[Top 11] Best Sniper Games Ever Made

Best Sniper Games
Keeping an eye on your ammo is crucial in many of these games

[Top 11] Sniper Games Ever Made

Sniping requires precision, intelligence, and patience. Breath in. Take your time. Wait for the perfect opportunity, and just when your target least expects it, send them knocking on heaven’s door. Do you have what it takes to be a true sniper? Well then here is a list of the top 11 sniper games ever made.


1. Escape From Tarkov (PC)


Escape From Tarkov Gameplay

Your goal is to make your way through the city of Tarkov, as bloodthirsty locals and rival mercenaries try to take you out of the picture. Polish your marksmanship skills, gather all equipment and supplies you can find and get ready for a hardcore first-person action experience.

What Makes Escape From Tarkov Fun

  • Realistic Gunplay: Escape From Tarkov gives you no quarter, as you will have to get used to things like jamming and overheating. Not to mention real-life projectile physics and ballistics. 
  • Managing Your Precious Health: Surviving might reveal itself to be harder than it seems in this game. Wearing ballistic vests and helmets can only do so much protecting your ass in a fire fight. You will have to monitor and manage your health bar and energy to avoid unsavory experiences like dehydration, tremors and even broken bones. Even when a bullet wound doesn’t kill you right away, blood loss might.  
  • Gathering Supplies: As you move through Tarkov you will need to keep your eyes peeled for much needed loot: food, equipment, weapons, medicine or even electronics and other mundane items. The possibilities are many, and you will need all you can get for both survival as well as challenges given to you by Tarkov’s many specialized vendors.
  • Trading and Selling Goods: Nothing has to go to waste. Sell whatever loot you don’t need in auctions, or maybe trade it for something more valuable to you; such is life as a mercenary soldier.

Enjoy the View: Scout your location for a good vantage point, take out your sniper rifle and look for your next unsuspecting victim 

Attention to Detail: Making out your enemies through various obstacles will give you the upper hand, but try to ensure no one is doing the exact same thing to you


2. Star Wars Battlefront II (PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4)


Star Wars Battlefront II Gameplay 

Play as Iden Versio, an Imperial Commander who develops a conscience and joins the Rebellion. Experience the fight against the Empire alongside some of your favorite Star Wars characters. You’ll get to pilot various iconic vehicles through a Galaxy far, far away in the game’s campaign but don’t forget to explore the various multiplayer modes. 


What Makes Star Wars Battlefront II Fun

  • Space Combat: Engage in awesome space battles using a wide array of pistols, automatic weapons, and rifles to obliterate your enemies and drive a wide array of vehicles – one of them being the Millennium Falcon itself!
  • A Unique Angle of Star Wars Storytelling: Witness the events that drive a loyal Imperial Commander away from the Dark Side and into the Rebellion during the game’s compelling campaign. 
  • Huge Multiplayer Battles:  Enjoy the satisfying feeling of destroying your enemies with your blaster – sounds dirtier than it is, tear through your opponents with your lightsaber or take to the skies in a combat vehicle. 

Scavenging The Woods: Exploring might get you some precious supplies, but beware; it can just as easily get you killed

Keep Your Eye On The Ball: Sniping can very easily take up all your focus, but shifting all your attention from the main objective may not be your best option either



3. PUBG (PC)


PUBG Gameplay

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds drops you off in a battlefield filled with ninety-nine strangers that want to murder you. Sound like fun? You will have to start from scratch in every match, moving swiftly to find a weapon and fight in a blood-soaked free for all. You can also team up with your friends to massacre all enemy soldiers to be the last team standing. A chicken dinner has never sounded so good. 


What Makes PUBG Fun

  • Increasingly Smaller Battleground: One of the most exciting features of the game is that as the battle goes on, the area you are forced to battle your enemies in gradually decreases, making the game a heck of a lot more hectic.
  • Adapting To Survive: Nothing in PUBG is just handed to the players. You will be challenged to find weapons, armor and supplies all by yourself. And if you need to make a quick escape, well you better find yourself a vehicle or you are as good as dead.
  • True Suspense: You never know when you might run into one of your rivals. The first few seconds of that encounter might be what determines whether you’ll emerge victorious, or die unceremoniously.

A Nice Day For Camping: It may be tempting to find a good spot and stay there for the entirety of a match, but remember; the ever-shrinking maps of PUBG will force you to change positions and find a new spot

Want To Set The World On Fire: Performing a hit from afar usually means remaining unnoticed, but there’s still room for troublemakers with a scope in these battlegrounds


4. Battlefield V (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4)


Battlefield V Gameplay

Grab a weapon and jump into battle, with Battlefield V. Experience the relentlessness of World War II through the eyes of different soldiers in a truly arresting campaign that never shies away from the horrors of war; one you’ll find hard to forget. Would you like to see how your abilities measure up against other players? Try one of the several multiplayer modes offered by the game. 


