[Top 3] Sniper Elite 4 Best Pistols

Sniper Elite 4 Best Pistols
Karl about to shoot an unaware Nazi

What are the best pistols in Sniper Elite 4?

Pistols in Sniper Elite 4 can be really handy, like when you run out of rifle bullets or you just want to save some bullets for later. And who doesn’t like bragging about defeating heavily-armed enemies with mere pistols, right? So you better equip the best pistol you can find. Keep reading, folks, because we’re giving you a list of the top 3 pistols in Sniper Elite 4 (DLC not included)!

Number 3: Webley MKVI

The Webley MKVI is the pistol with the highest damage output, nuff said! Complemented with its high accuracy, range, and rate of fire, this baby can take down enemies instantly. However, it does score low on the magazine size department and you can’t use suppressed bullets, making this a no-no for those who’d love a stealthy strategy. If you’re someone who’d love to go Rambo on those Nazis though, you’ll have a blast with this pistol. Unlock this beast for only $3 in the loadout menu!

Practice makes perfect!

Number 2: M1934

The M1934 is the cute little semi-automatic pistol that took our no.2 spot. It may have a significantly lower damage output than the Webley, but it gives you the ability to switch between normal and suppressed ammo, making it a splendid choice if you want to be stealthy but still have the option to go Rambo. The other stats aren’t bad either, with overall stats being higher than the default pistol, Welrod. Get this badass cutie for only $3 in the loadout menu!

Karl posing with his M1934.

Number 1: M1911

Introducing the M1911, the best pistol you can get your hands on in Sniper Elite 4. Compared to the M1934, it has higher accuracy, rate of fire, and damage output! All while still giving you the option to switch between normal and suppressed ammo, making it look like a more devastating variant of the M1934. You can unlock this baby for only $3 in the loadout menu.

Karl planning a strategy with his M1911 ‘cause he’s used up all his rifle bullets.

Too bad though, it’ll be hard to aim on Nazi testicles with pistols. Oh well, I guess aiming at their heads will do. Anyway, do you agree with our list? What’s your favorite pistol in Sniper Elite 4? Let us know in the comments!

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