10 Best Sniper Games To Play in 2015

A sniper and his spotter ready for action.
Whoever said that snipers were lone-wolves?

So You Like To Snipe; Have You Tried Sniping In All These Games?

When it comes to FPS’s, there are few feats more satisfying than nailing a headshot with a sniper rifle. It matters not whether you achieve this in a nice, cozy single-player campaign or in a cortisol-fueled frenzy with your friends. Sniping is a lifestyle. The following is a compilation of the best sniper games that will aid you in setting sail on a warm wave of sniper-euphoria.

The games on this list are the best sniper games in 2015. For the best sniper games to play in 2017, click here.

10. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

Lush forests equal a sniper’s paradise.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is a tactical shooter that wastes no time in dropping players into the fray. The story unfolds with players taking control of Captain Cole Anderson who is working in tandem with a CIA Special Agent to take down some bad guys in the Philippines.

This game is exclusively a sniping experience, and all features present in the game are there to support that mission. An innovative feature worth mentioning is the new motion-sense trigger system that requires players to handle their input devices with steady hands if they want their bullets to reach their mark. Other features such as revamped A.I. scripting, bullet penetration, and the return of the beloved bullet-cam aim to make Ghost Warrior 2’s sniping experience more rewarding.

The bullet-cam is exactly what it sounds like.

Taking the aforementioned features and combining them with realistic aspects such as breath-holding, range, and in some cases having to rely on a spotter, serve to enhance the level of immersion. Ghost Warrior 2 presents itself as one of the best sniper games by offering a complete sniping package coupled with lush environments in which to test the limits.

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