The Best Free FPS Games

Best Free FPS Games Online
The greatest First Person Games Available For Free

Looking for free FPS games? The best ones are on this list.

1. Blacklight Retribution

Teamwork is the key to victory, and you can tell here that’s exactly how they’re working.

The world of Retribution is set in the near future, about 50 years from now. The world has been ravaged by a deadly and contagious infection, and those who remain fight viciously over the resources. It features high-paced, adrenaline fuelled war zone in inner-city areas, which will test the perseverance of even a hardened FPS veteran. Weapons are powerful, characters are unique and cunning, and with their special abilities, there are innumerable ways in which people might acquire the advantage. Your goal: murder your foes and try not to die trying.

In a series of different arenas, you must endure deathmatch after deathmatch, using the environment as your cover and your allies as your only salvation. Make the most of the perks you have, they might be your only key to survival.

Game Trailer: 

As you can see,  the game offers individual ‘heroes’ you can play as, with their own abilities which you can utilise to fit your playing style. Stealth, sniping, heavy and assault weaponry are all options for war.

Gameplay footage: 

Available on Steam for free, it’s definitely worth the measly 204mb download. Adrenaline-fuelled warring awaits.

 The range of guns, visors and customisation is extensive, with a few being demonstrated here.

 The heavy armour is best used to sponge bullets and fire back with a barrage of missiles. Find the battle suit that adheres to your playstyle, and learn to use all its features effectively.

2. Fistful of frags

Western-style shoot’em up on their quest for victory.

Game Trailer: 

Created by a team of modders, and based from the HalfLife II Engine, it initially it was an add-on to the timeless Half Life 2, but became its own stand-alone game more recently. It’s a western-style first-person shooter, with a vast variety of old-timey weapons at your disposal. The weapons include sawn-off shotguns; lever-action rifles, revolvers and an assortment of melee armaments.  Use these to your advantage in the various maps, which include tavern, trains and wastelands to destroy your foes.

Currently there are two games modes available- free for all or a team deathmatch. The objective is to kill the most people in each game, and die the least- pretty standard of course. However, it also includes a Notoriety system, which acts similarly to the kill-counter, but can sway the total points and who ultimately wins. Notoriety is accumulated by successful kills with particular weapons, such as throwing knives and hatchets.


A combination of excellent aiming, mastery of weaponry and timing will make you a pro at this game in no time, and you can climb to the top of the in-game scoreboard to prove yourself as the best damn cowboy in the Wild West.

Dynamite is a deadly ranged weapon that is being shown, and can be dropped as you die if you are ‘cooking’ it when you’re shot.

Duel-wielding weapons gives you far more firepower, but removes a lot of your ability to aim effectively.

3. No More Room In Hell

The hoard approaches

“When there’s no more room in hell, the dead walk the Earth” This zombie-survival FPS is based from the Half-Life 2 engine, and is reminiscent in many ways of left Left4Dead series. As a band of survivors, it is your job to find a way to escape the endless dredge of zombies roaming the streets, to get to the emergency helicopter and meet up with the other survivors to relieve yourself of the nightmare-come-true.

Using co-operative teamwork of up to eight player; weapons, cunning and guile, making your way across maps littered with corpses of the undead might seem like an impossible task- but persevere, and survival shall reward you.

Game Trailer: 

Chainsaws, shotguns, knives and pistols- you use them all to construct your escape and emerge victorious. With the added feature of a semi-interactive environment, this fan-developed FPS is superior to most in its survival techniques. Use electricity to defend yourself from the mindless drones; use cars and generators to gain access to other areas of the map. Anything goes when there’s No More Room In Hell.

If you’re looking for a fun, teamwork-based survival game, then this is definitely the place to start.


Flashlights illuminate the way through dark times, and will be a fundamental to rely on when traversing dangerous and dimly-lit terrain.

Face these demons head-on, combating regular, slow zombies and super-fast and much more dangerous. Careful not to get tangled up in the mess of rotting flesh and limbs.

4. Hawken

Pilot and his greatest ally- his trusted mechanoid, which he’ll use to survive the coming war.

Imagine a war. Imagine the fragility of soldiers. Tiredness, inefficiency and human error. Replace that with enormous mechanoids equipped with rockets, machine guns and grenades, and suddenly you’re left with Hawken. Team death-matches are fraught with death, and introducing rocket–happy giant mechanical tanks with legs only adds to the intensity.

