Top 25 Upcoming Strategy Games We Are Excited For (2019-2022)

Upcoming Strategy Games
Dual-wielding spears doesn't sound like the greatest idea, but it looks cool, right?

Upcoming Strategy Games That Will Blow You Away

As a new year starts, we too start to think about the future and what it has in store for us. In our case, we think of games, and let me tell you the future looks bright for us gamers, as several promising games are being announced for the coming years, be it new and interesting games or sequels to great franchises.

Today we are counting down 25 upcoming strategy games that we are excited for.

25. Gears Tactics 

Gears Tactics Gameplay Trailer

Gears Tactics is a game where you take command of a squad and hunt down the creatures responsible for the destruction of entire cities. The game takes place in the Gears of War universe, about 12 years before the first game. You need to plan ahead and always leave your characters behind cover, take into consideration the position of your enemy and never lose focus.

Place your troops with care, choose the right person for the right place.

Choose the enemy you wish to shoot and make sure your path is clear.

24. Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

In Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord your purpose is to conquer and fight in the cruel lands of Calradia.  Create your character and set out in the world with little to nothing, the goals you have must be decided by you. Go around small villages and recruit volunteers to fight alongside you. Arrange your troops and give orders on the battlefield while also engaging the enemy yourself.  You can choose to swear allegiance to a lord and fight along with them as a faithful and trusted vassal or you can set out and create your own kingdom by force. Will you be the one to unite the lands of Calradia? Or will you assist your liege in becoming its true king?

You can choose the location of your troops and anti-siege equipment before the siege starts.

The siege equipment is both realistic and dangerous for your walls, try to stall it by killing the people pushing it.

23. Age of Empires 4

Age of Empires IV Announce Trailer

In Age of Empires IV you build your own empire, train your army, defend yourself and attack others for resources. You take control of your troops and command them into battle, customize your empire and make it easier to defend. Create a strong empire and prosper.

The game will only come out on computers.

You get to play in several historical scenarios from different parts of the world.  

22. Imperator Rome

Imperator: Rome Gameplay

Use your wits and courage to gain position in Rome. Every king is cunning and every vassal is devious, protect yourself and your family from plotting enemies. In times of war, you can make use of your status to call upon your vassal armies and fight the enemy with all the strategies at your disposal. You fight for political and military dominance, but you mustn’t forget to maintain stability in the kingdom. Keep your trusted ones close and your enemies in coffins.

The recruitment system gives you many choices and the interface is easy to understand.

In fights, you must take into consideration both the morale of your army as well as your foe’s.

21. Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose Gameplay

Hell Let Loose is a game where you must fight alongside your teammates in 50v50 realistic battles inside a very big battlefield. Rely on your cooperation with your teammates as well as your abilities of constantly adapting tactics according to the terrain. Pay attention to resources and ammunition, as they are limited, and make every bullet count

You can drive tanks and control turrets.

Being in a tank doesn’t make you invincible. Beware of rocket launchers, and just about any explosive.


Overland Alpha Gameplay

Help your group survive in this post-apocalyptic setting, as you manage the resources of your group and prepare for a dangerous adventure. Try to sneak around the monsters that have risen from the underground as you explore this wasteland. You must avoid disaster and search for more resources to keep you and your companions alive during your road trip.  

You choose where to go, every car trip consumes fuel, and you can meet other survivors along the way.

The visuals are great, and the street view reflects the setting perfectly.

19. Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War: Three Kingdoms Gameplay

Become a general, lead your troops on the field and prepare grand strategies for every battle, unless you want to die. Or you can choose to become an influential political figure and fight in a different battlefield, one of words and wisdom. The fractured lands of China deserve an emperor, will you be the one to take the seat?

Sieging a settlement doesn’t always result in a bloody battle, you can choose to wait for your enemy to run out of supplies and surrender. 

You can make your archers light up their arrows to lower enemy morale, or just burn down forests if that’s what you want.

18. Industries of Titan

Industries of Titan Gameplay Review

In Industries of Titan, you must build your own futuristic city and defend it with all your might. Build ships to defend against enemy forces and try to keep the damage of your town to a minimum. Make sure to keep the needs of your people in check and manage your factories for a prosperous economy. 