What Makes Battlefield V Fun

  • Different Perspectives: Battlefield V’s single-player campaign doesn’t stick with just a single man’s or woman’s story. Instead, it takes the time to give you a well – rounded experience, by putting you in the shoes of several soldiers fighting not just for their countries, but for their lives and the lives of their comrades too. 
  • Full-Scale War: Campaign missions vary from thoses that allow for close-quarter confrontations and picking your enemies off from distance make the game interesting and exciting. Coupled with large multiplayer maps and heated PVP battles, these are guaranteed to make you feel the thrill of battle.
  • Coordinated Teamwork: Scavenge enemy corpses, gather resources, and rely on your teammates for both medical and tactical support. There’s safety in numbers, and Battlefield V proves that, as taking the lone wolf approach rarely pays off. 
  • Plenty of Options: The various guns, upgrades, and skills available to the players facilitate any kind of game style. No one strategy is superior, as you will find that the end result almost always depends on your own wits and abilities. 

Now You See Me: When in Multiplayer, make sure the only time your enemies become aware of your position is when they get hit by one of your bullets

Fortune Favors The Bolt: Battlefield V’s takes place in the time of World War II. This means you get a chance to try a lot of that era’s legendary bolt action long-range weapons


5. ARMA 3 (PC)


Arma 3 Gameplay

Take on the role of Corporal Ben Kerry in this game, a U.S. Army soldier in the 2030’s. In a time of great turmoil amongst international military alliances, you will have to defend NATO interests and get involved in a war between disenfranchised army factions. Engage in large scale operations and stealth missions in this open-world hardcore military experience. 


What Makes ARMA 3 Fun

  • Explore Places From Above and Below: Whether you want to scuba dive in the beautiful waters of the Aegean, drive a tank or fly with a helicopter, the choices are aplenty, and the games photo-realistic look makes exploring it irresistible. 
  • Multiplayer Mayhem: Experience intense shootouts that include both close-quarter confrontation and long-range weaponry, combined with large maps that require strategic planning. 
  • A Vast Arsenal: A variety of handguns, submachine guns, rifles, machine guns, and launchers offers all the tools you’ll need to realize your full potential as a master marksman. 

Snipers Gonna Snipe: Let the peasants have their submachine guns. A true king knows how to take his rivals out from the other end of the map

Deafening Silence: Put on a silencer, pick a good vantage point and go to town on your rivals, making use of ARMA 3’s maps’ layouts, which is heavily influenced by actual islands of the Aegean. 


6. Squad (PC)


Squad Gameplay

Squad takes combat realism to the next level as it places players in a large environment where rival troops fight for territory. Learn to cooperate with your brothers- and sisters-in-arms and use your skills in strategy and combat to coordinate your attacks.

What Makes Squad Fun

  • New Players Are Welcome: Even though using intricate tactics and utilizing your experience in the game will give you a valuable edge, newcomers still stand a chance as long as they use their reflexes, precision, and skill.
  • Military Vehicles: Even though charging up a hill on foot along with your trusted teammates is extremely satisfying, you can also provide support with a tank or with artillery guns. Or, perhaps you could take to the skies in a helicopter to provide air support to your allies. The choices are many, and most of them are pretty awesome. 
  • Realistic Battles: From the size, textures, and layout of the maps, to the guns’ recoil, bullet drop and muzzle flash. The overwhelming combination of the games’ mechanics, sounds and visuals will fully immerse you in the battlefield. Even your teammates’ voices are realistically localized as you can’t really hear them in the distance.

With Their Bombs And Their Tanks: Let your allies lead the attack, and provide them with cover from a safe distance with your trusty sniper rifle. 

Alone Again, Naturally: When fighting by yourself it takes a master strategist’s wit and cunning to choose a proper position – one that gives you an advantageous point of view without exposing you to your foes


7. CSGO (PC)


CSGO Gameplay

Counter Strike: Global Offensive will put your abilities in team-based combat to the test. Take your pick from a wide array of maps and modes, and start building your own profile as a Counter Strike rock star by accomplishing missions and upgrading your weapons. 


What Makes CSGO Fun

  • Weapons And Upgrades: It’s hard to get the job done without the right tools, so CSGO gives you a chance to assemble an arsenal of your own by purchasing weapons, attachments, and gear.
  • Emphasis On Teamwork: When in a match to the death, it’s always good to be able to trust your teammates. Even though one’s individual skill is required to succeed, it’s usually group coordination that makes the difference between victory and defeat.
  • Various Modes: Explore the games’ many options as the goal of each kind of match can be different with varying degrees of difficulty. Find what better suits your skillset, and excel in it.

It Gets Messy: A true marksman can still annihilate all who choose to confront them even in some of CSGO’s smaller maps 

With A Little Help From My Friends: Get your friends to secure the perimeter near you as battle ensues, but have your rifle handy in case you run into the kind trouble that only a sniper can fix


8. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4)



Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 Gameplay

Watch this Modern Warfare story unfold as legendary SAS Captain John Price, tasked with recovering stolen shipments of dangerous chemical gas. While carrying out your missions, you will have to engage in both close-quarter combat and sniping operations, in a variety of both fictional and non-fictional locations. 


