Sniper Elite 4 Guide for Beginners

Sniper Elite 4 Guide for Beginners
Karl wondering what he needs to do to get good in his own game.

A comprehensive beginner's guide for Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 is a wonderful game. It gives you the freedom to finish the missions your own way, whether you want to go Rambo or go Solid Snake, or whether you want to utilize the numerous tools available or not. However, it could be a very difficult game for those who are new to the Sniper Elite franchise. That’s alright, we got you covered with this beginner guide!

Beginner tips:

  • Always tag your enemies first! It’s always good to know where your enemies are to devise a good strategy. To do this, you simply need to use the binoculars by pressing B, and left-clicking once an enemy is in the crosshair of the binocular. You can zoom in and out by scrolling the mouse wheel.
  • You don’t need to kill all your enemies if you don’t want to.
  • Be wary of your gunshots, your enemies can hear them and be alerted. After a few loud shots, they will be able to locate you, so if you don’t have suppressed ammo yet, it’s better to change positions with every shot.
  • Ever heard the noise of incoming planes or thunder? These noises can be used to your advantage. When you hear loud noises, see if there’s a white icon in the upper part of the screen, that means your enemies won’t hear your gunshots.
  • Watch your radar! See that outer circle on your mini map? If that’s yellow, that means the enemies are actively searching for you. If that’s red, that means they know where you are and are going to attack!
  • It’s recommended to hide dead bodies by hiding them in bushes or throwing then in the ocean. When an enemy sees a dead body, it will raise suspicion.
  • Keep your stamina up! A low stamina makes sniping really difficult.
  • The shooting range is a good place to practice your shooting skills with different guns. Just choose the shooting range option in the game’s start menu and you can start practicing. Once you want to leave the shooting range, just press Esc and choose end game.

How to snipe

Simply make sure you’re equipped with your sniper rifle by pressing 1 or choosing your sniper rifle in the weapons menu by holding Q. Then hold right click to aim with your scope (you can scroll the middle wheel to zoom in and out), press the space bar to clear your lungs, make sure the yellow indicator in the middle turns red (a red indicator means a sure kill), then shoot with a left click.

How to do a takedown

Takedowns are a good way to kill enemies without wasting a bullet. Press C to crouch and silently walk towards the back of an enemy. Press E once there’s an indicator on the lower part of the screen to silently kill an enemy with a takedown.

How to equip tools or change weapons

See that little icon on the lower right of the screen? That’s the tool currently equipped to Karl. Just hold Q and you’ll see your tools and weapons in the weapons circle. You can move the mouse to point to a tool then it will automatically be equipped once you release Q. Take note that when selecting tools and weapons, there are always two alternative functions for each, which you can see in the center of the circle. The ticked function is the one currently equipped. To choose the other function, simple do a left click and it will automatically switch to it.

How to use a silencer

Only a few specific guns like the welrod are equipped with a silencer by default, and a silencer can’t really be equipped to the rest of the guns. But thankfully, most guns will give you the option to use suppressed ammo, which has the same effect as using a silencer. You can pick them up during your missions from caches and even dead bodies, but they’re very rare. Alternatively, you can also unlock suppressed ammo in the loadout menu for $2 to have some at the start of every game.

How to whistle

Whistling can be really useful if you want to distract an enemy and you want to kill them with a takedown while hiding. Just equip the whistle tool and press F to whistle!

How to throw a grenade

Want to blast multiple enemies with a grenade? Make sure you have grenades equipped as your tool. Then hold F to aim, and release F to throw it. 

How to heal

Low on HP? No worries. Sniper Elite 4 allows you to recover health with items. You can pick between a medikit (fully restores your health) and a bandage (restores 50% of your health). When equipping a medikit or a bandage in the weapons wheel, make sure it’s ticked on “heal” not “stabilize” in the center of the circle. Once equipped, just press F to use it.