Game Trailer: 

There are multiple different types of mechanoids, each with their own perks and weapon load outs. The three main splits of mechanoids are light, medium and heavy. The light mechanoids are much (unsurprisingly) lighter and smaller, and tend to rely on their speed and agility to outflank the others and survive. The medium-sized mechanoids are the all-rounders, and tend to be best at general combat, the balance between speed and attack power. The heavy mechanoids sacrifice all their manoeuvrability for straight up damage capacity and a heavy armour rating, and best for players who rely on sponging hundreds of bullets and littering the field with corpses.

Gameplay Footage: 

For those who need some robot-fighting filled with explosions, this FPS is a necessity.

The HUD displays a wealth of information pertaining to the objectives, enemies and friendlies, including health and location.

Hitting a moving target is difficult, so be prepared and stay one step ahead of your enemy at all times. Using the correct weapon will be key to dispatching foes.

5. Planetside 2

The planet Auraxis has long been fraught with death, conflict, violence and destruction. There are three factions who have their own reasons for being- Vanu Sovereignty, Terran republic and the New Conglomerate. Vanu are convinced that only by exploring technology and advancing it further can the human race evolve and become great. The Republic are the military presence, who are strict about law and order, and it’s no wonder that many oppose as they appear incredibly oppressive - despite many seeing them as the only salvation for Auraxis. Finally there’s the New Conglomerate. Made up of ex-military leaders, pirates and bandits, these are the few who absolutely repress authority and will fight vehemently against all forms of order.

Game Trailer: 

There are six basic classes for each faction- the Medic, light assault soldier, the engineer, the heavy assault, the infiltrator and MAX (mechanized assault exo-suite). Each class has its own special ability and capabilities, such as the Infiltrators ability to become invisible and snipe over a long distance; and the medic’s revival ability all add extra dynamics to the gameplay.

The games last over a span of days, with strategic positions being taken playing key roles in the success of each faction eventually.

Gameplay Footage: 

For a serious player, this is the game for you. Massive online battles with thousands of people. Fast-paced action. Victory.

Teamwork is the key to success, as you work with your squad in a variety of ways to destroy the opposition.

Combat relies on a variety of vehicles, and if they are taken out, it can play massively in your favour. Don’t forget to watch the skies.

6. Mechwarrior Online

Death, chaos and wastelands. MWO in three words. Intense combat and explosions are the pillars to this FPS, as you fire a multitude of grenades, rockets and guns.

It’s the 31st century. By this stage, humanity has completed its mission to explore the Inner Sphere- the region of space that inhabits a number of stars. After successfully conquering the Inner Sphere, peace was dominant. However, a mysterious force has decided to interrupt this period of tranquillity in human history, and the old clans must unite once again to prevent the destruction of everything.

Game Trailer: 

This futuristic titan-warfare game is home to a vast variety of mechanoid creations, piloted only by the most advanced and capable in the entire history of soldiers- known simply as MechWarriors.  Each mechanoid has the capacity to perform in a variety of different ways, but specialise in particulars. For example, all mechs have the ability to activate a special visor that allows all friends and foes in the nearby area to become visible, even through the terrain.  However, certain makes of Mechanoids possess their own abilities. The Viper for example, with its fast speed rating and low weight ranking, make for efficient use during hit-and-run type attacks; whereas assault mechs sacrifice all concepts of movement for the ability to unleash a ridiculous barrage of missile-induced pain.

Gameplay Footage: 

Destruction, explosions, death and carnage all feature heavily in MechWarrior Online. Get your gasoline-fuelled adrenaline rush here.

Jump-jet combat is necessary to escape tough combat situations. Be wary, as your enemies will also have the ability, so stay alert and don’t let them out-manoeuvre you.

No such concept as ‘safe’ in Mech Warrior Online, so be prepared to fight an enemy around every corner. Here, the target is highlighted in the information-full HUD about it’s health and location.

7. Dirty Bomb

Mercenary humour and fast-paced action. The playable characters are shown above, with their iconic weapons, armour and style.

Much of humanity has long since perished due to some form of infection, and those left are military presence, or mercenaries. In particular, this band of mercs has been put together over a long course of thieving and murder. Their only drive in life is to get rich quick, and have a laugh or two along the way. Guns, Molotov grenades, assortment of melee weapons and wits are used to come out on top in the variety of game modes available, such as Team Deathmatches and Capture the objective.