When building a ship, you decide its equipment and customize the interior, try to do everything on a budget.

 Losing to enemy ships can count as a learning experience, right?

17. Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Gameplay

In Age of Wonders: Planetfall you are tasked with rebuilding a galactic empire after the downfall of the previous Star Union. Use everything at your disposal to reconstruct the great Star Union, while also fighting the unknown forces that destroyed it. You must utilize your troops and defend your empire from danger. 

Select your commander character from a diverse list, each has different abilities and looks.

Create forts near areas of interest and colonies to prepare for expansion.

16. Phantom Brigade 

Phantom Brigade Gameplay

Your homeland is occupied by enemy troops, command your robots in the combat area to destroy enemies in a desperate attempt to free your homeland, predict the movements of your enemy and always be cautious. Choose the way to approach every situation and be prepared to take cover behind buildings, but don’t wait for too long, the buildings will fall eventually.

Customize your robots and choose their loadouts.

Use the camera to look around and determine the position of your enemy.

15. Stronghold Next

40 Questions About Stronghold Next

Stronghold Next is an improvement in both visuals and mechanics compared to its predecessor Stronghold Crusaders II. Stronghold next isn’t the chosen name of this game, the name will be announced along with the trailer. In Stronghold Next you build your own kingdom, train an army and siege enemy castles. The game isn’t an MMO, however you will be able to play together with your friends.

It’s believed that the game will come out next year, something we are looking forward to.

14. Crossroads Inn

Crossroads Inn gameplay trailer

You manage your very own successful inn, take care of your costumers and build a reputation in the kingdom. Build and furnish your inn as well as carefully choose the best people to hire at your inn. Meet great adventurers and hear grand tales of glory and exotic wonders. This game gives you a great fantasy experience and plentiful adventure while also being an amazing inn management simulator.

Create new menus and recipes by mixing up ingredients, the quality of the food needs to be maintained to satisfy the clients.

Trade with merchants and maintain a steady supply of ingredients.

13. Plutocracy 

Plutocracy - Teaser Trailer

The strategy in this game relies more on cunningness, as you need to take control of the world with sly and ingenuity. After choosing a starting point you must expand in all areas, your business must prosper in all categories for you to succeed before your competition does. As your business develops, there is bound to be people getting in your way, so never hesitate to get your hands dirty.

Recruit new people to join you in your business empire. Each has his own skills and specialties.

Bargain for the prices of businesses, control promising factories and enterprises.  

12. Desperados 3

Desperados 3 Gameplay

In Desperados 3 you fight for survival in this ruthless wild west scenario. Every step you take determines your survival. So pay attention to your surroundings as well as your enemies. Always plan out your journey beforehand, try to remain undetected as much as possible and lay down traps for your enemies. The game isn’t going to go easy on you if you choose to go guns-blazing from the start. You must still take into consideration all the cover you have nearby as well as the one your enemy has. It doesn’t matter which way you choose to play the game you’ll still require a plan to survive.

Every enemy has a line of sight, for a perfect stealth takedown you should try to stay out of it.

Lay down traps for the enemy, then lure them by making sounds. You can reuse the trap by picking it up.

11. Counter Terrorist Agency

Counter Terrorist Agency Teaser 

As a member of the Counter Terrorist Agency, you must track down and eradicate terrorist organizations and all potential terrorist threats. You need to collect evidence and interrogate the suspects. You must use everything at your disposal to catch the terrorist organizations before they commit more atrocious acts.

Every terrorist attack creates casualties, it’s your job to prevent them

Trace phone calls and flight routes to make sure your suspect doesn’t run away.

10. Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point Gameplay

Human population has dwindled because of a new virus. The Phoenix Project is an organization created to protect the world from a mutant infestation. Control a squad of soldiers, as you embark the Phoenix aircraft in a post-apocalyptic setting. You’ve lost contact with the other branches of the organization, you must find out what happened. Fight the virus contaminated mutants as you command your unit to take strategic positions at all time, pay attention to the enemies and their locations. 

Choose the mission you wish to do from the map, you need to refuel the Phoenix aircraft from time to time.

You can lock on to any enemy body part while commanding the sniper, you have a different percentage of success in shooting each section.