How to use TNT

Using TNTs is another way to blast multiple enemies. You have the option to use a regular TNT (you need to shoot this to explode) or a timed TNT (It will explode by itself in a few seconds). Just equip a TNT, hold F to aim, and release F to throw it. If you want to use it on vehicles, just go near one and place a TNT by tapping F. Or if you’re good at aiming, you can simply throw one near a vehicle.

How to destroy tanks and pantherturms

Be careful when trying to destroy tanks, they’re deadly! Make sure to be in a safe hiding place where it can’t see you and check the tank with your binocular to see its weak points. Moreover, it is recommended to kill a tank’s crew members first: the driver, the main turret gunner, and the front machine gun gunner. Observe the tank with your sniper rifle and you should see small windows on the tank. You can aim at those windows, wait for the indicator to turn red, then shoot to kill the crew members. After killing the crew members, it should be safe to go to the back of the tank and place a satchel. Shooting the satchel you placed will destroy the tank in one blow! You can do the same for panterthums, which only have one gunner inside.

An easier way to destroy tanks is to plant a TNT and a teller Mine next to each other on the tank’s path. It should destroy the tank once it steps on the teller mine.

How to get ricochet kills

This one looks a little hard to master, but it only takes a little practice. First, you’d want to make sure you’re going to hit a solid surface, like concrete ground, and it’s better if you’re on a higher ground than your target. Afterwards, shoot on the ground in front of your target and it should ricochet straight up to the target. Keep in mind that the bullet will rebound at the same angle it strikes at, so if you shoot a bullet at a 30-degree angle, it will ricochet upward at 30 degrees as well.

How to unlock character select

Once you’ve beaten the main campaign, the character select will be unlocked (available in all game modes). Changing your character can be done in the loadout screen before a game begins. Take note that you can only change characters before a game starts.

How to change skins

You can change weapon skins in the loadout screen. Simply click the weapon you want to customize then click the skins/upgrades button on the lower part of the loadout screen. You can then choose the skin you want to equip to the selected weapon.

How to unlock the Lee Enfield No. 4

In Mission 2 (around the church) and Mission 7 (around a watermill), there will be a side mission where you’ll need to fight along the Partisan resistance and kill every Nazi in the battle. Win these battles and make sure that at least one Partisan is left alive. Also take note that you’ll need to finish the main mission as well. Afterwards, the Lee Enfield No. 4 will be automatically unlocked.

How to wreck the railway gun

In Mission 3, you’ll need to destroy a railway gun by collapsing the bridge where it’s located. All you need to do is to climb down the ladders in the center of the bridge where the railway gun is located, and you’ll see a broken part of the bridge where you can place a satchel. After placing the satchel, simply climb up again, and skedaddle to a faraway place where you’ll still be able to shoot the satchel with a sniper rifle. Once you successfully shoot the satchel, the bridge should collapse, destroying the railway gun along with it.

Here’s a useful walkthrough from YOURBOYRECON:

How to find the mysterious shipments

In Mission 4, you’ll need to learn about German shipments. Just head to the circled area in the north part of the map. It should be in the location seen in this image:

Here’s a walkthrough on Youtube by Video Games Source:

How to stop Bohm

At the end of Sniper Elite 4’s campaign, you’ll need to stop Bohm by destroying the Jet he’s trying to escape with. Simply shoot the jet’s engines with your sniper rifle and the jet should explode. If you’re having difficulties locating the engines, use your binoculars to see the jet’s weak points.

Here’s another useful walkthrough from Video Games Source:

How to change display settings and fix frames

In the game’s start menu, simply go to options then click on the display tab. There, you can change numerous settings like the resolution and graphics details, which you might want to lower a bit if you’re experiencing any framerate issues.

If playing around with the settings still gives your framerate issues, check this other method by RAGNOS1997 from YouTube:

Two Sniper Elite 4 players that can afford DLC skins.

And there you have it for our beginner guide! Did it help you get good in Sniper Elite 4? Let us know in the comments!

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