Game Trailer: 

There are a multitude of different characters that you can choose from, with their own particular perks and arsenal. Redeye is an ex veteran soldier, and utilises long-range weapons such as a single shot rifle, and pairs it with a smoke grenade and detective- vision to mark enemy players for the team, and help extinguish their lives. Phantom however, has a reflective armour, where once activated, becomes largely invisible and takes much-reduced damage. He prefers the personal-touch with his murder, and wields a Katana to eviscerate foes quietly and subtly.

Gameplay Footage: 

Teamwork, forward planning and effective strategy are your key to becoming the only mercenary team to progress alive and relish in the hard-earned dollars.

Tag-team the military and their turrets. Solo attacks on enemies will not get you very far, but teamwork holds the key to success.

Best get out the way of those bullets. Movement is a key skill needed for all FPS games, so run, stay in cover, and kill your target efficiently and quickly.

8. Team Fortress II

Senseless violence for the sake of it. The team are all displayed above, with their signature weaponry and skins.

Back in the early 1850’s, Mr.Zephaniah Mann fathered three children- Redmond, Blutarch and Grey. When he perished, Redmond and Blutarch could not settle who should lay claim to the gravel property that Zephaniah used to head. Queue a 150 year family quarrel, splitting into RED and BLU teams. Both hire a band of mercenaries to fight tooth and nail in an effort to destroy the other, and finally claim the quarry.

Meet the characters: 

There are numerous playable characters- the spy, the medic, pyro etc. They all specialise in their own set of weaponry. For example, the engineer can create, fix and destroy turrets, providing tactical support for teams and creating defensible bases. The spy however, can become blend in as the colour of the enemy team and sabotage their entire operation. There is an option to play with any tactic you would like- guns blazing, sniping, melee- you name it.

Gameplay Footage: 

Team Fortress 2 has become iconic of an excellent team-based FPS and should definitely be played by all who enjoy this genre of game.

The flamethrower is a deadly weapon at close range, dealing incredible damage. Keep an eye on your ammunition though, as it soon runs out.

Whilst fire is fun, it’s inefficient against other pyros, so be ready to change tactic at a moments notice.

10. America’s Army: Proving Grounds

The US military actually created and published the America’s Army series, as a way for young people to engage in a closer-to-realistic manner with the idea of becoming a soldier. The game stays true to genuine war needs, such as teamwork and forward planning.

You are a trainee for the Long Range Combined Arms- Recon (LRCA- Recon) unit in the American Army. Placed into small teams, each with your own job and each other’s survival in your best interests, your abilities are put to the test in this excellent cooperative FPS. Why is there a war? America has found itself involved in a chaotic combat in a country called Czervenia, where the president has announced war against the Republic of the Ostregals for unknown reasons. US must find a way to sabotage the general’s plans and prevent a global disaster.

Game Trailer: 

Tactical positioning, multi-directional attack strategies and role-playing are all fundamental to achieving success is AA: PG. The various roles include a medic, to revive fallen friendlies; a sniper to supply strategic firepower support, and assault teams to breach locations and eliminate targets.

Gameplay Footage: 

Multiple game modes, including capture the flag and steal the object await. Small teams and tactical play style is the key to success in American Army: Proving Grounds, and if you’re looking to work tightly with a team, definitely consider adding this to your gaming library.

It is necessary to help your fallen allies when in a real war-zone, as they are your brothers. America’s Army Proving Grounds stays firmly true to this, placing emphasis on the survival of the whole unit.

Complete the series of objectives, such as capture the flag to prove your worth and credit to the American Army, and begin your quest to becoming a true war-hero.

11. Transmission: Element 120

Mystery surrounds everything, and your task is to discover the truth in this horror FPS.

Who are you? What are you doing here? Who sent you? Set in the world of Half-Life 2 sometime shortly after Episode 2, Transmissions: Element 120 is a short, single-player horror/Thriller FPS.

Armed with a gravity-defying weapon, you must make your way around numerous maps and levels with your wits, a variety of weaponry (including turrets and the all-time fan favourite crowbar) to discover the truth about what on Earth is going on.

Game Trailer: 

Half-Life 2 has become a legendary PC game that will go down in history as one of the greatest of all times. This mod adds new dimensions to that story, and if you are keen to experience the development these creators have taken, then it’s definitely worth a play.

The gameplay has been updated from Half-Life 2 as well, including better AI situational awareness, and more sophisticated lighting/ sound effects.