9. End State

End State Trailer

Take command of a mercenary group tasked with taking down terrorists. Hire mercenaries, gear them up and give them missions. You command them on the field and give directions depending on the situation. Think about the appropriate way to approach every mission whether it’s stealth, frontal assault or a well-planned ambush. 

Hire the right person for the job, you need to equip them afterward.

When you choose a target you also choose the body part you want to aim for.

8. Tropico 6

Tropico 6 Gameplay

In Tropico 6 you are the president of your own country on the island state of Tropico. You can start a strict dictatorship or just rule peacefully over the populace, send spies to other countries to steal their secrets and give inspiring speeches to your people. You can play with 3 other friends as you experience the feeling of managing a thriving city. Set new rules, revoke or give rights to the people. Construct your city and customize it as you like in this politically based city building simulator.

Keep the unemployment rate low by building more workplaces for the people.

 Listen to the people, pander to the right groups to win votes for the reelection.

7. Anno 1800

Anno 1800 Gameplay

Build your own industrial city as you discover new ways to advance your technology. Anno 1800 gives you a great city-building experience and plenty of fascinating things to explore. You must explore continents and find new civilizations, as you experience one of the eras where technology and research were at their peak in development speed. 

Every city needs a prison, build your own prison to keep criminals at bay. 

Build ports to introduce naval trade into your city. 

6. Steel Division 2

Steel Division 2 Gameplay Trailer

In Steel Division you take command of an army and fight in this accurate World War 2 setting. Pick which side you fight for, manage your army and plan out your battles with the enemy. Fight for country and honor as you strategize huge scale battles against your foes in long campaigns. Live the events of history’s biggest war with magnificent tactics and calculated plans.

You take control of your divisions on the map and plan out the operation.

Units on land are not always specialized to deal with aircrafts.

5. Secret Government

Secret Government Trailer

Rule the world from the shadows as you dictate the events that shape the world into what it is today. Manage countries and their economies to keep your operation well-funded. Expand your rule from within the shadows, infiltrate states and put your people on the top of the management chain. Pay attention to the competition, as there is another secret organization aiming for world dominance, you must act discreetly and discover their plans.

Take control of different countries, manage their resources.

Orchestrate conflicts and observe the wars you've created.

4. Iratus: Lord of the Dead

Iratus Lord of the Dead Gameplay

You are an undead necromancer. Escape from your prison and command your undead troops to battle against your enemy. Build your evil underground lair and craft stronger undead out of enemy corpses. Every enemy has a weak point, learn and use them to achieve victory. 

Level up your skills in any category, each category has its perks.

Give your minions better equipment to strengthen them.

3. The Settlers

The Settlers Trailer

The Settlers are a group of people that were forced to leave their homes due to a devastating earthquake. Rebuild your home, construct a city, train an army and use it to conquer surrounding lands. Build impenetrable defenses and be on the lookout for enemy raids. The campaign can be played with a friend. Build and customize your city, surround it with walls and explore the lands before you.

Place archers on your walls to dwindle enemy troops, the enemy can climb on walls so try to keep them away from it.

Destroy enemy walls to create a way for your troops to enter a city.

2. Iron Harvest

Iron Harvest Gameplay

Command a troop of foot soldiers inside advanced warfare of machinery. Your goal is to capture tactical points before your enemy, repair machinery and gain resources. Use field equipment against mechanical robots, build your own robots and prepare tactical positions for your troops. Always be prepared for an ambush and always have a plan prepared in case one happens. 

Use field artillery to destroy enemy mechs, you can repair damaged pieces of artillery.

Using soldiers to fight mechs isn’t the best idea unless you equip them with explosives. 

1. Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 Gameplay Trailer

You are the desert rangers, a group formed to support survivors of the nuclear devastation, now on the frozen lands of Colorado. Bear the harsh winter as you fight bandits, use the environment to your advantage and pay attention to the dangers it may bring. Fight alongside your party, as you take on the lawless wasteland. RPG fans will also enjoy the detailed dialogue-tree and choices it brings. 

The dialogue-tree gives you a variety of options, whether you try the diplomatic approach or not is up to you.

Explore the lands and admire the great visuals this game has to offer.

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