have this game available for online play.  It also features an offline campaign mode.  

What Yu-Gi-Oh! Lacks in graphic quality it more than makes up for in the depth of play, which is why we all love it.  The games play great and work just like traditional Yu-Gi-Oh! with monster, traps, and spells.

The offline campaign is filled with all the characters you know from the TV show so you get a chance to reminisce. 

Use your monsters to destroy your opponent.

3. Duelyst

Old school tactics brought to new age online card games

Duelyst adds turn based board strategy to the card game genre.  Duelyst allows players to play their cards onto a board where they can move around.  This adds a whole different level of strategy to the game.  You still have the traditional deck building elements there as well.

The pixel art is also great, bringing players back to the old days.  The animations are fun, even if there is nothing spectacular.  This game isn’t as much about the graphics as it is about the addition of the game board to bring a unique style to the genre.

The game board brings a whole new level of strategy to the game.

2. Magic Duels: Origins

The original is still here

Who doesn’t love Magic: The Gathering?  It’s why all of these games exist on this list.  It’s the original and it’s exactly what you would expect.

The game play is good.  The graphics are where they should be.  The deck variety is there.

It brings everything Magic: The Gathering fans want.

Where this game really shines is the accessibility for new players.  Magic can get a bit complicated for players just wanting to start out, but with this online game all the difficulties are taken care of.

You get to start with plenty of premade decks which you can edit around how you play.  New players can then be given solid decks and go from there.  With there being so many Magic cards over the years this is a great place to start.

2v2 battles with your friends are a great addition.

1. Hearthstone

The standard bearer for free to play card games.  

Hearthstone brings so many great qualities from its simplicity to the accessibility for players, that it just cannot be matched.

Hearthstone brings great card games to the mainstream, anyone can pick up the game very easily.  The game is simple enough for anyone to understand, but is also complex enough to get you addicted.

There are also plenty of modes for long time players to stay active.  You can try to get a high rank and play Tavern Brawls to get all the variety out of Hearthstone as you can.

Hearthstone gives players plenty of opportunities to get better and better cards through crafting and buying packs, with either real money or gold in game.

The simplicity of the game make Hearthstone the leader in all free to play card games.

20 damage Pyrobast?  That’s not right.


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