Gameplay Walkthrough: 

On top of being a great game, there is an option to give money for its creation, and all proceeds go to Carebox, a cancer research charity. If you play and enjoy this free, excellently creates short game, then please follow this link to give something back:!donate/

Always be aware of your surrounding- even the darkest shadows or the brightest lights could be home to your mysterious other-worldly enemies.

Pay careful attention to detail- it will give you a clue as to the past, the present and the future. Here, there’s a forsaken man, who has been left alone to die. Learn a lesson from the deceased.

12. Blockstorm

An accurate depiction of the game in a single picture- destructive scenery and characters running around with guns.

An excellent blend between a creative, construction-base game,( very similar to Minecraft in appearance) and a good old shoot-‘em-up. Blockstorm is an open-world FPS game with a twist. Unlike most FPS shooters, where the maps are pre- designed and only semi-destructible, Blockstorm does away with all of that. Instead, you can create your whole world, make it a great metropolis look-alike, or be simple and create a large field with some rocks. The choice is totally yours. Once you’re finished creating, you and your friends can play a full deathmatch-style war against each other, blowing up the glorious world you slaved away at creating whilst on your war-path. Being a totally-destructible environment, there’s no hiding from the onslaught of bullets, mines and rockets that can come your way, so your only real chance for survival is to fight fire with fire.

Game Trailer: 

Innovative, creative and excellent fun to play, Blockstorm is a must-play for all people looking for something a little different in their FPS’s when in need of a break from Mechanoid-piloting or Zombie-survival.

Gameplay Footage: 

The enemy is in sight, sort of… The range of weaponry also comes with usable scopes- try the whole range of the arsenal to find out what works for you, and don’t forget that you can give yourself the advantage by destroying the cover.

13. Alliance of Valiant Arms

It’s three- take all. The picture demonstrates the three playable classes available to you.

In 2009, the remnants of the former Soviet Union come together under the leadership of Vladimir Mashkov. Named the NRF (Neo Russian Federation), it occupied about a sixth of the entire world’s territories.  The EU became worried about its expansion, and attempted to take diplomatic routes to the relationship. After being ignored, as well as the NRF taking hold of the Black Sea and all the oil trade, there was no option left but to declare war, in an attempt to reinstate democracy to South East Asia.

Game Trailer: 

There are three basic classes available to play- the rifleman, point-man and the sniper. The Rifleman is a generic, jack of all trades type character, with a good ability to adapt new strategies to compete with the opponents. A mid-range rifle, grenades and lots of ammo are all features of the Rifleman. The Point-man sports an SMG, which does high damage in close-quarters. They are more agile than the other soldiers, but quickly become dangerously helpless at mid-long distance. The Sniper uses camouflage and his long-distance rifle to quietly and efficiently dispatch foes and provide cover for the ground-team.

Gameplay Footage: 

Teamwork, evolving strategy and determination are the keys to success in this modern-day wartime FPS.

 Surprise! Use the environment to sneak up on your enemies and prey on them when they’re least expecting it.

Grenade, run! Sometimes it’s far safer to plunge into the unknown to escape the explosions, so pay attention to potential escape routes and plot your way out well in advance of combat.

14. Firefall

Time to kill some aliens. Use the vast arsenal and diverse characters to most effectively deal with the alien threat.

Set many hundreds of years in the future, an asteroid nearly wipes out the entirety of Earth’s population. Almost all forms of energy-production and food supplies were depleted. Humanity was at total war with itself, between the Americans, Russians and EU states. Eventually, all involved begrudgingly realised this was unrealistic to sustain, and an uneasy cease-fire was eventually called. The entire population pulled together, and created a way to utilise the Crystite that the asteroid contained to create energy. Just as humanity was beginning to rebuild, there was the unfortunate issue that Crystite was not found naturally on Earth, and so eventually, Marines from the Centuri Accord were sent to reclaim some from the planet named “New Eden”. Fraught with danger, this open-world FPS revolves around surviving all sorts of intense combat between soldiers and alien creatures.

Game trailer: 

There are five basic Battleframes (or classes, to most of us) available- the Assault, Dreadnaught, Recon, Biotech and Engineer. Each with their own perks, it is necessary to all work collaboratively in this diverse environment for survival. Real-time updates and on-demand quests, this MMORPG is complex yet brilliant, and should be attempted by all looking for dynamic combat opportunities.

Gameplay Footage:

 Not a spider you’d want to find in your bathtub. Teamwork is compulsory to kill the greatest of enemies. Without it, you’ll surely perish. Take advantage of the weak points to turn the tide of war in your favour.