What Makes Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 Fun

  • Thought-Provoking Campaign: Without giving away any major spoilers, it is fairly safe to say that the game will successfully challenge your moral compass, and make you think about the intricacies of war
  •  Advanced Weaponry: There are many options available to the players when it comes to weapons, attachments, equipment, and gadgets – not to mention unmanned vehicles. And it all comes together beautifully in the game’s various multiplayer modes.
  • Personal Playing Styles: One can feel free to develop their own playing style, as the game’s maps come in all sizes. The modes also vary, giving you the chance to make the best possible use of your abilities; a sniper enthusiast, for example, might want to pick a larger map. 

Always Watching: If you manage to find the right angle, you can gradually gain total control over a huge area using just your wits and weapons

Mind Blown: Apart from its Multiplayer modes, Modern Warfare’s campaign also offers a satisfying number of epic sniper moments


9. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4)



Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Gameplay

Take on the role of Jonathan "Jon" North, a U.S. Marine Captain tasked to destabilize separatist cells in Georgia. Infiltrate enemy bases while defending U.S. interests as an American Sniper. Once dropped off in Georgia, it is up to you to complete each mission whether it’s assassinating an enemy officer, or stealing a document from a heavily guarded base.  


What Makes Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Fun

  • Expansive Open World: The jagged cliffs and huge forests of Georgia’s wilderness are the perfect setting for a stealthy sniper to operate. The game’s open world environment helps convey a tone of realism every time you travel towards your next mission. 
  • Precision Matters: The well thought out planning and methodical execution of your missions plays a detrimental role in your pursuit of success. From picking a good vantage point and adjusting your equipment to account for environmental conditions to stalking your enemies, it’s your job to figure it out and make it happen.
  • Kill Shots: When you take the time to deliver the perfect hit, you will be rewarded for your patience with immensely brutal slow motion kill shots, showing your bullets exciting trip out of your rifle and into your enemies’ skulls 


Ghost Snipers In The Sky: The game’s stealth-based gameplay allows for the kind of methodical hits that make enemy guards think it’s raining fire from above 

The Devil’s In The Details: Make sure you have taken into account all the variables that will affect your bullet’s trajectory or it’s bye-bye miss American sniper


10. HITMAN™ 2: Sniper Assassin (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4)


HITMAN™ 2: Sniper Assassin Gameplay

That’s right. The ultimate assassin is at it again, this time wielding a sniper rifle. Hitman™ 2’s mode Sniper Assassin places you in large maps, and lets you handle your objective any way you deem suitable. The game has plenty of room for your own creative thinking, letting eliminating your targets become spectacular forms of art – if you have the skills for it. 


What Makes HITMAN™ 2: Sniper Assassin Fun

  • Cooperation: Check out co-op mode and play with a companion online to do double the damage in half the time. Coordinate your hits to complete each one of your objectives before your targets know what hit them.
  • Endless Possibilities: This seemingly simple game mode has a crazy amount of depth to it, as you will immediately discover upon playing it. The surprisingly multiple ways in which you can perform assassinations let your creativity run wild with stealth and long-range sniper shots.
  • Patience Pays Off: Taking the time to understand the layout of the missions, the way the guards move around and the exact location will provide you with valuable knowledge and help you operate the way Agent 47 should and would have.   

A Room With A View: If there’s one thing we know for sure about Agent 47, it’s that he always knows how to masterfully position himself to seamlessly take out multiple targets

I’ve Got My Sights Set On You: When you have visual confirmation of the target, take the time to figure out the right moment and take the shot when you know no one’s looking


11. Sniper Elite 4 (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4) 


Sniper Elite 4 Gameplay

Killing Nazis, watching brutal kill cams, real-life ballistics, and projectile physics – what’s not to like about Sniper Elite 4? This masterpiece is a combination of stealth and action, guaranteed to give you one hell of a time. Join the Italian Resistance as elite marksman Karl Fairbourne and free their country from fascist scumbags. 


What Makes Sniper Elite 4 Fun

  • Highly Realistic Sniping: Your sniping experience can be quite realistic - especially on higher difficulty settings - as you will have to take into consideration factors like bullet drop and the direction of the wind when taking down a target.
  • Bloody Kill-Cams: Bask in the glorious sight of your high caliber bullets introducing Nazis’ brains to the interesting idea of being outside their skulls. Get a unique perspective to the true effect of your shots on enemy soldiers, with the meticulous anatomical precision of its brutal Kill-Cams.
  • World War II Weapons: Make sure you unlock and try every single one of the various amazing weapons available. This game has weapons from Sniper Rifles to military handguns, and they are customizable to better suit your style.

Fascists’ Brains All Over The Place: You are gonna leave one helluva mess behind as your heroic journey through WW II goes on. And mercilessly murdering your enemies becomes more and more fun with the game’s epic kill cams

 The Sniper On The Roof: Sniper Elite 4 is filled with beautiful imagery. However, there’s little time to enjoy the view; there are targets to eliminate and a war to win 

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