10 Best Sniper Games To Play in 2018-2019 (NEW!)

best sniper games
Scoping out the enemy

One shot, one kill. Get ready for the best sniper games to play right now

Due to the nature of mouse control, PC is the defacto platform for shooting games, and of course, games with sniping take advantage of the precision and flexibility of the mouse. These are the top upcoming and hottest sniping games that you can play on PC.

10. Battlefield V 

Battlefield V Sniper Gameplay

The first game on our list is Battlefield V. The Battlefield series is known primarily for its Player vs Player online gameplay, and naturally for a team based game, a sniper class, called Recon,  exists. Set during World War II as a follow up to its predecessor Battlefield 1, the weapon selection is adequately theme around older weapons, with the sniper class repping the KAR 98.

New to the series is a continuous multiplayer campaign, likely to simulate the concept of an ongoing war. Battlefield V will release on November 20th, 2018.

Armed and ready for conflict

You’re never not in conflict in a Battlefield game

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