It’s the ‘don’t touch the lava’ game! Even the scenery can kill you in this unforgiving planet, so eyes open and make the most of your jet-packs to traverse safely.

15. Survarium

Post-apocalyptic survival warfare. A lonely wanderer is being held hostage, which is reflective of the general mood of Survarium. Tense, brutal and unforgiving.

In a brutal pandemic that wiped out 99 men out of every 100, Mother Nature has returned to take back what is hers by right. Set in the near future, Survarium is based at a point in time where the majority of humanity has been wiped out, and any settlement outside city walls has been absolutely eradicated, leaving only a carcass of its former self as evidence. The forest has grown exponentially, and the few who remain have split into four factions, and separately face the dangers of each-other, and the anomalies the forest has brought with it.

Game Trailer:

This MMOFPS gives you the choice of how to play. The four factions will react accordingly dependent upon which quests you complete and how you behave towards their clan. The factions are: The Scavengers; The Black Market; The Renaissance Army and the Fringe Settlers. Each have their own ways - for example, the Renaissance army is the recreation of the USSR army, and rely on military dictatorship for leadership. Alternatively, the Fringe Settlers live in the seemingly uninhabitable outskirts of the forest, at one with Mother Nature, somehow surviving her cruelty. Seek your own path in this excellently created MMFPS/ RPG.

Gameplay footage: 

Diverse, intelligently created and challenging, rely on teamwork and perseverance to survive.

Watch out for that hound. Creatures and animals will all try to kill you, so stay alert and don’t be jumped from behind.

In blue, we see the mysterious anomalies. These anomalies came with the forest, so they’re unknown, and deadly. Sometimes, escape is the most sensible option. Not everything can be killed alone, but anything can kill you.

16. Unturned

Zombie survival fun. You’ve played survival games before, not quite in the style Unturned has created.

This zombie-survival FPS is different to many others. The maps can either be loaded from a pre-select list, ones from the community, or the player can create them him or herself and play a multitude of game modes for their pleasure.

Pistols, sniper rifles, assault rifles and more, Unturned offers a whole range of ways to defend yourself against the coming horde of blocky zombies, all determined to feast on your pixelated brain.

Game Trailer: 

In the game, there is a survival mode, where you must scavenge for food, water and ammunition to survive as long as you can. Alternatively, you can co-op with a buddy to work together to defeat the impending doom. For the more competitive of gamers, there are several available options for a PvP style gameplay, with team deathmatch and free-for-all. Whilst there are only a few games modes out officially, the community has the ability to create their own and add them to the public to share in.

Gameplay Footage: 

For those who appreciate creativity, killing zombies and multi-player FPS games, this one is definitely worth trying out.

A picturesque, tranquil view. Just one of the infinite options given to the player to create the scenery for the battlefield. Beautiful or functional, or both- the choice is yours.

Targets acquired. Fire at will. Stay one step ahead of the oncoming horde and you’ll survive. Keep an eye on your health- death has a habit of creeping up on the unsuspecting.

17. Tribes Ascend

Vengeful glare pre-combat. My money is on the guy with a sword though

It’s the 2400’s. Mand kind has created PROMETHEUS, the first successful AI creation. Based from this, a whole host of cyborgs were created to serve human’s needs as slaves. Unfortunately along the way, PROMETHIUS decides this is unacceptable, and turns the cyborg army against them, wiping out almost the entire Mars population. The tribe of the Children of the Phoenix were inhabiting a planet away from the remaining Great Human Empire, and decided to claim independence. As retaliation, the Great Human Empire sent their own Blood Eagle Knights to “subdue” this movement. Hence, a long war between two tribes in the future on an alien planet.

Game Trailer: 

There are 9 playable classes to choose from, including the Infiltrator, Raider, Pathfinder, Soldier, Technician, and Doombringer. They’re split into Light, medium and heavy classes, and each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Whether it be engineering capabilities, invisibility, massive rocket launchers or heavy machine guns, each class needs the other to succeed in the many objectives.

The playable modes range from Deathmatches to Capture the flags, to variants on Capture the flag. The team with the most points at the end of all the games emerges victorious, and clutches it for the faction.

Gameplay Footage: 

This massive online FPS is a must-play for new gamers and veterans alike.

Get back here so I can kill you

Ah, our chariot awaits.

If you’re into FPS games like any of these on the list, I’ve helpfully added a few other articles you might like to check out below. Happy gaming, and comment below for a healthy debate amongst friends.



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